Cooperation at multiple levels

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  • The final part of the book looks at the increasingly important area of parallel orga- nization. In a parallel organization, multiple processing units cooperate to execute applications. Whereas a superscalar processor exploits opportunities for parallel ex- ecution at the instruction level, a parallel processing organization looks for a grosser level of parallelism, one that enables work to be done in parallel, and cooperatively, by multiple processors.

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  • The author would like to express his deep appreciation to Dr. Todd F. Shupe for his guidance and assistance throughout the course of this study. He will always be grateful to Dr. Shupe’s scientific advice, detailed assistance, and kind encouragement. The author would always like to express his sincere gratitude to Dr. Chung Y. Hse for his untiring guidance on experimental design and assistance throughout the duration of this project. His keen love to science always inspires the author for the future study. Dr.

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  • In the following, we identify the unique subgame perfect equilibrium of the sequential game described above. Furthermore, government’s regulation is shown to reduce the diversity in the programs offered by the channels at equilibrium: the lower the upperlimit imposed by the government to the ad- vertising rate, the weaker the diversity in the programs! There are at least three papers closely related to the present analysis. Vaglio (1995) proposes a Hotelling-type model of the audience for TV- broadcasting which shares several properties with ours.

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  • Organizations get things done through people. The Executive Director’s job includes making sure that the organization has the people it needs to do the work and that everyone knows who does what. This means having some form of organizational structure, job descriptions, policy manuals, training and supervision for everyone — both employees and volunteers. Smaller organizations can be quite informal in this although some written guidelines are valuable — especially when people leave and must be replaced.

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  • In the previous report on the status of integrated approaches to water resources management to the UNCSD in 2008, countries were grouped using the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) categorization. This categorization consists of a relatively small group of “developed countries” and a much larger group of “developing countries”.

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  • This can best be described with an example. Building a house consists of a number of separate, but inter-related activities: digging and laying the foundations; building the walls; installing the doors and windows; plastering the walls; constructing the roof; installing the plumbing. The sequence dictates that digging the foundations comes before building the walls; while dependencies include the fact that you cannot start installing doors and windows until the walls have reached a certain height; or you cannot finish plastering until the plumbing has been fully installed.

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  • Pyrethroid insecticide resistance in house flies is well documented in the United States. However, the extent to which it occurs in North Carolina poultry production has not been quantified. Pyrethroid resistance among other structural/environmental pests is not believed to be substantial at present, but recent investigations in other poultry producing states indicate the lesser mealworm, Alphitobius diaperinus, has significant levels of resistance to cyfluthrin and tetrachlorvinphos.

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  • The nutritional knowledge and practical skills of small scale farm holders must be improved in order to ensure that PNG can take advantage of the benefits of aquaculture. An increase in this knowledge base will also directly benefit other agricultural industries reliant on the feeding of stock such as the rapidly expanding poultry industry. These needs have been addressed in a three day Feed Manufacturing Workshop funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

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  • All limited firms in Sweden are legally bound to submit an annual report to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). This study uses data collected from MM (Market Manager)-Partner, now merged with PAR, a Swedish consulting firm that gathers economic information from PRV. This information is primarily used by decision-makers and stakeholders in Swedish commercial life. Our data comprise all Swedish limited companies active at some point between 1997 and 2005, in total 288,757 firms, and include all variables that can be found in the annual reports, e.g.

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  • As I walked the few blocks to the examination room, it occurred to me that the city authorities had probably gone through a similar analysis. The frequency of their inspection of parked vehicles and the size of the penalty imposed on violators should depend on their estimates of the type of calculations potential violators like me would make. Of course, the first question I put to the hapless student was to work out the optimal behavior of both the offenders and the police, something I had not yet done....

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  • The loss in fee income translates into quite significant prospective employment losses in the  Australian  higher  education  sector.  On  the  broad‐based  modelling  undertaken,  between  2010 and 2011 alone,  these are  in order of between 402 FTE positions under  the Sideways  scenario, 982 positions under the Trough scenario and 1,851 under the Perfect Storm where  there is a more dramatic decline in commencements. Over time these losses are sustained if  student numbers do not increase. ...

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  • The state-of-the-art infrastructure facility at IIFT includes well equipped computer centre which caters to the students and faculty member's specific requirements. Most of the activities which require IT support revolve around the training and research activities pursuits. The computer labs for the students are open 24 hours wi th adequate number of desktop connections. This facility also houses the provision to conduct online assessment activities ...

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  • More details about the state and federal grading areas and the methodology behind the grades are available starting on p. 37 of the report The grades in State of Tobacco Control 2013 reflect how well federal and state tobacco control laws and policies measure up to the best in the nation or to goals set by agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Pre- vention (CDC). Many states have hard-working tobacco control coalitions that encounter stiff resistance from state legislators and powerful tobacco interests.

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  • You must load your data warehouse regularly so that it can serve its purpose of facilitating business analysis. To do this, data from one or more operational systems must be extracted and copied into the warehouse. The process of extracting data from source systems and bringing it into the data warehouse is commonly called ETL, which stands for extraction, transformation, and loading. Materialized Views A materialized view provides access to table data by storing the results of a query in a separate schema object.

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  • The word genre comes from the French meaning type or category. Its roots are in the Latin word genus, a word which is now used to describe classification in biology. Using the concept of genre in relation to the moving image serves much the same purpose. Approaching films in relation to genre inevitably means treating individual films not as unique works of art but as members of different categories or groupings. There are two major approaches to film genre: The Descriptive Approach and The Functional Approach. ...

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  • Many states require charities that solicit contributions to register and file certain documents with a state charity regulator, such as the state attorney general or the secretary of state. Most charities must file in their state of incorporation and in other states where they have activities. Many of the state charity officials provide useful information about charities and fundraisers on Web sites and in brochures and publications.

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  • This should consider that premiums reflect both the first party costs (generally damage to the driver’s own vehicle) and third party costs (generally damage to property outside of the driver’s vehicle and injury costs for people outside of the vehicle although it will, of course, include injury costs for passengers in the driver’s vehicle where the driver is at fault). These new technologies, therefore, need to be able to reduce the casualty rate and the level of severity of collisions.

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  • Today, luxury goods makers have started descending on India, and surprisingly, the nation's wealthy are enjoying indulgence not seen since the time of the maharajahs. The old rich have, of course, always been rich. But something in Indian culture has inhibited ostentatious displays of wealth. That coyness seems to have vanished. Retail consultancy firm KSA Technopak estimates that India's luxury market is growing at 20% a year. The market for high-end clothing and accessories alone is estimated to be worth $US445 million ($A610 million).

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  • Since the 1980s, the food and beverage industry has made children and adolescents the targets of intense and specialized food marketing and advertising efforts. The proliferation of electronic media, the deregulation of and declining support for public service advertising, and the booming economy of the 1990s all contributed to the transformation of children into a consumer group (Packaged Facts, 2000). In addition, the overabundance of certain foods in the U.S. food supply (such as corn and grains) along with decreased food production costs, allows food...

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  • Each year several foundations invite HMS junior faculty members and postdocs to apply for their fellowships and grants, which serve as critical funding at the early stages of a research career. Interested investigators must first apply for the Harvard nomination through the HMS Foundation Funds (formerly “Red Book”), and a committee will select the final candidates to submit applications to the foundations.

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