Criticism of distance

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  • Although the part of our bodies most affected by air pollution is the respiratory system, the circulatory system can also be affected. Exposure to unhealthy levels of air pollutants can result in low oxygen levels in red blood cells, abnormal heart rhythms, and increased risks of blood clots and narrowing of blood vessels. These effects can lead to worsening of heart diseases such as heart failure and increased risks of heart attacks or strokes. The Pollutants Chart: Sources and Effects of Air Pollutants summarize the sources and health effects of criteria air pollutants.

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  • Pursuant to the provision of the Privacy Act of 1974, HUD is providing notice of its formal adoption of a new system of records for the Office of General Counsel (OGC) EDiscovery Management System (EDMS). The OGC discovery productions typically require the preservation, collection and analysis of massive emails, word processing documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, presentations, database entries, and other documents in a variety of electronic file formats, as well as paper records.

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  • We take this approach for empirical reasons. We interpret the large asset pricing literature as suggesting that the Fama-French factor model is a robust specification of the systematic risk in equity returns. It can explain the cross- sectional variations in stock returns quite well. Thus, we do not construe our additional drivers as additional dimensions of systematic risk. 6 Instead, we assume that they help describe the way individual bank stocks relate to these factors by affecting the risk loadings.

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  • Non-polio enteroviruses are common and exist worldwide. Although infection often has no symptoms and goes unnoticed, these viruses are also associated with occasional outbreaks in which a larger-than-usual number of patients develop clinical disease, sometimes with fatal consequences. The initial high case fatality rate of the Fuyang City outbreak, 2.9% (18/610) from March 1 to April 23, was likely attributed to the following factors: rapid disease progression, late clinical presentation, and limited local medical capacities.

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  • Congress was also concerned about some banks’ paying less than the full amount of checks deposited by their customers because some paying banks charged fees to presenting banks to pay checks. To avoid paying present- ment fees, many collecting banks routed checks through banks that were not charged presentment fees by paying banks. This practice, called circu- itous routing, resulted in extensive delays and ineff iciencies in the check- collection system.

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  • This report could not have been completed without the input of many people who are knowl- edgeable about the history and evolution of the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Training Pro- gram. In particular, we wish to thank members of the MCH Training History Focus Group—Dr. Vince Hutchins, Mr. Jim Papai, and Ms. Joann Gephardt—for laying the foundation for this report.

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  • Tuberculosis is one of the killer diseases of great antiquity especially in developing countries and so contributes significantly to health instability and economic loss. The directly observed treatment (DOT) course is the recommended standard of care in treatment of tuberculosis worldwide and its key elements lie in making the diagnosis. The study was aimed at examining the socio-demographic characteristics of patients presenting at a primary health care centre in Zaria, North-Western Nigeria.

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  • Initially the concept of “marketing to children” is defined; examples of marketing techniques are provided and an explanation given as to how marketing works and who is involved. Policy development is then described in a “step-by-step” process, starting with what is required for a situation analysis and moving to the pros and cons of adopting a comprehensive or stepwise policy approach; which children need protection; what communication channels and marketing techniques to target; and what foods should be included or excluded.

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  • They say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. For hedge funds, 2012 was a backbreaking year to put it mildly. Heightened market volatility, stressed global macroeconomic conditions, and underperformance relative to traditional investing vehicles were just a few of the factors that challenged hedge funds in 2012. Add the extra weight of an increasing regulatory burden, and many fund leaders might have been forgiven for packing it in.

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  • The data included below must be interpreted with caution, indeed those providing the data themselves advise caution in using it. The European data comes from the European Business Angel Network (EBAN), and the US data comes from the Angel Capital Association or the Centre for Venture Research, University of New Hampshire. EBAN note that their numbers only include activity that takes place within Business Angel networks, and as such by no means represent the full extent of Business Angel activity existing in Europe.

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  • This study investigates the feasibility, benefits and costs of implementing distance-based motor vehicle insurance. It is based on a literature review, analysis of insurance claim data, comparisons of different distance-based pricing options, and evaluation of concerns that have been raised about distance-based pricing. Vehicle insurance is a significant portion of total vehicle costs. A typical motorist spends almost as much on insurance as on fuel. Insurance is generally considered a fixed cost with respect to vehicle use.

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  • A third criterion for effective research on skills transfer is study over time. To be certain that students are transferring skills from their first language rather than using skills learned in their second language, researchers must study subjects who have received reading instruction in their first language prior to receiving it in their second language, and who have received sufficient first-language instruction to have developed a base of first-language skills that can be transferred.

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  • Organizations using SAS software in conjunction with DBMS systems rely on the semantic power of SAS to develop processes that answer business questions. When they are confident that the model solution they have implemented in SAS is correct, they re-implement part or all of it using development tools that run natively inside their DBMS. They do this to address the challenges listed previously. Companies pay a high price both in terms of manpower and implementation time to remain competitive with market activity.

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  • The stock synthesis model (Methot 1989, 1990) was developed to provide a bridge between biomass-based assessment methods and full age-structured methods (Deriso et al. 1985; Fournier and Archibald 1982). Subsequently, synthesis evolved to a flexible tool (Methot 1990) and was used for many west coast and Alaska groundf ish stock assessments during 1988-2000. Synthesis consists of a forward population projection model that simulates the dynamics of a stock within a statistical estimation framework.

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  • The gross production / consumption loss: The costs of additional mortality cases are assessed according to the loss in income / production or the loss of consumption. This valuation concept - sometimes refered as discounted future earnings - is based on the loss resulting from a premature death for the economy as a whole. It is a concept based on the general society, without regarding the individual difference in valuing lower or higher risks of mortality or fatal accidents.

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  • The figures in this report present marketing and LDP/MLG profiles from each advisory program followed in 2002, 2003, and 2004 by the AgMAS Project for corn and their respective average profiles between 1995 and 2004. In certain cases the average profiles are presented for some, but not all 10 crop years, because the program began to be tracked after the 1995 crop year. Table 1 presents a list of the programs whose marketing and LDP/MLG profiles are presented in this study. The reason why some programs are not included in all years over 1995- 2004 also is listed in...

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  • Significant changes have been made to the proposed eastern Chad/northeastern CAR UN peacekeeping force this month. In his latest report, issued August 10 2007, the UN Secretary-General proposed that military tasks and functions will be performed by a European Union military force and last 12 months from the time of the deployment; with a possible UN successor operation likely to follow. This agreement has already been accepted by Chad’s President Idriss Deby.

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  • Once you have identified the relevant database(s), use OneSearch to conduct a comprehensive search in those files. In OneSearch you can search up to 60 databases, browse the indexes using the EXPAND command, display records, or use any of the available system features, such as Duplicate Detection and RANK. For more information on using OneSearch or DIALINDEX, refer to the Dialog Pocket Guide, online at Step-by-step examples of complete search sessions using DIALINDEX appear below.

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  • For example, Iran’s investments in science yielded significantly increased output but a relatively stable acceptance rate from publishers. India likewise increased submissions by nearly 450% but saw a decrease of 4.2% in acceptance rate (Table 4).

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  • Winston Churchill once said, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” There can be no question that our region’s economy has encountered its share of challenges over the past few years. The national economic downturn, combined with significantly increased competition in the gaming industry from neighboring states, has negatively impacted our economic fortunes. But those challenges are giving way to a renewed sense of excitement and optimism ...

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