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  • In this paper the functional uncertainty machinery in L F G is compared with the treatment of long distance dependencies in TAG. It is shown that the functional uncertainty machinery is redundant in TAG, i.e.,what functional uncertainty accomplishes for L F G follows f~om the T A G formalism itself and some aspects of the linguistic theory instantiated in TAG. It is also shown that the analyses provided by the functional uncertainty machinery can be obtained without requiring power beyond mildly context-sensitive grammars.

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  • A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements fog the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Economics Graphical illustration of market equilibrium From Theorem 2 and its corollaries, the income distribution in any equilibrium is divided into J quantiles, with wealthier quantiles living in more preferred—higher x jδ +μ j —districts. In Appendix D, I show that this necessary condition is also sufficient for an assignment rule to be an equilibrium allocation. Here, I use these results to construct possible equilibria under different (δ , J) combinations....

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  • Annals of Mathematics This paper is the third in a series where we describe the space of all embedded minimal surfaces of fixed genus in a fixed (but arbitrary) closed 3-manifold. In [CM3]–[CM5] we describe the case where the surfaces are topologically disks on any fixed small scale. Although the focus of this paper, general planar domains, is more in line with [CM6], we will prove a result here (namely, Corollary III.

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  • A COST EFFECTIVENESS AND PROBABILISTIC SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS OF OPPORTUNISTIC SCREENING VERSUS SYSTEMATIC SCREENING FOR SIGHT THREATENING DIABETIC EYE DISEASE Theorem 2. Any equilibrium is perfectly stratified, in the sense that no family lives in a higher-quality, higher-price, or higher-peer-group district than does any higher income family. Corollary 2.1. In any equilibrium, the n families with incomes greater than ( ) N F −1 1− n live in the same community, which has higher quality (xδ +μ ) than any other.

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  • We prove an old conjecture of Erd˝s and Graham on sums of unit fractions: o There exists a constant b 0 such that if we r-color the integers in [2, br ], then there exists a monochromatic set S such that n∈S 1/n = 1. 1. Introduction We will prove a result on unit fractions which has the following corollary. Corollary. There exists a constant b so that for every partition of the integers in [2, br ] into r classes, there is always one class containing a subset S with the property n∈S 1/n = 1....

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  • We establish an exact relation between self-avoiding branched polymers in D + 2 continuum dimensions and the hard-core continuum gas at negative activity in D dimensions. We review conjectures and results on critical exponents for D + 2 = 2, 3, 4 and show that they are corollaries of our result. We explain the connection (first proposed by Parisi and Sourlas) between branched polymers in D + 2 dimensions and the Yang-Lee edge singularity in D dimensions.

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  • In this paper we compute the σ-invariants (sometimes also called the smooth Yamabe invariants) of RP3 and RP2 × S 1 (which are equal) and show that the only prime 3-manifolds with larger σ-invariants are S 3 , S 2 × S 1 , and ˜ S 2 ×S 1 (the nonorientable S 2 bundle over S 1 ). More generally, we show that any 3-manifold with σ-invariant greater than RP3 is either S 3 , a connect sum with an S 2 bundle over S 1 , or has more than one nonorientable prime component. A corollary...

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  • This paper is devoted to the proof of the orbifold theorem: If O is a compact connected orientable irreducible and topologically atoroidal 3-orbifold with nonempty ramification locus, then O is geometric (i.e. has a metric of constant curvature or is Seifert fibred). As a corollary, any smooth orientationpreserving nonfree finite group action on S 3 is conjugate to an orthogonal action. Contents 1. Introduction 2. 3-dimensional orbifolds 2.1. Basic definitions 2.2. Spherical and toric decompositions 2.3. Finite group actions on spheres with fixed points 2.4.

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  • We study Legendrian knots in a cabled knot type. Specifically, given a topological knot type K, we analyze the Legendrian knots in knot types obtained from K by cabling, in terms of Legendrian knots in the knot type K. As a corollary of this analysis, we show that the (2, 3)-cable of the (2, 3)-torus knot is not transversely simple and moreover classify the transverse knots in this knot type. This is the first classification of transverse knots in a nontransversely-simple knot type. We also classify Legendrian knots in this knot type and exhibit the first example of a...

