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  • A (v,3,2)−covering is a family of 3-subsets of a v-set, called blocks, such that any two elements of v-set appear in at least one of the blocks. In this paper, we propose new construction of (v,3,2)−coverings with the minimum number of blocks. This construction represents a generalization of Bose’s and Skolem’s constructions of Steiner systems S(2,3,6n+3) and S(2,3,6n+1).

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  • In general, the injective cover (projective envelope) of a simple module can be zero. A ring R is called a weakly left V-ring (strongly left Kasch ring) if every simple left R-module has a nonzero injective cover (projective envelope). It is proven that every nonzero left R-module has a nonzero injective cover if and only if R is a left Artinian weakly left V-ring. Dually, every nonzero left R-module has a nonzero projective envelope if and only if R is a left perfect right coherent strongly left Kasch ring. Some related rings and examples are considered.

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  • In this paper we generalize this result to a large class of algebraic objects called topological groups with operations, including topological groups. We also prove that the crossed modules and internal categories within topological groups with operations are equivalent.

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  • This book cover 100 of the most frequent and useful pharasal verbs English, with their main meaning. You may find that a phrasal verbs has other meanings that are not coverd in this book, but our aim is to give you what you need to master the phrasal verbs that you need in everyday English.

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  • In response to a growing need to bridge aspects of geography and ecology, Troll (1950, 1968) coined the term “landscape ecology,” which was adopted as a new scientific discipline. According to Troll (1968), the landscape can be studied in terms of its morphology, classification, and changes in time (history), as well as the functional relationships between its components, which he called landscape ecology. Troll also considered that problems of landscape protection as well as management should be included in geographical analyses of landscapes.

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  • The look of a cover sets the tone, conveys the character and clues the readers to the value (or not) of what's behind it. Here 's a way to make cover designs out of nothing except a pen and rectangle (or ellipse) tool and some type. The technique is called step and repeat; you create one object such as a circle, repeat it across your page until it becomes a pattern, then add your words. The variations endless you'll see

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  • The purpose of this booklet is to provide an introduction to some of the basic equity option strategies available to option and/or stock investors. Exchange-traded options have many benefits including flexibility, leverage, limited risk for buyers employing these strategies, and contract performance guaranteed by The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). Options allow you to participate in price movements without committing the large amount of funds needed to buy stock outright.

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  • When seen from space, “Planet Earth” is a mix of clouds, with the majority (two thirds) of the total surface under ocean water with the remaining third of land forming what we call continents, with various degrees of increasing albedo from open water bodies, vegetation, bare soil, rocks, deserts, and snow/ice packs. In a very short time (relative to Earth's age), the modern human civilization has conquered its neighboring space with probes, satellites, and vehicles carrying humans for exploration.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'call centres cover only', công nghệ thông tin, quản trị mạng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In Germany, works councils constitute the second important pillar of the in- dustrial relations system and provide workers with the opportunity of employee representation at the establishment level. 5 The participation rights are laid down under the German Works Constitution Act (Betriebsverfassungsgesetz) and include consultation, co-determination and information rights, which generally increase in scope the larger the establishment becomes.

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  • With multitasking and more than a 100 other new features, iPhone 4.0 is a real treat, cooked up with Apple's traditional secret sauce of simplicity, intelligence, and whimsy. iPhone: The Missing Manual gives you a guided tour of everything the new iPhone has to offer, with lots of tips, tricks, and surprises. Learn how to make calls and play songs by voice control, take great photos, keep track of your schedule, and much more with complete step-by-step instructions and crystal-clear explanations by iPhone master David Pogue....

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  • Iwasn’t always obsessed with Ivy League basketball. I didn’t grow up watching any of the teams, nor did I know any of the players. Frankly, until I went to college, I’m not sure I could have named the eight schools in the league. This fascination I developed grew out of my love for basketball. I am one of those hoops junkies who can watch the sport anywhere, anytime. I’ll sit entranced for hours in a sweaty gym while a group of fifthgraders play a game most of their parents would prefer to avoid.

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  • A SHORT HISTORY OF SCOTLAND CHAPTER I. SCOTLAND AND THE ROMANS. If we could see in a magic mirror the country now called Scotland as it was when the Romans under Agricola (81 A.D.) crossed the Border, we should recognise little but the familiar hills and mountains. The rivers, in the plains, overflowed their present banks; dense forests of oak and pine, haunted by great red deer, elks, and boars, covered land that has long been arable. There were lakes and lagoons where for centuries there have been fields of corn. On the oldest sites of our towns were groups of huts...

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  • Chapter 3 - Basic option strategies: Covered calls and protective puts. This chapter presents the following content: Using options as a hedge, using options to generate income, profit and loss diagrams with seasoned stock positions, improving on the market.

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  • So much has changed in advertising in the past five years since the second edition of this book, that almost every chapter needed—and received—major revisions and updating. Not only have advertisers changed what they do, but even when they do the same thing, often it’s called something else. Even more important there are now new chapters on subjects not covered before: branding and Yellow Pages advertising plus a totally new approach to basic Internet advertising.

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  • This book was written/compiled by The Hackers Layer Team as a document for the modern hacker. We chose to call it the Hackers Layer Handbook because it mostly deals with Networking Technologies and Windows95/ NT issues. Which, as everyone knows, is a must knowledge these days. Well, The Hackers Layer, is the premiere Hacking/Cracking source, we have continually given to the H/P/V/A/C community freely. We continue this tradition now with this extremely useful book.

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  • News outlets today are abuzz with stories about blogs. In January 2005, Fortune magazine featured a story called “Why There’s No Escaping the Blog.” In May of the same year, “Blogs Will Change Your Business” screamed from the cover of Business- Week. Blogs have become so hot that some mainstream TV news reporters are quoting from the more popular blogs on the air. Un- fortunately, despite all the press coverage, little is being published about how blogs can benefit you and your business....

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  • Chapter 17a: Question about CONTRACTS AND PROCUREMENT 1. A project manager must make a narrative description of the project. This narrative description covers the items that will be supplied under the contract with the client. It is called: a. b. c. d. The project plan. The statement of work. The exception report. The progress report. 2. A project manager discovers that there is a part of the project that contains some risk. His or her strategy with this risk is to subcontract the work to an outside supplier by using a firm fixed price contract. Which of the following is true? a....

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  • Frontispiece reproduces the front cover of the original edition. It was designed by my later father Yuri Soifer, who was a great artist. Will Robinson, who produced a documentary about him for the Colorado Springs affiliate of ABC, called him “an artist of the heart.” For his first American one-man show at the University of Colorado in June–July 1981, Yuri sketched his autobiography:

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  • Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL consists of two modules, SQL1 and Extended Data Retrieval with SQL. SQL1 covers creating database structures and storing, retrieving, and manipulating data in a relational database. Extended Data Retrieval with SQL covers advanced SELECT statements, Oracle SQL, and iSQL*Plus Reporting. For people who have worked with other relational databases and have knowledge of SQL, another course, called Introduction to Oracle9i for Experienced SQL Users is offered. This course covers the SQL statements that are not part of ANSI SQL but are specific to Oracle.

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