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  • This paper examines how corporate financial structure shapes the impact of a financial crisis on the real sector by way of its effects on flows of funds and on corporate real expenditures. It is one of the first papers to utilize extensive cross-country flow and balance sheet data and also to examine subcomponents of GDP in the wake of banking and currency crises rather than focusing exclusively on aggregate GDP.

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  • References 1. Kansas State University (KSU) 2. Energy Center of Wisconsin, Energy Efficiency and Customer-Sited Renewable Energy, ECW Report Number 235-2, Oct. 2005 3. Scott Sanford, Univ. of Wisconsin Extension 4. Univ. of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension (2002) 5. Oregon State University (OSU) 6. Animal Production and Health Paper 78, Food & Agriculture Organization 7. Pennsylvania State University's (PSU) Agriculture and Biological Engineering Dept. 8. New York State Cooperative Extension Service 9. Pennsylvania State University (PSU) 10. University of Nebraska - Lincoln ...

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  • Driving south of San Francisco on California Highway 101, a driver passes through miles and miles of industrial and suburban sprawl, the result of Silicon Valley’s explosive development. The scenery remains the same through Palo Alto and San Jose, until the strip malls and housing developments suddenly fall away and are replaced with soft caramel hills, lonely stands of trees, and the occasional cow.

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  • Over recent years we have made considerable progress towards understanding what drives innovation and how Government can help businesses develop innovative products and services. Through work like the Innovation Report 2003 and the Lambert Review of University and Business Collaboration 2003, the Department and others across Government have recognised the central role of technology and science in innovation and the UK’s long-term economic growth. Two notable policy responses have been the 10 Year Science and Innovation Framework and the Tax Credit for Research and Development.

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  • Bolivia suffers from serious problems of poverty and social exclusion that particularly affect the indigenous majority of the population. Bolivia has an extensive and complex social, ethnic and cultural background. The ethnic group and place of origin of a person, family or social group have a strong influence on the potential for social mobility and on available opportunities. Furthermore, models based on Western society are not necessarily shared by sectors that identify with the values and behaviour of the Andean cultures.

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  • The authors are grateful to The Carter Center in general and to Professor Dennis Carlson in particular for their financial, material, moral and expert assistance without which it would have been impossible to develop this module. Our special thanks also go to the Ministry of Health especially to the TLCT for extensively reviewing and commenting on the module.

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  • The water is pumped from wells. Based on current grower and district information, the estimated cost is $100.00 per acre-foot or $8.33 per acre-inch. Water costs vary considerably depending upon water district and pumping variables. In some areas district or agency fees may apply. A pre-irrigation using two acre-inches is applied prior to seedbed preparation to soften the soil. Approximately three-acre inches of water are applied through sprinklers during stand establishment – two-inches during the first...

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  • The Lead-in activities include a wide range of discussion topics, quizzes, vocabulary extension and problem-solving tasks. They serve the all-important purpose of introducing the topic and allowing students to make a personal contribution at the outset, in terms of their experience, opinion or linguistic knowledge. In addition, they provide an opportunity for students to get used to working and cooperating in pairs, and for them to develop their communicative skills and activate passive vocabulary....

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  • Reduce overall grain yield by cracking as one of the main problems directly reduced income and the availability of staple food to the farmers in the Mekong Delta. Cracking or fissuring of a grain of wheat that may occur in the rice fields by not harvested on time / practice, improper harvest and drying conditions milling operation is inappropriate. This project aims to improve the quality and value of Rice, through an integrated approach that includes farmers, millers, service providers and extension workers and educational institutions.

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  • "Investigation and control of the rice in the field and during harvest in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam" project is part of the Cooperation Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) between the Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development of Vietnam (Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development) VACO Australian International Development (AusAID). The purpose of this project is to help households and small farmers in Vietnam to improve rice quality and prices to improve their income. The project will be implemented through a cooperative choice.

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  • At the consensus conference Torleif Løvgren from Kongsberg presented his experiences from IT training for senior citizens at Kongsberg - in this report referred to as the Kongsberg model. The model is to a large extent based on voluntary work, idealism and extensive cooperation between different voluntary organisations and municipal bodies.

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  • Toturntodiscusssavingsbanks,eventhoughtherearedifferences inownership structureandbusinessmodelamongthem,therearethreecommonalities:i)savings banksarenon&profit&orientedinstitutions,ii)they,ortheentitiesthatownthem,have asocialmission,aregionalcommitmentandamandatetocontributetothe“general good”,andiii)theycanbedecentralizedelementsofsomelargersystem,networkor nexus(Ayadietal.2009).

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  • To enhance the local capacity for teaching, research and extension in agriculture and rural development, the QBII, AFFS, DPI proposes to focus its project on the key priority area of agriculture, and livestock improvement in Vietnam, and within these areas, to deliver activities in the disciplines of biotechnology and genetic improvement as highlighted as a priority area by the Government of Vietnam (GOV) in the Vietnam - Australia Development Cooperation Program, CARD Program Guidelines.

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  • Theinterferon-bpromoter has been studied extensively as a model system for combinatorial transcriptional regulation. Invirus-infectedcells the transcription factorsATF-2, c-Jun, interferon regulatory factor (IRF)-3, IRF-7andNF-jB, and the coactivators p300/CBP play critical roles in the activa-tion of this and other promoters. It remains unclear, how-ever, why most other combinations of AP-1, IRF and Rel proteins fail to activate theinterferon-bgene. Here we have explored how different IRFs may cooperate with other fac-tors to activate transcription....

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  • This demo presents LeXFlow, a workflow management system for crossfertilization of computational lexicons. Borrowing from techniques used in the domain of document workflows, we model the activity of lexicon management as a set of workflow types, where lexical entries move across agents in the process of being dynamically updated. A prototype of LeXFlow has been implemented with extensive use of XML technologies (XSLT, XPath, XForms, SVG) and open-source tools (Cocoon, Tomcat, MySQL).

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  • A project of machine Czech computer manuals described, description of the presenting translation into Russian first overall and a of is a system mainly parsing parser in cooperation with Mathematical Mathematics University, Department Physics, Charles structure and c o n c e n t r a t i n g then on input text preparation algorithm programmed based on bottom-up Input texts in olmerauer's Q-systems. The texts our system should translate are software manuals DOS-4 operating to V~MS-developed which is an DOS. on system the and advanced extension to common maintained. ...

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