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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 8.8 Creating an XML File That Shows Changes Made to a DataSet Problem When you use the GetXML( ) method of the DataSet, you may see only the current values in the DataSet. You want to get the original values and see which rows were added, edited, or deleted. Solution Create an XML DiffGram

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  • Use one of the SqlCommand constructors. Call the CreateCommand() method of a SqlConnection object

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  • Creating a SqlDataReader Object You can create a DataReader object only by calling the ExecuteReader() method of a Command object. Command objects were covered in the previous chapter.

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  • Creating Child DataView Objects You can create a child DataView from a parent DataRowView using the CreateChildView() method. You can then view the DataRowView objects from the child DataView.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 10.15 Creating a Table in the Database from a DataTable Schema Problem You need to create a table in a database from an existing DataTable schema. Solution Use the CreateTableFromSchema( ) method shown in this solution.

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  • The New Path Rule window 2. To create a new Internet Zone rule, proceed in a similar way, but select the New Internet Zone Rule command from the right-click menu.

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  • Stories with historical settings, stories set in imaginary worlds, stories from other cultures, stories that raise issues or dilemmas, information texts,... is the main content of the book "Creating and shaping texts". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • Creating a Generic Method As well as defining generic classes, you can also use the .NET Framework to create generic methods. A generic method allows you to specify parameters and return type by using a type parameter

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  • Name ambiguity problem has raised urgent demands for efficient, high-quality named entity disambiguation methods. In recent years, the increasing availability of large-scale, rich semantic knowledge sources (such as Wikipedia and WordNet) creates new opportunities to enhance the named entity disambiguation by developing algorithms which can exploit these knowledge sources at best. The problem is that these knowledge sources are heterogeneous and most of the semantic knowledge within them is embedded in complex structures, such as graphs and networks. ...

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  • This paper describes the work achieved in the firsthalf of a 4-year cooperative research project ( A R C A D E ) , financed by A U P E L F - U R E F . The project is devoted to the evaluation of parallel text alignment techniques. In its firstperiod ARCADE ran a competition between six systems on a sentence-to-sentence alignment task which yielded two main types of results. First, a large reference bilingual corpus comprising of texts of different genres was created, each presenting various degrees of difficultywith respect to the alignment task. ...

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  • This paper describes a simple method to reduce the radon background component applied in environmental studies using gamma spectrometry. The radon component can be reduced by introducing either nitrogen gas or clean air into the detector chamber in order to create a positive pressure and further minimize radon intrusion from outside.

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  • Maximum entropy (Maxent) is useful in many areas. Iterative scaling (IS) methods are one of the most popular approaches to solve Maxent. With many variants of IS methods, it is difficult to understand them and see the differences. In this paper, we create a general and unified framework for IS methods. This framework also connects IS and coordinate descent (CD) methods. Besides, we develop a CD method for Maxent. Results show that it is faster than existing iterative scaling methods1 .

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  • According to the objective idealist philosophy, thinking is a product of "absolute idea" as a supernatural instinct, independent, not dependent on the material. According to George Wilhemer Fridrick Heghen: "The concept of absolute origins and its activities can only be expressed in thought, in the form of speculative science alone". [1]. Karl Marx said: "For Heghen, the movement of thinking he personified under the name" the idea "that God created reality; reality is only appearance of ideas"

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  • Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making and editing HTML websites and mobile apps. Use new Fluid Grid Layout designed for cross-platform compatibility to create adaptive layouts. Review designs with the enhanced Multiscreen Preview before publishing.

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  • In this chapter, you will explore the distributed object system called .NET Remoting that is built into the .NET Framework. The short description of .NET Remoting is that it enables you to interact with software objects that are running under the Common Language Runtime on a remote host on the network as if it were a local software object running in the same Common Language Runtime.

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  • Generally, a process is defined as a sequence of events that transforms the biological materials of food products, via biochemical changes, into stable forms with added value. This can create new products or modify existing ones. Process design refers to the design of food processes and manufacturing methods, while plant design refers to the design of the whole processing plant. The processing of food is no longer as simple or straightforward as in the past. Food process design is an interdisciplinary science that is highly regarded by the food industry.

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  • The bull market of the late 1990s created significant wealth, yet subse- Tquent bear market years diminished many investor portfolios. Natu- rally, investors find the concept of shrinking assets to be unacceptable and seek ways to generate greater wealth. Emulating the best practices of the world’s most successful investors has led to increasing “retailiza- tion” of hedge funds, funds that formerly were available only to the world’s richest individuals.

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  • Although Windows Forms is a mature and full-featured toolkit, it’s hardwired to essential bits of Windows plumbing that haven’t changed much in the past ten years. Most significantly, Windows Forms relies on the Windows API to create the visual appearance of standard user interface elements such as buttons, text boxes, check boxes, and so on. As a result, these ingredients are essentially uncustomizable.

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  • In recent years, the remarkable advances in medical imaging instruments have increased their use considerably for diagnostics as well as planning and follow-up of treatment. Emerging from the fields of radiology, medical physics and engineering, medical imaging no longer simply deals with the technology and interpretation of radiographic images. The limitless possibilities presented by computer science and technology, coupled with engineering advances in signal processing, optics and nuclear medicine have created the vastly expanded field of medical imaging.

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  • Business process reengineering is the most popular business concept of the 1990’s. Celebrated in best-selling books (in the U.S., Japan, Brazil, and many countries in Europe), articles in every major business publication, conferences, and even several videotapes, reengineering has penetrated into every continent except Antarctica. Thousands of companies and public sector organizations have initiated reengineering initiatives. Internal and external consultants on the topic have proliferated dramatically. Many universities have created courses on the topic for business school students....

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