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  • Whenever I mention to students that they can make up their own spreads, their eyes pop out. You d think I told them to plot the Moon s orbit using three dimensional differential equations! One of the first spreads I ever created came out of questions I had about a possible romantic relationship. I designed it around the shape of scales and called it The Libra Relationship Scale. I thought about what I wanted to know and how a scale symbolized the relationship. Many of the answers were obvious. Then I decided where the locations were for...

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  • AutoCAD Structural Detailing - Formwork Drawings has been developed to make it easier to prepare formwork drawings (plans of arrangement of structural positions) of structure components. AutoCAD Structural Detailing - Formwork Drawings is the program for defining a structure model, creating drawings (sections, views, projections), creating formwork drawings of single structure elements, preparing tables of material elements and estimating costs of a structure.

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  • The Company seeks to provide a comprehensive range of sub-funds with the purpose of spreading investment risk and satisfying the requirements of investors seeking income, capital conservation and growth. In carrying out the investment objectives of the Company, the Board of Directors at all times seeks to maintain an appropriate level of liquidity in the assets of the sub-funds so that redemptions of Shares under normal circumstances may be made without undue delay upon request by shareholders.

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  • In each of these cases, the amount of work delegated to the DBMS is different. For the last case, the procedure delegates more work to the DBMS; for example, further processing is performed on the temporary table to create yet another temporary table or the final result set. The DBMS then either returns the final result set to the SAS session that is running the procedure or stores it in the database as a permanent table. The other general-use case that affects the amount of work that is delegated to the DBMS is when the data manipulation that a SAS...

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  • In 1983, RSI was renamed Oracle Corporation to avoid confusion with a competitor named RTI. At this time, the developers made a critical decision to create a portable version of Oracle (Version 3) that ran not only on Digital VAX/VMS systems, but also on Unix and other platforms. By 1985, Oracle claimed the ability to run on more than 30 platforms. Some of these platforms are historical curiosities today, but others remain in use. (In addition to VMS, early operating systems supported by Oracle included IBM MVS, DEC Ultrix, HP/UX, IBM AIX, and Sun’s Solaris version of Unix.

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  • Painter Hanne Ravn Hermansen created this technicolour frieze for the play area, Kids Airport. It is 10 m long with a kaleido- scopic mosaic of recognisable buildings from capital cities around the world. The sky is full of animals and fantastic creatures, travelling in a world of the imagination that the children can hop in and out of, recognising places they have been to or are on their way to. The vivid palette of colours forms a vibrant background for the white play aeroplane and fences the area in as a unit....

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  • In his theories of self-monitoring, Snyder (1974) suggests that personality determines the level at which people regulate their performance in relation to others’ reactions. As such, an individual’s reaction to socially normative pressures is dependent on where they are situated along an axis of self-monitoring. High self -monitors are highly attuned to the expectations and reactions of others, and are therefore extremely conscious of presenting themselves in a way that creates the desired impressions, either positive or negative.

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  • First and foremost, thanks to Joshua Schachter and the rest of the team for not only providing such an excellent and useful web service but also for creating something truly exciting for me to pro- mote, believe in, hack with, and enjoy these past few years. Thanks as well to my editors, Sara Shlaer and George Hotelling, for their support and good humor during the production of my first book. Thanks to my business partners and clients for their unlimited patience and understanding during this time, even during “the freakouts.

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  • Trading in derivatives started in 2000 and the Indian market is now the tenth largest in the world for futures contracts on single stocks and indexes and the largest for futures on single stocks. Commodity markets have also developed. Three new markets were created in 2000, based on National Stock Exchange (NSE) architecture. However, of the 94 commodities traded, gold and silver account for half of turnover: by 2006 India had become home to the world’s third largest derivative market for gold.

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  • This literature review provides strong evidence that playing is central to children’s physical, psychological and social well-being. Whilst playing, children can experience real emotions, create their own uncertainty, experience the unexpected, respond to new situations and adapt to a wide variety of situations. Play enables children to form friendships and attachments to adults and to places, allowing for the development of familiarity and intimacy with both.

