Cooling therapy

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  • This book was written to provide accurate and helpful information about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to people with multiple sclerosis (MS). The term CAM refers broadly to medical approaches, such as acupuncture or herbal medicine, that are not typical components of conventional medicine. Despite the fact that the majority of people with MS appear to use CAM, it may be difficult to find reliable information about the relevance and usefulness of these therapies in MS.

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  • My motivation for the transition was the opportunity to develop and launch innovative, efficient energy technologies that have minimal impact on the environment yet still provide the reliability our society demands. I’m a true believer that global climate change is an immediate concern, so I manage my career accordingly. I am thrilled to be at UTC Power, a world leader in providing environmentally responsible power solutions.

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  • Heat transport limitation in larger tissue may also affect survival. Due to the macroscopic size of tissue-engineered products and its finite thermal conductivity, there may be large thermal gradients from the surface to the interior of the samples. The presence of a thermal gradient during cooling and warming phases makes it difficult to choose optimal temperature change protocols for both surface and interior cells. Moreover, osmotic effects (water movement from inside-unfrozen cells to outside-frozen cells) during cooling, reduces cell survival.

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  • Many animals respond to a hot environment by resorting to an increased respiration rate and in some cases to open-mouth panting. Respiration rates in the camel increase very little with increase in ambient heat load and the respiratory route, probably, is a very minor source of water loss. In addition, camels are able to exhale unsaturated air under some conditions. The combination of cooling and desaturation can result in saving 60% of the water that would be present in fully saturated air exhaled at body temperature.

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  • Figure 53-1 Atopic dermatitis. Hyperpigmentation, lichenification, and scaling in the antecubital fossae are seen in this patient with atopic dermatitis. (Courtesy of Robert Swerlick, MD; with permission.) Atopic Dermatitis: Treatment Therapy of AD should include avoidance of cutaneous irritants, adequate moisturizing through the application of emollients, judicious use of topical antiinflammatory agents, and prompt treatment of secondary infection. Patients should be instructed to bathe no more often than daily using warm or cool water, and to use only mild bath soap.

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