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  • Quilting is a fun hobby -- but where do you begin? From selecting fabrics and designing a quilt to stitching by hand or machine, this friendly guide shows you how to put all the pieces together -- and create a wide variety of quilted keepsakes for your home. We'll have you in stitches in no time!

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  • This is where your students create their own text within the framework of the model they have been working with. Naturally, your students will often want to know new vocabulary. Supply the words they ask for or make sure they have access to a bilingual dictionary.

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  • The WTO agreement on services (General Agreement on Trade in Services –GATS–) differentiates four service provision modes. Mode 4 of GATS, which refers to the temporary transfer of workers to supply a service, is the one that offers more potential advantages to aid-receiving countries. According to data gathered by Steinberg, this profit could amount to US$80 billion per year for all developing countries, furthermore without having to bear any additional cost.

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  • Mining has diminished as a major factor in the US economy, a consequence of the growth of other sectors, and the reduction in the prices for raw materials. Contrary to many popular predictions, the prices of raw materials have fallen even as output and population have grown. We will see later in this book that the fall in prices of raw materials – ostensibly in fixed supply given the limited capacity of the earth – means that people expect a relative future abundance, either because of technological improvements in their use or because of large as yet undiscovered...

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  • Water bottling plants proposed by Nestlé subsidiaries, the Perrier Group and Nestlé Waters, have sparked vigorous community protests in Michigan and California. Residents have opposed the companies’ plans to withdraw hundreds of millions of gallons of water annually from their local water supplies. In Michigan, citizens formed Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation and filed a lawsuit arguing that water, like air, is a common resource that is held in public trust and should be managed for the public’s benefit.

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  • Maghyereh (2002) investigated the long-run relationship between the Jordanian stock prices and selected macroeconomic variables, again by using Johansen’s (1988) cointegration analysis and monthly time series data for the period from January 1987 to December 2000. The study showed that macroeconomic variables were reflected in stock prices in the Jordanian capital market.

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  • While the aesthetic and creative process of interior design would best be done by professional interior designers, our goal is to cre- ate software capable of automatically generating furniture arrange- ments for complex indoor scenes that are optimized to respect im- portant ergonomic factors. This technique would be useful in multi- player online games and other graphics applications requiring fully automatic interior design with a high degree of realism.

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