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Contract law

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  • Ebook Business law and the legal environment (Sixth edition): Part 1 presents the following content: Unit 1 the legal environment, unit 2 contracts, unit 3 commercial transactions. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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  • Inadequacies in the regulations on anti-competitive agreements in the field of labor law is a huge problem, arising from the absence of legal regulations. This has made many legitimate benefits of employers not regulated by law as an object protected by anticompetitive agreement. The law and the labor contract parties do not specify the objects protected by anti-competitive agreement.

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  • English for students of Law (Intermediate Level) phần 2 gồm có 4 unit, cung cấp cho sinh viên những từ vựng cùng những bài luận, bài tập liên quan đến các lĩnh vực như Inheritance Law (Luật thừa kế), Labor Law (Luật lao động), Contracts (Hợp đồng), Environment Law (Luật môi trường). Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo phần 2 của ebook sau đây để biết thêm chi tiết.

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  • Law: Professional English in use (5th printing) - Part 2 has present the contents personal injury claim; clinical negligence; structure of a commercial contract; exclusion, limitation and standard clauses; privity of contract, discharge, and remedies; standard terms in the slae and suply of goods; licensing agreements and computer program; commercial leases;...

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  • In the long term, the OCPB may adjust to be a quasi-organization that is autonomous. Consumers should also be more aware of business fraud and learn to be more protective to eliminate some problems. If self-regulation were in place, specific legislation might not be needed, but could instead be integrated into general legislation, for example, contract and criminal law as in the USA and perhaps in Malaysia in the near future.

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  • In this regard, the contracts with standard terms and the results of fulfilling these terms are the most problematic. When drafting the content of both individual and standard types of contracts, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of good faith to the highest degree within the framework of lawful maintenance of contractual freedom.

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  • The purpose of the research is to create a scientific research project meeting the requirements of the doctoral thesis in law, thereby contributing to the formation of scientific and practical arguments for the continuation of the system on the franchise law in general and the objects of transfer in the commercial franchise contract in particular.

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  • The ultimate aims of the study are to analyse of doctrine of contract performance upon unexpected changed circumstances, examine the provision of Vietnamese law, assess the application of this provision in a comparison with the provisions of international law and various national laws. Base on that, the study makes recommendations on revising law of changed circumstances and enhancing the implementation of this provision.

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  • Chapter 12 - Third parties, discharge, and remedies. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Explain the legal rights given to all beneficiaries, identify the legal rights given to incidental beneficiaries, explain the assignment of rights and the delegation of duties, explain the nature of a novation,...

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  • The theory of demand. This chapter presents the following content: Individual demand curves, income and substitution effects & the slope of demand, constructing market demand.

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  • Lecture Business law with UCC applications (13/e) - Chapter 1: Ethics, social responsibility, and the law. The main goals of this chapter are to: Define law and morality, distinguish among natural law, positive law, and negative rights theory explain ethical relativism, describe social contract theory, outline the steps in applying utilitarianism, define rational ethics,...

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  • Chapter 8 - Offer, acceptance, and mutual assent. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Define mutual assent, identify the elements of an offer, explain the UCC’s concept of offer in contract law, explain the nature of acceptance, define the mirror image rule,…

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  • Chapter 11 - Written contracts and cyber-commerce. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Identify the goals of the statute of frauds, identify those contracts that must be in writing, list the information that must be in the writing, explain the standard construction rule, discuss the parol evidence rule,...

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  • Chapter 3 - The judicial process and cyberprocedure. The learning objectives for this chapter include: Explain the fundamental nature of American courts, determine when a case can be brought in federal court, recognize those cases that can be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, identify the structure of most court systems, define civil litigation,...

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  • Chapter 4 - Alternative dispute resolution. Identify the shortcomings of litigation, list the advantages and disadvantages of ADR, identify the advantages of mediation, explain the nature of an arbitration hearing, outline the med-arb process, relate the role of an early neutral evaluator.

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  • Chapter 5 - Criminal law and cybercrimes. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Explain the purpose of criminal law, enumerate the various categories and classes of crimes, describe the nature of an act within the concept of criminal liability, identify the four mental states to be found in the criminal code, explain the nature of corporate criminal liability,...

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  • Chapter 6 - Tort law and cybertorts. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Differentiate between the objectives of tort law and those of criminal law, outline the nature of respondeat superior, discuss the element of duty, identify the principal intentional torts and outline the elements of each, explain the four elements of negligence,…

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  • Chapter 7 - The essentials of contract law. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Define contract, explain the origin of the law merchant, discuss the relationship between common law and the law merchant, identify the four elements of a contract, explain the objectives of contract law.

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  • Chapter 9 - Consideration and cyber-payments. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Define the term consideration, identify the different types of detriment, explain the characteristics necessary for valid consideration, define the term unconscionable, explain whether a promise not to sue can be consideration,...

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  • Chapter 10 - Capacity and legality: The final elements. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Identify the age of minority and the age of majority, explain the legal status of a contract made by a minor, differentiate between ratification and disaffirmance, identify the effects of mental impairment on a contract,...

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