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  • While he’s best known as the voice of reason and the most level-headed cast member on MTV’s Jersey Shore, what most people don’t know about Vinny Guadagnino is that he suffers from general anxiety disorder, a mental condition he shares with more than 40 million adults in the United States alone, and one he’s battled for most o...more

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  • "THEY'RE crazy! They're insane! That mob outside is made up of madmen," Jacob Clark told his young assistant, Bill Towney. "They'll be battering at the door any minute now, sir," Towney said nervously. "But why? Why are they doing it? My inventions have advanced the world a hundred years. I've always been a benefactor of man, not a destroyer." "It's the robots. People are in a rage because they say the robots cause unemployment by replacing workers." "It's utter nonsense, you know," Clark said impatiently.

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  • If you are reading this, it’s likely that you either have chronic pain or know someone who does. So youmust know how chronic pain can control your entire life and can make you feel crazy. You know whatit’s like to go to several different doctors to find answers, only to have another diagnostic test done andbe given a prescription for drugs that you know are bad for you, but that you have no choice but to taketo get through the next hour- let alone the next month.

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