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  • A STUDY OF THE EFFECTS OF LEADER-MEMBER EXCHANGE (LMX) ON SUBORDINATE EMPLOYMENT SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY IN THE NEWLY “REINVENTED” FEDERAL SECTOR I do not present formal results on the implications of increases in J for effectiveness sorting, as much depends on the μ j ’s assigned to the new districts. Informally, however, Corollary 2.3 suggests that for a stable μ distribution, increasing the number of districts

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  • It is not uncommon for people to say, “Fast, cheap, or good—choose two.” Most people interpret this to mean that if you want a short schedule and a low budget, you must sacrifice quality. And the corollary is that if you want quality, you must expect a longer schedule or higher costs. But “quality” is not one of the “Triple Constraints”! The PMBOK® teaches us that every project must balance time, cost, and scope. When budget and schedule are constrained, it is scope that must be given up, not quality! And it is increasing scope (not quality) that increases costs...

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  • In this paper we show that an odd Galois representation ρ : Gal(Q/Q) → ¯ GL2 (F9 ) having nonsolvable image and satisfying certain local conditions at 3 and 5 is modular. Our main tools are ideas of Taylor [21] and Khare [10], which reduce the problem to that of exhibiting points on a Hilbert modular surface which are defined over a solvable extension of Q, and which satisfy certain reduction properties. As a corollary, we show that Hilbert-Blumenthal abelian surfaces with ordinary reduction at 3 and 5 are modular. ...

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  • We find a class of ergodic linear automorphisms of TN that are stably ergodic. This class includes all non-Anosov ergodic automorphisms when N = 4. As a corollary, we obtain the fact that all ergodic linear automorphism of TN are stably ergodic when N ≤ 5. 1. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to give sufficient conditions for a linear automorphism on the torus to be stably ergodic. By stable ergodicity we mean that any small perturbation remains ergodic. So, let a linear automorphism on the torus TN = RN /ZN be generated by a matrix A...

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  • Furthermore, debt management policies can be all the more effective in the special case of the zero lower bound (ZLB). This is because policies aimed at shortening the duration of debt held by the public (ie selling Treasury bills and buying government bonds) may lower long-term yields without raising short-term yields, which are glued close to zero at the ZLB. But note that the corollary of the ZLB argument on its own is a policy asymmetry. Central banks may need to buy government bonds when at the ZLB if they want to stimulate demand. But they have no need to...

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  • ASYMPTOTIC ESTIMATES AND EXPONENTIAL STABILITY FOR HIGHER-ORDER MONOTONE DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS ´ EDUARDO LIZ AND MIHALY PITUK Received 21 May 2004 Asymptotic estimates are established for higher-order scalar difference equations and inequalities the right-hand sides of which generate a monotone system with respect to the discrete exponential ordering. It is shown that in some cases the exponential estimates can be replaced with a more precise limit relation.

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  • An unfortunate corollary is that serologic tests can become less sensitive as the infections progress, obviously because of the decreased immune response upon which these tests are based. In addition, immune complexes form, trapping Bb antibodies. These complexed antibodies are not detected by serologic testing. Not surprisingly the seronegative patient will convert to seropositive 36% of the time after antibiotic treatment has begun and a recovery is underway.

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  • The justification of some of the practices of the reform, such as the emphasis on real world applications (with its corollary of de-emphasizing abstraction) and the slighting of technical skills, is sometimes laid at the doorstep of cognitive psychology, which purportedly shows that knowledge cannot be decomposed or decontextualized for the purpose of instruction. However, three cognitive psychologists, J.R. Anderson, L.M. Reder and H.A.

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  • Una volta che si è pasticciato qualcosa, qualsiasi intervento teso a migliorare la situazione non farà altro che peggiorarla. NORME DI FINAGLE 1. Prima tracciate le curve che vi servono, poi trovate i punti che corrispondono. 2. Ogni esperimento deve essere riproducibile, e fallire sempre allo stesso modo. 3. Non credete ai miracoli: contateci ciecamente.

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  • The recent literature on health economics has shown a keen interest in the mea- surement of health inequality and in its determinants. One of the more persistent and salient findings1 is the existence of a “health-income gradient”, in the sense that health tends to be associated positively with incomes. A seemingly natural corollary is that health policy might usefully take place through income redistri- bution and a general improvement in living standards.

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