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  • The Pacific Islands region contains about 200 high islands and about 2 500 low islands and atolls. Apart from the Pitcairn group and the southern part of French Polynesia in the east of the area, all the islands of the area lie in the tropical zone. In general, the islands increase in size from east to west, with Papua New Guinea at the western-most edge of the region having most of the region’s land area. The islands mostly rise steeply from the deep ocean floor and have very little underwater shelf.

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  • Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council and represents the first step in an incremental and collaborative approach to implement ecosystem approaches to fishery management in the Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIA) of Baker Island, Johnston Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Wake Island and Palmyra Atoll.

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  • Lord of the Flies offers a variation upon the ever-popular tale of island adventure, and it holds all of the excitements common to that long tradition. Golding's castaways are faced with the usual struggle for survival, the terrors of isolation, and a desperate out finally successful effort to signal a passing ship which will return them to the world they have lost. This time, however, the story is told against the background of an atomic war. A

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  • The percentage of hard substratum cover will be using the Points Intercept method (Hodgson and Waddell,1996) on the 6 replicate of the transect 150 m total long The data was collected including by hard coral, soft coral (to the specific of genus and living growth of form. For example ACB: Acropora branching coral), dead coral, dead coral with algae, sea weed, sponge, gravel, sand, rock, silt/clay and other organism living in the coral reef. (English et al 1997).

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  • Ngày 24 tháng 7, 1997, M / V Fortuna hàng lạnh mắc cạn trên một rạn san hô viền nằm ở ngoài khơi phía Đông Nam bờ biển của Mona Island (18 ° 02'N; 67 ° 51'W), 65 km về phía tây của đại lục Puerto Rico (Hình 14.1). các 326-chân vận tải hàng hóa vẫn còn được căn cứ 8 ngày trong hòn đảo lớn nhất còn lại Acropora palmata (san hô elkhorn) đứng. Mặc dù Fortuna hàng lạnh không mang theo bất kỳ hàng hóa vào thời điểm đó nền tảng, một số trong tổng số khoảng 100.

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  • Great Barrier Reef (GBR; Hình 1) mở rộng khoảng 2.600 km dọc theo bờ biển phía đông của Australia, từ phía bắc của Fraser Island ở phía nam (25 ° S) bờ biển Papua New Guinea ở phía Bắc (9,2 ° S). Nó không phải là một rào cản liên tục. Thay vào đó nó là một ma trận của hơn 2.800 rạn san hô cá nhân (hoạt hình 1) khác nhau, kích thước từ 100 0,01 km2. Reefal vùng nước liên hình thành kênh bao quanh các rạn san hô, và các kênh có thể được vài trăm mét đến hàng chục km rộng....

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  • The naval operations described in the following pages extended, on the seaboard, over the Gulf of Mexico from Key West to the mouth of the Rio Grande; and inland over the course of the Mississippi, and its affluents, from Cairo, at the southern extremity of the State of Illinois, to the mouths of the river. Key West is one of the low coral islands, or keys, which stretch out, in a southwesterly direction, into the Gulf from the southern extremity of the Florida peninsula. It has a good harbor, and was used during, as since, the war as a naval station. From Key West to...

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  • Located in the South-East Asian region, thanks to an over 3400 km of coastline and 3000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, Vietnam is considered as a country has a great potential on marine and coastal economic development. From the North to the South of the country's coastal line, there are hundreds of aquaculture bases, many transshipment ports, fishing ports, tourist beaches, seaside resorts, petroindustrial plants,... that are contributed considerably to the Gross National Product.

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  • We found the longitude of Port Royal bay, in this island, as settled by Captain Wallis, who discovered it on the 9th of June, 1767, to be within half a degree of the truth. We found Point Venus, the northern extremity of the island, and the eastern point of the bay, to lie in the longitude of 149°13', this being the mean result of a great number of observations made upon the spot. The island is surrounded by a reef of coral rock, which forms several excellent bays and harbours, some of which have been particularly described, where there is room and depth of water...

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  • Lanikai is a district, a beach, a Post Office, and a grocery store. It lies on the windward shore of the Island of Oahu. It is a long way from Mars. Its waters are blue and beautiful and calm inside its coral reef, and the trade wind sighing through the fronds of its coconut palms at night might be the murmuring voices of the ghosts of the kings and chieftains who fished in its still waters long before the sea captains brought strange diseases or the missionaries brought mother-hubbards.

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