Control agents

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  • Ứng dụng thử nghiệm Mobile Agent vào xây dựng Workflow 1.2.

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  • Ứng dụng thử nghiệm Mobile Agent vào xây dựng Workflow D4: Bao gồm -ID được phát sinh cho Form vừa được mở -Nội dung XML của form vừa được mở. D5: Tập tin từ bộ nhớ ngoài ứng với D1. Xử lý: ID này của form được tạo dựa vào ID của form trước nó, nếu trước đó chưa tạo ra form nào thì ID này bắt đầu từ 0. Lưu một Form Hình 37: Luồng dữ liệu lưu form trong Form Designer D1: Tên file xml cho Form mà người dùng muốn lưu D3: Nội dung XML biểu diễn các control...

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  • The current control problems present natural trend of increasing its complexity due to performance criteria that is becoming more sophisticated. The necessity of practicers and engineers in dealing with complex dynamic systems has motivated the design of controllers, whose structures are based on multiobjective constraints, knowledge from expert, uncertainties, nonlinearities, parameters that vary with time, time delay conditions, multivariable systems, and others.

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  • The present book is a collection of selected original research articles and reviews providing adequate and up-to-date information related to pesticides control, assessment, and toxicity. The first section covers a large spectrum of issues associated with the ecological, molecular, and biotechnological approaches to the understanding of the biological control, the mechanism of the biocontrol agents action, and the related effects.

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  • Discovery of a new chemical entity that exerts pharmacological effects for curing or treating diseases or relieving symptoms is only the first step in the drug developmental process. In the developmental cycle of a new drug, the delivery of a desired amount of a therapeutic agent to the target at a specific time or duration is as important as its discovery. In order to realize the optimal therapeutic outcomes, a delivery system should be designed to achieve the optimal drug concentration at a predetermined rate and at the desired location....

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  • This new science seeks to emphasize the immediate duty of man to better his conditions by availing himself of knowledge already at hand. As far as in him lies he must make application of this knowledge to secure his greatest efficiency under conditions which he can create or under such existing conditions as he may not be able wholly to control, but such as he may modify. The knowledge of the causes of disease tends only to depress the average citizen rather than to arouse him to combat it. Hope of success will urge him forward, and it is the duty of lovers of mankind...

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  • This paper proposes a method for dealing with repairs in action control dialogue to resolve participants’ misunderstanding. The proposed method identifies the repair target based on common grounding rather than surface expressions. We extend Traum’s grounding act model by introducing degree of groundedness, and partial and mid-discourse unit grounding. This paper contributes to achieving more natural human-machine dialogue and instantaneous and flexible control of agents.

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  • This document provides guidance for implementing Network Admission Control (NAC), an industry-wide collaboration sponsored by Cisco Systems. It describes deployment considerations and configuration procedures for Cisco IOS software devices acting as Network Access Devices (NADs). It provides installation guidelines for the Cisco Trust Agent (CTA) on Microsoft Windows client machines. It also provides configuration instructions for Cisco Secure ACS, including configuration with anti-virus software products....

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  • Introduction: The chemical warfare agents well known count only about 30 kinds of compounds, such as sarin, soman, tabun, VX, mustard gas, lewisite and others. When unknown toxic substances should be analyzed upon the occurrence of chemical terrorism, much more kinds of poisons and related compounds become the objects of analysis. In the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)a, 120 thousand compoundsb, including typical chemical warfare agents, their related compounds, precursors and decomposition products, are being listed to be controlled.

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  • A multi-agent system (MAS) is a system composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents. Multi-agent systems can be used to solve problems which are difficult or impossible for an individual agent or monolithic system to solve. Agent systems are open and extensible systems that allow for the deployment of autonomous and proactive software components. Multi-agent systems have been brought up and used in several application domains.

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  • Because of the frequent, often daily, exposure to a large number and diversity of pathogens (disease-causing agents), wastewater personnel have general and specific concerns related to the potential health hazards presented by pathogens. Pathogens commonly found in wastewater and of concern to wastewater personnel include viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and helminths. Allergens, endotoxins, and exotoxins are also found in wastewater and represent a concern to wastewater personnel.

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  • One of the biggest balancing acts you have in your business and life, as a real estate salesperson or real estate broker, is the use of your time. Your ability to maximize your time enables you to dramatically increase your income or not. The most effective time utilizers are the people that understand time strategy and the value of their time; how to stretch its use and leverage it to meet their goals and objectives. Most agents feel that their business encroaches on their personal life and their family life, at times, gets the leftovers after their clients and prospects....

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  • Backdoor.Win32.Agent.abgg .Chi tiết kĩ thuật Trojan này cung cấp cho một người dùng ở xa khả năng truy cập vào hệ thống của nạn nhân. Nó là một file Windows PE EXE. Kích cỡ của nó là 22528 bytes. Cài đặt Khi đã khởi động, nó sao chép chính bản thân nó vào trong thư mục hệ thống Windows với cái tên "digeste.dll": %System%\digeste.

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  • From HIV to influenza, the battle between infectious agents and the immune system is at the heart of disease. Knowledge of how and why parasites vary to escape recognition by the immune system is central to vaccine design, the control of epidemics, and our fundamental understanding of parasite ecology and evolution. As the first comprehensive synthesis of parasite variation at the molecular, population, and evolutionary levels, this book is essential reading for students and researchers throughout biology and biomedicine....

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  • The system we are considering needs to support communications for 109 devices. The users using these devices would be interested in peer-to-peer (P2P) style of communication, business- to-business (B2B) interactions or a be part of a system comprising of agents where discoveries are initiated for services from any of these devices. Finally, some of these devices could also be used as part of a computation. The devices are thus part of a complex distributed system. Communication in the system is through events, which are encapsulated within messages.

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  • We saw in Section 4.1 how SIP is used in a public Internet environment. We have also explored the core SIP functionality and a few important extensions that SIP User Agents may support. Each implementation of SIP is free to implement the options or SIP extensions that the particular application requires. 3GPP is one of those particular applications of SIP where SIP is used in a wireless environment.

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  • Akcros stabilizer/activators have been formulated to provide controlled, uniform gas evolution for the production of PVC foams utilizing azodicarbonamide as the blowing agent. The ABC series of blowing agent catalysts are primary materials and act as both heat stabilizers and gas generation activators. No secondary stabilizer is normally required. Thus, with the availability of such blowing agent catalysts, the use range of azodicarbonamide is extended to a significant degree.

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  • The environment and the problems of environmental pollution are not new. The Industrial Revolution, whilst bringing prosperity to Great Britain, could be said to be the starting point for the increasing concern over environmental pollution. Early public health legislation, such as the Public Health and Clean Air Acts, endeavoured to regulate pollution to some extent, but it wasn’t until the Environmental Protection Act 1990 that any major strides were made in controlling emissions to the environmental media: air, water and land....

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  • The field of insect pathology has grown steadily since its inception as a formal academic discipline in the mid-1940s (Steinhaus, 1949). Concomitantly, the applied side of insect pathology has also grown considerably resulting in the commercial development of bacterial, viral, fungal and nematode entomopathogens as microbial control agents.

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  • In response to the enactment by the U.S. Congress of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requested that the National Research Council (NRC) conduct a study on nonconventional concrete technology for renewal of the highway infrastructure. ISTEA directed the FHWA to initiate a comprehensive, long-range infrastructure research and development (R&D) program.

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