Cooking improved life

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  • Invite you to consult the "Answer to all TOEFL essay questions" below for additional documents for the academic needs of English and exam preparation. Content document gives you the content: Why go to university, are parents best teachers, has the ease of cooking improved life, experience is the best teacher,... Hope useful document serves the academic needs and research.

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  • Specific consumption: This is the most useful criterion for determining how much fuel a stove is likely to consume. Specific consumption is defined as the amount of fuel it takes to perform a specific task, for example, the amount of fuel consumed per litre of water boiled or food cooked. Turn down ratio: This is also known as control efficiency, determined by the difference in fuel consumption per minute between high power (bringing water to a boil) and low power (simmering).

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  • Read then the following passage carefully , then answer the questions below: (1m) For many families in Kenya, the prospect of better energy services would make their life different. An improved solar stove for cooking would reduce the arduous work of firewood collection, and women and children would not be breathing thick smoke while the cooking was going on. Small solar systems in the village would also mean that the clinic could operate at night and urgent operations could be carried out. Very small solar lighting systems would allow children to study in the evening and the school to...

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  • From ancient time (over 5000 years) oil crops like Sesame, Brassica, Olea europaea, etc. have given importance for their nutritional, medicinal and food products properties. One of important oil crop belonging to Pedaliaceae family is Sesamum indicum L., is an annual plant and being neglected because of many reasons. India and China are the world’s largest producers of Sesame, The oil content of Sesame seed varies from 28% to 59%. Sesame oil serve as natural sources of antioxidants i.e. lignans which improves flavor and taste and contributes to greater shelf-life of foods.

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