Corruption and transparency

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  • According to David McClintick ("Swordfish: A True Story of Ambition, Savagery, and Betrayal"), in the late 1980's, the FBI and DEA set up dummy corporations to deal in drugs. They funneled into these corporate fronts money from drug-related asset seizures. The idea was to infiltrate global crime networks but a lot of the money in "Operation Swordfish" may have ended up in the wrong pockets. Government agents and sheriffs got mysteriously and filthily rich and the whole sorry affair was wound down. The GAO reported more than $3.6 billion missing.

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  • The cycle of transparency, accountability, corruption, and administrative performance: Evidence from Vietnam. This paper investigates the correlation amongst transparency, accountability, corruption, and public administration performance in Vietnam using data from the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index survey in 2012.

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  • This paper studies the contributions of the collaborative academic programs on developing countries in term of capacity building for universities, increasing number of public servants holding an international master degree trained in public management and contributions to Vietnam’s public sector reform which will increase transparency and promote anti-corruption efforts through public service officials for management positions.

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