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  • Chinese Pinyin input method is very important for Chinese language information processing. Users may make errors when they are typing in Chinese words. In this paper, we are concerned with the reasons that cause the errors. Inspired by the observation that pressing backspace is one of the most common user behaviors to modify the errors, we collect 54, 309, 334 error-correction pairs from a realworld data set that contains 2, 277, 786 users via backspace operations. In addition, we present a comparative analysis of the data to achieve a better understanding of users’ input behaviors. ...

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  • The goals of The diagnostic adaptive behavior scale: Evaluating its diagnostic sensitivity and specificity is comparing the DABS standard score of assessed individuals with and without and ID diagnosis and determining sensitivity and specificity of the DABS to correctly identify persons with an ID diagnosis from individuals who do not have an ID diagnosis; and evaluating the sensitivity and specificity across age groups 4–21 years old. 

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  • W e describe a program for assigning correct stress contours to nominals in English. It makes use of idiosyncratic knowledge about the stress behavior of various nominal types and general knowledge about English stress rules. W e have also investigated the related issue of parsing complex nominals in English. The importance of this work and related research to the problem of text-to-speech is 'discussed.

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  • Essentials of Investments: Chapter 9 - Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis presents Behavioral Critique, Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance, Share Price, Moving Averages, Trends and Corrections.

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  • Sometimes luck beats planning. I have been fortunate in my professional career, a career that began in 1973 as an accountant and continued into operations management and management consulting. Without realizing it—through a series of different jobs and management consulting assignments—I somehow earned a reputation as an internationally recognized expert in activity-based cost management (ABC/M).

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  • Why have TV sitcoms used canned laugh tracks for years? Producers wouldn’t employ them unless they actually are successful in eliciting audience laughter and, subsequently, higher ratings. Part of the reason you laugh along anyway in spite of your annoyance lies in how you decide what is socially “correct” behavior. If you don’t know exactly what to do, you rely on others around you (or the virtual TV audience) to help you find the way to properly react. You think if others are engaging in a specific behavior, it must be the proper thing to do.

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  • During the conflict and civil war in the 1980s and 1990s, particularly between 1992 and 1995, armed factions turned the traditional norms of honor and shame into weapons of war, engaging in rape and sexual assault against women of opposing groups as an ultimate means of dishonoring entire communities and reducing people's capacities to resist military advances.2 In response, concerns about women's security led to the imposition of ever stricter interpretations of what constitutes socially acceptable behavior, supported by the most conservative reading of the holy scriptures.

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  • AT is recognized as the largest energy store of free fatty acids (FFA) and triglycerides (TG), and more recently as an endocrine organ that regulates the secretion of adipokines, which coordinate energy metabolism, insulin sensitivity and feeding behavior, not only in adults but also in pediatric populations. Imbalance between visceral and subcutaneous AT is capable of altering its physiology.

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  • The ‘Aussiedler’ are ethnic German migrants and represent a unique group of diaspora migrants. Since 1993, the officially correct term for Aussiedler is Spätaussiedler, however for ease of presentation we will use the term Aussiedler throughout the text. The first Aussiedler came to Russia when Peter I (1689–1725) changed his politics towards Europe. They were the beginning of the urban German population in Russia.

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  • But this only touches the surface. Computers are a physical implementation of the rules of (mathematical) computation as described by Alan Turing and others from the mid 1930’s through the early 1940’s. Working with a computer at any level but the most superficial requires that you understand algorithms, how they work, how to show they are correct, and that you are able to construct new algorithms. The only way to get to this point is to study basic algorithms, understand why they work, and even why these algorithms are better (or worse) than others.

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  • Prior research features a variety of approaches to stock trading, including those pre- sented here. Automated market making has been studied in [3–5]. Reinforcement learn- ing has been previously used to adjust the parameters of a market-making strategy in response to market behavior [3]. Other approaches to automated stock trading include the reverse strategy and VWAP trading [5, 6]. A brief overview of these common ap- proaches can be found in [7].

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  • Past essays Some people think children’s spending time on TV, video and PC games is good, while others think it is bad. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Some people think that criminals should be given longer terms in prison, so as to reduce the crime rate. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Old generations often hold some traditional ideas on the correct way of life, thinking and behavior. However, some people think that it is not helpful for the young generations to prepare for modern life in the future. What’s your opinion?...

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  • Which of the following are required when adding a network to the OSPF routing process configuration? (Choose three.) In a lab test environment, a router has learned about network through four different dynamic routing processes. Which route will be used to reach this network? A network administrator is analyzing routing update behavior on a network that has both EIGRP and OSPF configured on all routers. Both protocols appear in the output of show ip protocols. However, only EIGRP internal routes appear in the routing tables. Which statement correctly explains the scenario?...

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  • Database systems are a key component behind many of today’s computer systems. As a consequence, it is crucial that database systems provide correct and contin- uous service despite unpredictable circumstances, such as software bugs or attacks. This paper presents the de- sign of Byzantium, a Byzantine fault-tolerant database replication middleware that provides snapshot isolation (SI) semantics. SI is very popular because it allows in- creased concurrency when compared to serializability, while providing similar behavior for typical workloads.

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  • The large size, heterogeneity, and distributed nature of networks give administrators a large number of degrees of freedom to consider when configuration changes need to be made. The proper functioning of the network as a whole is a result of the coordinated configuration of multiple network elements whose interaction gives rise to the desired behaviors. The number of options to consider and the complexity of the interactions and interdependencies between various protocols and applications make it a very hard task to reason about configuration changes.

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  • This paper describes the conversion of a Hidden Markov Model into a sequential transducer that closely approximates the behavior of the stochastic model. This transformation is especially advantageous for part-of-speech tagging because the resulting transducer can be composed with other transducers that encode correction rules for the most frequent tagging errors. The speed of tagging is also improved. The described methods have been implemented and successfully tested on six languages.

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  • This paper explores the use of clickthrough data for query spelling correction. First, large amounts of query-correction pairs are derived by analyzing users' query reformulation behavior encoded in the clickthrough data. Then, a phrase-based error model that accounts for the transformation probability between multi-term phrases is trained and integrated into a query speller system.

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  • At the end of the session, participants should be able to: becoming aware of your patterns of interactional behavior, becoming aware of the effect of your behavior on others, receiving information to correct inaccurate perceptions and assumptions.

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