Controlling water behavior

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  • Understanding of the neuroendocrine system provides an insight into a wide range of bodily and mental processes. Neuroendocrinology and Behavior brings its readers a concise guide to up-to-date knowledge on the function of the endocrine glands and organs in association with neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and behavioral manifestations. Various forms of stress response, e.g. anxiety and cognitive changes, have been intrinsic to both ourselves and other species.

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  • This book incorporates selected topics on theory, revision, and practical application models for water supply systems analysis. A water supply system is an interconnected collection of sources, pipes, and hydraulic control elements (e.g., pumps, valves, regulators, tanks) delivering consumers prescribed water quantities at desired pressures and water qualities. Such systems are often described as a graph, with the links representing the pipes, and the nodes defining connections between pipes, hydraulic control elements, consumers, and sources.

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  • Information -- or more precisely, better information -- can be viewed much like any other commodity in that it is costly to acquire and provides benefits to the user. The goal is to identify the kinds of situations in which improvements in data or methods are likely to yield the greatest net benefit. From an economic standpoint, information itself has little intrinsic value. Instead, information acquires value when it facilitates optimizing behavior. That is, better information can lead to changes in actions, changes that themselves create value.

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  • These exercises have been made to fit the content of the book Pressure Control During Oil Well Drilling, a book that was revised and updated in 2012, mostly on basis of input from my students). Also in present book all the exercises have been solved by students in the relevant course at the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics at NTNU of Trondheim, Norway. It would be highly appreciated if the readers contacted me at with comments to this collection of exercises....

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  • This study aims to predict the viability of the subsurface tubers and to evaluate the sprouting pattern with respect of different water soaking durations.

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  • Soils are aggregates of mineral particles, and together with air and/or water in the void spaces, they form three-phase systems. A large portion of the earth’s surface is covered by soils, and they are widely used as construction and foundation materials. Soil mechanics is the branch of engineering that deals with the engineering properties of soils and their behavior under stress.

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  • For the broader farm community, given that many farmers and ranchers who do not benefit from commodity programs use crop insurance as their primary or perhaps only federal risk management tool, policymakers may consider how effective federal crop insurance has been for producers of specialty crops and livestock. Across the federal government, controlling or reducing program costs continues to be an issue.

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  • The efficient outcome of regulation is to have each source control emissions up to the point where the marginal costs of further controls exceed the marginal social benefits of greater pollution reductions. This definition is the easy part of policy design. The difficult part is designing policies that, when implemented in the real world, approximate efficient control behavior. In theory, a tax-based policy and a command-and-control quantity standard can both achieve the efficient outcome.

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  • Another use of mobility comes about if the specific area of interest (within a larger area) is unknown during deployment. For example, if a network is deployed to monitor the migration of a herd of animals, the herd’s exact path through an area will be unknown beforehand. But as the herd moves, the sensors could converge on it to get the maximum amount of data. In addition, the sensors could move such that they also maintain complete coverage of their environment while reacting to the events in that environment.

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  • In this article we have introduced the concept of management control based on the need for all organisations to avail of the processes and mechanisms that enable them to create the most favourable conditions for these organisations to attain their objectives, while at the same time ensuring an effective and efficient use of their resources. The management control system seeks to orient in the decision-making process and influence the behaviour of the organisation members so that their performance increases its chances of achieving its objectives.

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  • Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) is a milder form of disease in terms of infectivity as compared to pulmonary TB (PTB). Whereas sputum can be easily obtained for the detection of disease in lungs, diagnosis of EPTB is often difficult requiring invasive and expensive serological/radiological investigations. A category-wise drug treatment is similar for the two forms of disease1. However, an assessment of end point of cure is a problem with EPTB.

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  • Corrosion can be controlled by isolation of the metal from the corrosive environment. Isolation of corrodible metals from corrosive environments is probably the most general method of the corrosion protection afforded by paint films, sealers and lining on base materials. Fluoropolymers provide superior chemical resistance and are used in a variety of markets.

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  • The advance of chemicals in industry during the XX century gave rise to a number of highly aggressive compounds to human beings, and that altered the ecosystems balancing. Human population is inevitably exposed to environmental pollution through air-degraded products, water, the soil and food and their introduction into the food chain (Gomez et al, 2011). The use of pesticides has been recognized and accepted as an essential ingredient in the modern agriculture for the control of pests, which damage crops and as a result, they produce a severe loss in food production.

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  • This book presents a comprehensive review of studies in nuclear reactors technology from authors across the globe.

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  • In coordination with the MNCH component of the GHI strategy, prevention of NTDs will also include the promotion of WASH practices in households, the provision of safe water and construction of sanitation facilities. Since lymphatic filariasis (LF) can be prevented through the use of bednets, efforts in this arena can be more tightly integrated with PMI to emphasize bednet distribution in areas with LF, even if malaria is not highly prevalent.

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  • A study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of exogenous application of putrescine and spermine (Polyamine) on postharvest physiological and biochemical behavior of banana cv. Grand Naine. Mature unripe bananas were dipped in varied concentrations of putrescine (PUT) (1 mM, 3 mM and 6 mM) and spermine (SPM) (1 μM, 5 μM and 10 μM) aqueous solution and stored at cold storage (13 °C ± 1, 85 % RH). Dipping of bananas in distilled water served as control.

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  • Collagen from fish is attracting a lot of attention thanks to its high absorbance ability, biocompatibility as well as non-religious obstruction and cheap sources. It could be applied in many fields, for example: food, cosmetic, or biomedicine. Using of collagen also helps reduce the environment pollution from fish scale waste in fish processing. In this study, collagen extracted from Vietnamese fresh-water tilapia fish scales was used in combination with carrageenan for the improvement of drug release control.

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  • The present investigation intends to examinations the morphometric attributes of Ozat River basin to comprehend the hydrogeological behavior and influence on hydrology of the basin. The basic and derived morphometric parameters (linear, areal and relief aspects of drainage network) for the basin were determined using ASTER DEM (30 m resolution),remotely sensed images of Linear Imaging Self Scanner III (LISS III) and Geographic Information System (GIS).

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