Continuous schemes

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  • Genetic programming (GP) is a branch of Evolutionary Computing that aims the automatic discovery of programs to solve a given problem. Since its appearance, in the earliest nineties, GP has become one of the most promising paradigms for solving problems in the artificial intelligence field, producing a number of human-competitive results and even patentable new inventions. And, as other areas in Computer Science, GP continues evolving quickly, with new ideas, techniques and applications being constantly proposed....

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  • In this paper, we present an efficient query selection algorithm for the retrieval of web text data to augment a statistical language model (LM). The number of retrieved relevant documents is optimized with respect to the number of queries submitted. The querying scheme is applied in the domain of SMS text messages. Continuous speech recognition experiments are conducted on three languages: English, Spanish, and French. The web data is utilized for augmenting in-domain LMs in general and for adapting the LMs to a user-specific vocabulary. ...

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  • VALENTIN TURCHIN presents in The Phenomenon of Science an evolutionary scheme of the universe—one that begins on the level of individual atoms and molecules, continues through the origin of life and the development of plants and animals, reaches the level of man and self-consciousness, and develops further in the intellectual creations of man, particularly in scientific knowledge. He does not see this development as a purposeful or preordained one, since he accepts entirely the Darwinian law of trial and error.

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  • Abstract. The work reported in this article continues investigations in a theoretical framework for Concept Theories based on mathematical logic. The general idea is that the intension of a concept is defined by some equivalence class of theories, whereas the extension is given by the models of the theory. The fact that extensions depend on structures that are necessary to interpret the formulae of the logic, already provides an argument to put more emphasis on the intension.

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  • Many administrators don't put much thought into choosing a standard naming convention for the various servers, workstation, and shared printers when they start a small to midsize network. But as your network grows, the lack of continuity and usefulness of a random (or bizarre) naming scheme can turn into an administrative nightmare. A computer name must be unique, but should also be somewhat descriptive or useful to users and Administrators.

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  • Before continuing to read this book, stop, place this volume back on the shelf and take a moment to look through the pages of an illustrated atlas of the world. At least half of this atlas will probably be given over to illustrating one of the dominant political ordering principles around which our world continues to be constructed and conceived—the nation-state. If your atlas is similar to ours, however, you will also notice that nation-states are not only represented and recognized according to their territorial shape and oYcial political nomenclature....

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  • Partial evaluation technology continues to grow and mature. ACM SIGPLANsponsored conferences and workshops have provided a forum for researchers to share current results and directions of work. Partial evaluation techniques are being used in commercially available compilers (for example the Chez Scheme system). They are also being used in industrial scheduling systems (see Augustsson's article in this volume), they have been incorporated into popular commercial products (see Singh's article in this volume), and they are the basis of methodologies for implementing domain-specific languages....

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  • As part of the accreditation process, program information is collected from a variety of sources including: program-specific information provided by the program director in the Program Information Form (PIF); resident survey question responses; and information collected by field staff (site visitors) as part of the site visit. The PIF contains questions related to the CPR and questions related to specialty-specific requirements.

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  • The collection and pooling functions in the Hungarian health insurance scheme are separate, but there is no complicated mechanism to distribute resources from the collecting agency (the Tax Office) to the main pooling agency (the NHIFA), which is also the sole payer in the system. The NHIFA does not have much discretion over active contracting, however, because purchasing is based on a contract model and the terms of contracts are determined by the National Assembly.

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  • Cartilage provides our joints with load support and lubrication for decades of continuous use with minimal friction or damage. These unusual bearing properties are in fact due to a biphasic tissue structure (containing both fluid and solid matrices) and the pressurization of interstitial fluid during dynamic deformations.

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  • With technology advancements in semiconductor devices such as insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and gate commutated thyristors (GCTs), modern highpower medium voltage (MV) drives are increasingly used in petrochemical, mining, steel and metals, transportation and other industries to conserve electric energy, increase productivity and improve product quality. Although research and development of the medium voltage (2.3 KV to 13.8 KV) drive in the 1-MW to 100-MW range are continuously growing, books dedicated to this technology seem unavailable.

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  • The treatment of contaminated land to eliminate or reduce the presence of pollutants in the contaminated site has received (and will continue to receive) considerable attention from the practicing profession. Extensive research and development are still underway in respect to the delivery of more effective (and economic) means for site decontamination.

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  • Numerous ATPG algorithms and heuristics have been developed over the years to test digital logic circuits. Some of these methods can trace their origins back to the very beginnings of the digital logic era. Unfortunately, they have proven inadequate to the task.

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  • This paper describes a numerical model for the simulation of near shore wave dynamics  and bottom topography change. In this part, the nearshore wave dynamics is simulated by solving  the  depth  integrated  Boussinesq  approximation  equations  for  nearshore  wave  transformation  together with continuity equation with a Crank‐Nicholson scheme. The wave runup on beaches is  simulated by a scheme, similar to the Volume Of Fluid (VOF) technique.

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  • For its part, Japan generally provides support for irrigation and drainage, and the readjustment of agricultural land. Agri-environmental programs are important aspects of agricultural policy and include measures encouraging farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticide usage as well as improve the quality of soil with composting.

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  • Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) was the first serious effort to secure Internet mail. The Internet Resources Task Force (IRTF) Privacy and Security Research Group (PSRG) did the initial design. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) PEM Working Group continued development for three years, resulting in a four- part Proposed Internet Standard published in early 1993 [64] [56] [5] [55]. PEM is a broad standard suite, it provides encryption, authentication, message integrity and key management. PEM supports both symmetric and asymmetric (public- key) key management schemes.

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  • Chapter 2 Communicating Over the Network .Overview Describe the structure of a network, including the devices and media that are necessary for successful communications. Explain the function of protocols in network communications. Explain the advantages of using a layered model to describe network functionality. Describe the role of each layer in two recognized network models: The TCP/IP model and the OSI model. Describe the importance of addressing and naming schemes in network communications. 2 .The Platform for Communications .Elements of Communication 4 .

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  • If we lived in a static world, developing effective solutions for known attacks might be achievable over time. However, in today's complex cyber business environment, there is no static state. Too often, attackers are ahead of the curve, continually innovating effective attack strategies and schemes, while security professionals and enterprise IT continue to struggle to keep pace with malicious developments. Today's enterprise threat environment has evolved and exploded into an assortment of blended attack vectors that effectively work in concert to breach existing security defenses.

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  • Beyond state-supported schemes, policy distortions against agriculture, especially for export, and scant public investment in rural areas reduced private investors’ incentives so that most area expansion was by smallholders. Policy reforms of the 1990s allowed agricultural growth to accelerate and paved the way for renewed investor interest in the continent.

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  • The topics discussed in this chapter are: Our discussion on more cryptographic schemes will continue, poly-alphabetic cipher will also be discussed, we will explore one time pad and OTP, the security and practicality of OTP will also be discussed, transposition cipher with an example of rail fence cipher will form part of our today’s lecture.

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