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  • In his 2002 State of the Union address, President Bush issued a call to service, urging all Americans to spend 4,000 hours serving others over the course of their lives. To help develop and strengthen volunteer opportunities, the president created the USA Freedom Corps. The mission of the USA Freedom Corps is to foster a culture of service, citizenship, and responsibility in the United States. As a component of the USA Freedom Corps, the Corporation for National and Community Service directs programs that provide service opportunities and facilitate volunteerism.

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  • Created by leading educators, these colorful, large-size dictionaries introduce beginning language learners to more than 1,550 commonly taught basic words. Each Let's Learn Language Picture Dictionary in the series boasts 30 delightful two-page spreads that vividly illustrate the meanings of words.

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  • chemistry, First Edition, by Julia Burdge has been created to bridge the gap in the McGraw-Hill general chemistry offerings. This textbook offers a clear writing style written with the students in mind. Julia uses her background of teaching hundreds of general chemistry students per year and creates content to offer more detailed explanation on areas where she knows they have problems. Sitting down with the art house, Julia Burdge worked with the artist to create the style and major art pieces in her text.

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  • Globalization is shaping our world: it’s expanding horizons as trade, technology and investment increasingly connect countries and companies around the globe; and it’s compressing time and distance as people and products move — and ideas spread — faster than ever before. Globalization magnifies opportunity and risk. It opens up new markets and creates opportunities for innovation. And it provides access to new sources of capital and wider pools of skilled employees. But at the same time, globalization has increased complexity.

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  • The gap between marketing and sales teams has been around since the two functions were created and is usually just accepted as an irreparable inconvenience in many busi- nesses. Sales thinks only they are worried about the quarter; Marketing thinks they are the only ones who think strategically. Sales wonder why they have to generate all their own leads; Marketing complains that sales ignores or criticizes everything they generate. Sales thinks marketing is lightweight and easy; Marketing thinks salespeople will say anything to get a deal. It is time for this fighting to stop.

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  • Unprecedented growth in the telecommunications industry has driven wide-spread deployment of optical fiber over the past few years. As a result, many service providers are finding that their existing fiber frames and troughs are overflowing with large masses of optical fiber patch cords. In addition, the rapid deployment of SONET/SDH, fiber in the loop and video initiatives has created the demand for increased termination density at the fiber distributing frame.

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  • We agree with the Council’s proposed determination that the conduct, nature, size, scale, concentration, and interconnectedness of MMFs’ activities and practices could create or increase the risk of significant liquidity and credit problems spreading among bank holding companies, nonbank financial companies, and the financial markets of the United States. 3 For this reason, we support the Council’s efforts to address the structural vulnerabilities of MMFs by releasing the Proposal. ...

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  • This ebook was created to spread the word about pizza! You can freely distribute this ebook. As a matter fact: you are encouraged to share this with everyone you know! (This ebook must be shared intact) .You may give it away, bundle with another product, and / or feature it in membership sites.

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  • In my forty years within the natural health movement, I’ve been blessed to witness the living food lifestyle spread its wings and soar. When I started the Hippocrates Health Institute with Dr. Ann Wigmore in the 1960s, “raw” and “living” were not words commonly associated with the way we eat. I developed a living foods program, a radically new paradigm at the time, which demonstrated unquestionable healing powers. One by one people would arrive at the Institute with grave illnesses and depart revitalized by the simple preparations created from the uncooked bounty of nature....

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  • E-mail is undoubtedly one of the greatest communication tools we have today. Employees, vendors, customers, executives, and other corporate users have all benefited from the advancements made to e-mail over the years. However, e-mail has also created many problems for IT professionals with the spread of viruses, Spam, and worms. In addition, e-mail has spawned many lawsuits from users offended by the mail received in their corporate inbox.

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