Controllable optical properties

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  • The advent of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) offered a new coherent material with exotic and controllable optical properties. Extension from single to multiple EIT is of current interest because it gains advantages in multi-channel optical communication, waveguides for optical signal processing and multi-channel quantum information processing.

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  • n this work, we review recent research works concerning multiple EIT and some related applications such as controlling group velocity of light, giant Kerr nonlinearity, optical bistability. The special attention of the review is also on analytical interpretations of the results to give physics insight and suitable applications. From an experimental point of view, the latest development for measuring multiple EIT spectrum and its dispersion in hot medium is presented and compared to the theoretical analytical representations.

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  • The objectives of research contents of the thesis: (i) to synthesize and investigate the optical properties of gold nanostructures spherical, rod and core/shell SiO2/Au shape with controlled sizes; (ii) to try application of synthesized gold nanostructures in imaging and in photothermal.

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  • In this work, we proposed a simple model for control of optical properties via an external magnetic field in a vee-type degenerated atomic medium. By numerically solving the density matrix equations in the steady-state, we show that the absorption and dispersion properties are influenced by the strength of coupling laser and external magnetic fields.

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  • Laser-induced thermal explosion of metallic nanoparticles originates from nonlinear optical effect. Nonlinear optical properties of nanoparticle materials depend strongly on their size and shape. Several methods were proposed to produce nanoparticles of a controlled size and welldefined distribution. We studied to prepare silver nanoparticles by laser ablation. The characteristic spectral feature of the silver nanoparticles (peak around 400nm) was found in the absorption spectra measured by a UV-Vis 2450 spectrometer. ...

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  • Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) and Au-Cu2O core-shell nanoparticles were successfully synthesized using the chemical reduction method. The morphology of the synthesized pure Cu2Oparticles can be controlled by varying the amount of reducing agent NH2OH.HCl. Due to their similar crystal structure and relatively small lattice mismatch Cu2O particles are nucleated and locally undergo an epitaxial growth on the surface of the multi-faceted Au seed resulting in a stellated icosahedra Au-Cu2O core-shell particle.

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  • Aluminum doped zinc oxide was prepared by magnetron sputtering methods at room temperature using a ZnO ceramic target doped 2%wt by Al2O3. The optical transmittance of the films is higher than 80% in the visible range. A direct bandgap type was reached by controlling deposition conditions; the bandgap value was in the range between 3.2 eV and 4.2 eV. Good electrical and optical properties were obtained for the films deposited by an appropriate cosputtering of ZnO and Al targets. These films with a resistivity, about 1.3×10−2Ω.

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  • These unique characteristics plus the functionalities from the materials themselves impart nanofibers with a number of novel properties for applications in areas as various as biomedical engineering, wound healing, drug delivery and release control, catalyst and enzyme carriers, filtration, environment protection, composite reinforcement, sensors, optics, energy harvest and storage, and many others. More and more emphasis has recently been placed on large-scale nanofiber production, the key technology to the wide usages of nanofibers in practice....

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  • Accordingly, PhC devices in SOI are realized by creating a lattice of air-holes in silicon, which can by achieved by anisotropic etching, of a high resolution patterned surface, into the silicon device layer (top layer of the SOI wafer). The refractive-index modulation, depth, and length of the device are the main parameters that are used to determine the optical properties of devices based on a photonic bandgap. Thus, stringent control of these parameters necessitates high-resolution lithography and high-aspect-ratio etching.

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  • In this research, a novel organic photocatalyst of 10-(perylene-3-yl-10H-phenoxazine (PHP) has been successfully synthesized from perylene and phenoxazine via Buchwald-Hartwig C-N coupling. The chemical structure of catalyst was determined via FT-IR, proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1 H-NMR) spectrum and optical properties were investigated through UV-Vis spectroscopy. The PHP has been used as the reducing photoredox catalyst for organocatalyzed atom transfer radical polymerrization (O-ATRP) under UV irradiation.

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  • The features of a drop-on-demand-based system developed for the manufacture of meltbased pharmaceuticals have been previously reported. In this paper, a supervisory control system, which is designed to ensure reproducible production of high quality of melt-based solid oral dosages, is presented. This control system enables the production of individual dosage forms with the desired critical quality attributes: amount of active ingredient and drug morphology by monitoring and controlling critical process parameters, such as drop size and product and process temperatures.

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  • Generally the term photonic crystal refers to two dimensional (2-D) and three dimensional (3-D) structures. Using 2-D and 3-D photonic crystals it is possible to control the propagation of light at arbitrary angles of incidence and not only the light normally incident as is the case for conventional optical films. Further, using photonic crystals, it is possible to achieve optical functionality not possible using conventional optical materials. This book provides a complete overview about photonic crystals including properties, applications, approaches and methods for the study....

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  • In order to control the size and the shape of crystals, we have investigated different experimental growth parameters such as temperature and precursor concentration. The morphology of obtained crystals was observed by optical microscope, whereas their intrinsic crystalline properties were characterized by single crystal as well as powder X-ray diffraction. The results illustrated that the growth and crystalline structure of mixed halide perovskites CH3NH3PbI3−xBrx could be easily tuned.

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