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Cost of production

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  • This paper aims to provide insights into the factors which manufacturers must take into consideration in contemplating to setting up Internet sales channel. By using transaction cost analysis (TCA), we set up a research model, which composed of various factors which are critical to the success of Internet sales channel and elaborate the role of these factors on this issue. Subsequently, appropriate propositions are instigated and investigated in order to determine the impact of these variables on the manufacturers’ decision making in this area.

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  • The system of relations between the consumer and the seller has many factors that shape the dynamics of the market of goods and services based on the supply chain strategy. Supply chains satisfy customers by striving for delivering the right products to the right place at the right time, at the right quality and at the right quantity within an increasingly faster pace and lower cost. Theories of social entropy consider the system of social relations from the standpoint of the equilibrium of systems and their disproportion.

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  • The present paper provides a case study of rice farmers in the Muda granary area, which covers the states of Kedah and Perlis, using primary data to identify the factors on the adoption of PEP among farmers. The research findings indicate that the key factors determining the farmers’ adoption of the PEP are age, secondary jobs, effective communication with the extension agency, increased rice yield, lower operating cost, lower working time in the fields, and support services, such as assistance, incentives, and facilities from the government.

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  • This article seeks to provide research opportunities in supply chain networks. For manufacturing industries, materials supply is an essential input to the production process for a sustainability value creation for firms and stakeholders. However, due to several reasons have caused issues to material short supplies in the production process that caused additional cost leading to a negative impact to firm operating performance.

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  • In this paper, on the basis of partial elasticity coefficients, it is empirically revealed that the greatest influence on the gross regional product is exerted by investments in fixed capital, in contrast to the costs of technological innovations.

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  • In addition, 70% of production costs are related to the purchase of goods and services. Therefore, selecting and determining the most suitable supplier is an important issue in the supply chain. One of the problems of the Kavir Steel Industry And the purpose of this research is to solve this problem in the industry, which is possible through library studies and field study in the industry through the questionnaire .In this project, we have tried to evaluate the 20 selected components, which will determine at the end of the project what are the most important factors in the Kavir steel complex.

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  • Pangasius farming has developed rapidly and significantly contributed to the Vietnamese economy. However, a decline in the profit margin of the growing-out farms due to an increase in production costs has been frequently reported. The paper will be useful for the farmers, local authorities as well as extension services in improving the cost efficiency of the sector.

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  • This study, we present three-stage supply chain network (SCN) coordination and profit optimization of agricultural products considering uncertainties. Most of the agricultural products are in general cost expensive with high risk in probability due to its fluctuating prices. To develop a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) model and analyze the situation of insufficient production capacity for the producer as the reason for shortages.

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  • This paper propose a framework to enhance the retail supply chain process of pharmaceutical distribution companies starting from forecasting the products of the next month ending with deliver the right amount of medicines to the right place and at the right time in addition to tracking the stock during the month by applying key performance indicator (KPIs). One of the challenges facing pharmaceutical distribution companies is how to control inventory levels in order to prevent costs of excessive inventory and prevent losing customers due to drug shortages.

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  • This study aimed to identify the role of the use of modern administrative techniques in managerial accounting, which is the target cost technology and cost technology based on activities and quality cost technology, value engineering technology in reducing production costs in Jordanian industrial companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange, as these technologies demonstrated its high ability to reduce costs in industrial companies and provide the necessary information to the higher departments to take appropriate decisions, which guaranteed these companies competing in the market and conti...

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  • Effective supply chain management is critical for the success of a business, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery of products and services while minimizing risks and enhancing the customer experience. This paper presents a case study on Avakino Ltd's supply chain management, analyzing its nature, challenges, and proposed recommendations. The study reveals that Avakino Ltd has an agile and global supply chain, sourcing products from low-cost suppliers in Asia and Africa.

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  • This study aimed to analyse the effect of switching cost and product return management on re-purchase intent with customer satisfaction and customer value playing as moderating variables. Company A, a wholesaler that operates in the construction building material business in East Java was selected as the case study object for examining the relationships among the measured concepts. The survey was completed in three cities in which 200 retail stores of Company A’s customers are located.

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  • In this study, we explore reseach methodologi, industry and the aspect of uncertainty. We make an analysis uncertainty for the topic, approach, model formulation and make comparison of uncertainty reseach area. The most used approach and method on uncertainty are Mixed Integer Linear Programing, mixed integer nonlinear Programing, Robust Fuzzy Stochastic Programming, and Improved kriging-assisted robust optimization method. Customer demand, total cost, product returns are the most widely researched aspects.

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  • The novelty that this paper identifies relates to the reduction of cost volatility in the global supply chain. This novelty is further seen in the proposition that blockchain can achieve this objective. Blockchain’s distributed ledger framework achieves improved inventory control, improved demand forecasting, and more efficient just-in-time productivity as factors to reduce cost-loading in the global supply chain.

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  • This research, anchored on the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) framework, delved at describing the slipper industry in the so-called footwear capital of the North in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, the “Gapan City”. It utilized a descriptive research design and involved 46 slipper manufacturers as respondents. The researchers particularly focused on the industry's business operation in terms of inputs provision, production, marketing, cost and return analysis, prospects, problems and constraints of the slipper industry.

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  • This paper presents an extended integrated inventory model with multi vendors that produce one item product and supply it to multi buyers. It is assumed that vendor production rates are not equal and the demands of buyers assumed to be normally distributed and independent. The model formulation was made for each buyer and vendor. Then, each cost component from the buyer and vendor is combined to form the total inventory costs. This model uses the service level as constraint. The final mathematical model consists of formulations of the total inventory costs with certain service level.

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  • The focus on logistics and supply chain management in most industries is as means for improving the competitiveness of the industry or companies. It is require developing a project supply chain management that reduces its cost, process and product development time, to stand in the market also not lose the benefits in the global market. To achieve a process and product that have low cost and improved quality there is requirement of combining project management techniques with current engineering resources.

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  • In recent years, the interdisciplinary research of supply chains and economic security has received extensive, yet gradual, attention; when compared to the rapid economic growth of the service industry, however, sustainable supply chain management has not been systematically explored yet. The security issue in supply chains is among the most pressing concerns that firms are currently facing. So the purpose of this article is to formalize the process of interaction between an enterprise and suppliers of components necessary for the production of products.

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  • This paper presents the impact of applying the supply chain management (SCM) on the earning field to optimize productivity and decreasing cost which will have a direct impact on the income in the market. By developing out the measurement of future prospect, this research have used the future market value as a new indicator, where the accounting information have a significant effect on an investment decision. This moderated multiple regression has used the dividend policy, where played a critical role in signaling communication.

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  • The previous researches concluded that, the investor had to pressure on management for improving the earning quality, because it related with predicting the future prospect with high accuracy. This paper presents the impact of applying the supply chain management on the cost management to optimize productivity and decreasing cost which will have a direct impact on the earnings. The supply chain policy has advantages in reducing out the cost of capital, so that this policy could be used as a moderated variables.

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