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  • One morning, long ago, John woke up and decided he wanted to write a book on theories and techniques in counseling and psychotherapy. He thought, “Of all the classes I teach, I love teaching theories and techniques best, so I should write a textbook.” John then began using a cognitive self-instructional problem-solving strategy (see Chapter 8). He identified the problems associated with existing theories and techniques textbooks and formulated possible solutions.

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  • The literature was reviewed and summarized to provide common interpretations of human figure drawings. Basic guidelines for interpreting human figure drawings (i.e., face and head, body, arms and hands, and legs and feet) are presented. Expectations for students at different developmental levels (ages 1 1/2 through adolescence) are identified, and the influence of artistic talent is discussed. Two children's drawings from case studies in a school setting are interpreted.

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  • As an important priority at the national and state levels, AMCHP has worked to address and reduce tobacco use among women of reproductive age, focusing specifically on pregnant and postpartum women. This first article in the 2008 Women’s Health Watch will highlight innovative strategies to reducing tobacco use among women. It will demonstrate the need, use, and success of smoking cessation counseling in helping pregnant and postpartum women quit smoking.

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  • First, the networks resulting from the prevailing ties of labour migration have contributed signif icantly to the integration of countries into the global economy. This point is important in various sectors, including investment, trade, tourism and unilateral transfers. For example, the mobilization of migrant and their relatives’ savings and investments at home, in the acquisition of land, property, or small businesses, are spurring economic growth in areas traditionally neglected by the private and public sectors.

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  • Some programs train CHWs to provide care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Simple checklists and guidelines help CHWs identify sexually transmitted infections, malnutrition, complications during pregnancy, and early childhood illnesses, allowing them to counsel and refer the client to the proper facilities if necessary. Pathfinder CHWs, with a few exceptions, work entirely as volunteers. The majority of them are women, selected because of their respect in the community and their leadership abilities.

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  • At times you will also need to show the subordinate that you understand his feelings and, from time to time, that you agree with his thoughts or actions. How can you non-verbally convey these attitudes using body formations? Leaving aside interview and questioning techniques for these illustrations, consider the following points: (1) The fact that the counselling session is in your office and that you are the boss allows you to move from behind your desk to the employee’s side of the desk (the co-operative position) and still maintain unspoken control.

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  • Có một sự khác biệt lớn giữa liên tục khuyến khích nhân viên làm công việc của họ (huấn luyện), cố gắng để sửa chữa hiệu suất kém (tư vấn), và giúp biểu diễn hàng đầu xuất sắc (cố vấn). Thật không may, hầu hết các nhà quản lý không thực sự hiểu như thế nào và khi nào để làm mỗi.

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  • Có một sự khác biệt lớn giữa liên tục khuyến khích nhân viên làm công việc của họ (huấn luyện), cố gắng để sửa chữa hiệu suất kém (tư vấn), và giúp biểu diễn hàng đầu xuất sắc (cố vấn). Thật không may, hầu hết các nhà quản lý không thực sự hiểu như thế nào và khi nào để làm mỗi.

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  • Some might say that those who died are the lucky ones, while the survivors have to make sense of changed worlds: worlds with missing friends and relatives; worlds with too little food, warmth, and education; worlds that are suddenly unsafe; worlds in which the externals may not have changed but the individual’s interpretation of the world is funda- mentally different.

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  • Prenatal diagnosis, traditionally used as a synonymous for invasive fetal testing and evaluation of chromosomal constellation, presently encompasses many other issues like pedigree analyses, fetal risk assessment, population screening, genetic counseling and fetal diagnostic testing as well. Ultrasound guided chorionic villus samling (CVS), amniocentesis and, to a lesser extent, fetal blood sampling are used routinely in fetal medicine units. Other fetal tissue biopsies such as skin, liver and muscle biopsy are used only rarely.

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  • It is imperative for the trainers to have extensive experience either in counselling or in coun- selling training. Since this training is about “linking” different service areas, the trainers’ backgrounds should complement each other and (as much as possible) represent the range of services being covered in the training. This manual is designed for use by skilled, experienced trainers.

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  • Journal writing is a technique that has been promoted by educators in many fields, including nursing, counseling and management, as a means of facilitating reflective practice and stimulating critical thinking (for a review see Bain et al., 1999). In the field of teacher education reflection is widely acknowledged and promoted as a criti- cal element in the professional development of teachers (Zeichner, 1992; Calderhead & Gates, 1993).

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  • Editors bring together a diverse group of scholars who share valuable qualitative research techniques and rich case examples. Qualitative methodologies and the different paradigms which guide them can be seen as both an alternative and complementary approach to quantification and positivism in social, personality, developmental, health, clinical, counseling, community, and school psychology.

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