Copper interconnects

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  • Within a period of a few decades, the ¯eld of materials science and engineering has emerged as a focal point for developments in virtually all areas of engineering and applied science. The study of thin film materials has been one of the unifying themes in the development of the ¯eld during this period. As understood here, the area encompasses ¯lms bonded to relatively thick substrates, multilayer materials, patterned ¯lms on substrates and free-standing ¯lms.

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  • The Campus-RS™ REX2 (Remote Ethernet eXpress) is an interface module that installs directly into a Campus-RS remote device or Campus-RS Star concentrator and provides interconnectivity of geographically dispersed Ethernet LANs within a private enterprise network. The Campus-RS REX2 functions as a full-bandwidth Ethernet remote bridge, or a static or dynamic IP router, using the existing copper infrastructure as the transmission medium to provide repeaterless connectivity between LAN segments up to 4.6 Mbps....

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  • Brad Booth is a senior principal engineer at Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) and drives alignment of AMCC strategic planning to industry initiatives and standards. Previously, Brad was the director of advanced products for Quake Technologies and the manager of Intel’s Enterprise Interconnect Standards Team. Brad chaired the IEEE Std. 802.3an™-2006 (10GBASE-T) project, which developed a standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet over twisted-pair balanced copper cabling. Prior to that, Brad was the editor-in-chief for IEEE Std. 802.

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  • The ADC OptEnet™ Optical Extension Platform is a carrier-class, intelligent, scalable platform capable of handling any network’s Ethernet or SONET media transitions. Bridging the gap between legacy copper infrastructures and fiber growth, the OptEnet platform provides the most economical evolution path. Integrated intelligence allows the user to remotely monitor system performance and transmit alarm conditions to upstream operational support systems.

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