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  • Load shading is one of the major problems in rural area. The increasing rate of load shading creates problems in rural area. Also in many villages of rural area the electricity has not reached till. The utilization of solar energy for electricity generation may reduce load shading problem, high cost of electricity and provides the solution for unelectrified villages. In this paper an attempt has been made to focus on development and evaluation of energy efficient eco friendly wooden casing LED based solar lantern.

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  • The Indonesian government program in providing solutions of electrical energy distribution problems to get to remote or isolated areas is to optimize the potential of renewable energy in an area. The combination of conventional power plants (diesel generators) with renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind turbine) power plants is expected to solve the problem of electricity service in isolated areas in southern Tulungagung regency, namely residential area in Brumbun Beach.

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  • Agriculture is going through a profound revolution worldwide due to increasing world demand for food, higher costs of energy and other inputs, environmental pollution problems, and instability of cropping systems. The importance of plant functioning can be realized from the facts that knowledge of mineral nutrition of plants has opened new vistas for fertilizer practices. The detection of deficiencies and toxicity of particular mineral nutrient element has enabled us to make adequate soil amendments and root nutrient absorption for better plant growth.

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  • The purpose of this study is to construct the best-fitted model to forecast daily COP as well as to discuss the prepared recommendation for reducing the impact of daily COP movement. Daily COP data are observed for the last decade, i.e., from 2009 to 2018. The finding with the error of less than 0.0001 is AR (1) – GARCH (1,1). The implementation of the model is applicable for both predicting the next 90 days for the COP and its anticipated impact in the future.

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  • Wind energy potentials of some selected high altitude and coastal areas in Nigeria are assessed for possible utilization for the generation of electricity. The main aim is to provide pragmatic insight that will enhance the investment in wind energy conversion systems in an optimal manner. The data used in this present study were obtained from the Nigeria Meteorological Agency, which includes average wind speeds per day of four locations across the country, measured at the anemometer height of 10 m over a period of 11 years.

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  • The purpose of this study is to identify areas of energy-efficient development in petrochemical supply chains through the use of computer analysis tools. The study uses system approach methods, comparisons, vertical dynamic analysis, economic and mathematical modeling, forecasting, factor analysis.

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  • The world faces serious difficulties in obtaining the energy that will be needed in coming decades for a growing population, especially given the problem of climate change caused by fossil fuel use. This book presents a view of nuclear energy as an important carbon-free energy option. It discusses the nuclear fuel cycle, the types of reactors used today and proposed for the future, nuclear waste disposal, reactor accidents and reactor safety, nuclear weapon proliferation, and the cost of electric power.

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  • energy management and conservation are the keys to using fuel and electrical energy in the most efficient way. proper energy management can lead to big savings on the operating costs of a building. if fuel and electrical energy consumption are reduced, money will be saved as a result. many residential, industrial, and commercial buildings have already undergone changes that have resulted in the savings of both energy and money. any building can be made more energy efficient when proper energy management procedures are applied....

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  • On close examination, the glowing promise of coal quickly turns to ash. Coal mining remains a deadly and environmentally destructive industry. Nearly forty percent of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year comes from coal-fired power plants. In the last two decades, air pollution from coal plants has killed more than half a million Americans. In this eye-opening call to action, Goodell explains the costs and consequences of America's addiction to coal and discusses how we can kick the habit....

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  • About 155,000 cubic meters of waste contaminated with both radioactive isotopes and hazardous chemicals are stored at some 30 DOE sites, and another 450,000 cubic meters are buried. While DOE is making a concerted effort to properly dispose of this waste, the amount translates to a multi-decade effort that will require handling, characterizing, and shipping hundreds of thousands of waste containers at a total cost of billions of dollars. This report describes basic scientific research that can lead to new technologies for performing these tasks more safely and cost effectively....

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  • When small, independent providers want to negotiate with multiple health plans, large insurers exert enormous pressure to stop them. The statewide trade group for doctors in New York sued UnitedHealth Group Inc., the nation’s second-largest health insurer by enrollment, for allegedly using illegal coercion in just such a scheme to limit competition.26 In a separate matter UnitedHealth agreed to pay $400 million to settle multiple suits alleging price fixing and other anti-competitive behavior.

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  • This means moving on from old notions of corporate responsibility focused purely on protecting and enhancing reputation. It means being aware that your business stand to be affected as supplies of fresh water decrease and costs of energy rise and ecosystems decline. Knowing what those effects will be and how your business can manage them successfully means developing a sophisticated understanding of these factors and how they work. In this report we offer a starting point for discussion.

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  • Business owners generally agree on the severity of several operating cost areas. “Tele- phone Costs and Services” and “Electricity Costs (Rates)” are illustrative. “Cost of Supplies/ Inventories” is also an operating cost on which there is general agreement among owners across all sub-groups. Another operating cost on which there is substantial consensus, the “Cost of Energy, Except Electricity,” which ranks 8th in agreement. Note, these costs are common to all businesses. They all pay for telephones, energy, and supplies.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Explain why falling birthrates mean that we are not likely to run out of natural resources, describe why using a mix of energy sources is efficient, even if some of them are quite costly, discuss why running out of oil would not mean running out of energy, show how the profit motive can encourage resource conservation, relate how to use property rights to prevent deforestation and species extinction.

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  • This paper presents the general issues of energy management, particularly the management of electrical energy. On that basis, a model of the electrical power management system for Vietnam Maritime University has been studied. The result of this paper is a proposed model of electrical power management system for the purpose of managing and using electricity efficiently and economically, reducing energy costs.

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  • This technique is considered as one of the most effective ways to address global energy crisis using a renewable resource. While the high cost production and environmental issues reduced the using of inorganic solar cells in life; low-cost, low energy budgets, solution processing, flexible solar cells, are the keywords associated with organic solar cells, led to improve the attention of scientists to this area.

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  • With the development of power system interconnection, the low-frequency oscillation is becoming more and more prominent which may cause system separation and loss of energy to consumers. This paper presents an innovative robust control for power systems in which the operating conditions are changing continuously due to load changes. However, practical implementation of robust control can be fragile due to controller inaccuracies (tolerance of resistors used with operational amplifiers).

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  • The production of the bioethanol from the vast quantity of ligno-cellulosic (LC) biomass using cellulases and yeasts has been suggested as an alternate energy source and offers potential to reduce the burden on fast depleting fossil fuel reservoirs. The major bottlenecks in commercial production of second generation bioethanol are complex feed stocks, high cost of enzymes and non-availability of co-fermenting yeasts.

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  • The study uses data of a period 1968-2014 and cointegration test and corroborates a long- and short-run relationships. The results indicate that economic growth and energy consumption contributes in CO2 emissions in both long- and short-run. It means that increasing economic growth of the Kingdom has social cost on the economy in terms of pollution emissions. Based on findings, we recommend to use the alternative renewable sources of energy consumption to avoid the pollution effects of growth in Saudi Arabia.

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  • In last decades, many scholars have studied the cost of hydropower plants based on the capacity and head. The different correlation equations obtained depend mostly on geographical locations and electro-mechanical characteristics. As Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region with the largest untapped hydropower potential, coupled with the need of expansion of Chinese energy companies, this paper aims to estimate the cost of hydropower projects financed and constructed by Chinese companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The data used in this study were rigorously selected.

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