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  • Many of you reading this book are about to embark on the journey of implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software within your organization; some of you are completely new to CRM, while others have been through a CRM implementation with varied success. This book was written to provide business leaders and stakeholders with a practical playbook that spells out an approach for a successful CRM project and program.

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  • Experts estimate that more than fifty percent of all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations will be seen as failures from a company’s viewpoint. However, implemented the right way, CRM is useful, profit-enhancing, and even vital to businesses. Focusing on the implementation of effective customer strategy and driving return (i.e., through customer insight vs. simply loyalty), CRM Unplugged demonstrates how CRM should be defined, approached, and profitably applied to any size business....

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  • This is common question, and it does not help when answers differ. There is a lot of confusion between a CRM business strategy and a CRM implementation strategy or plan. A CRM strategy is the blueprint for how you are going to achieve the ideal customer base. To do this means revisiting the marketing strategy. What products/services are you going to sell, to whom, at what price and through what channels. In a CRM strategy, this is extended to how is the enterprise going to build customer loyalty once it has got its target customer. How is it going to......

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  • Chapter 7. Organizing for CRM mplementation. Key elements in organizing for CRM implementation CRM readiness assessment. Process 1: Strategy development CRM change management CRM project management. Enabling processes. Process 2: Value creation

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  • Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials A one-stop implementation reference guide to Oracle CRM On Demand, the world's best-selling brand of CRM technology Padmanabha Rao Venkatesan Sundaram professional expertise distilled Paddy was an educator and an information technologist in the non-profit sector before joining CRMIT in 2007. In CRMIT, he brings his familiarity with research, development policy, and education to the technology table.

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  • At Peppers and Rogers Group, we believe that the goal of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives is the development of Learning Relationships with customers. CRM practitioners leverage deep understanding of individual customers to make their products or services increasingly smarter over time relative to each customer’s needs. Customers are hesitant to reinvent this relationship with another firm.

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  • CHAPTER 4 Customer Intelligence: The Science of Customer Insight. How Harrah’s Used Customer Insight to Turn the Tables on the Gaming Industry Seven Dimensions of Customer Insight Define a Scientific Process for Leveraging Customer Insight Building Blocks Required to Implement a Customer Insight Infrastructure

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  • CHAPTER 7 Implementing CRM Successfully Implementation Guidelines for Success. I n previous chapters, we showed how the lack of strategic alignment, customer insight, and coordination of customer priorities across functional areas leads to unsatisfactory returns on CRM investments.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides a range of customization capabilities. This chapter provides an introduction to the CRM application architecture before we learn the different customization capabilities in depth, in later chapters. We'll discuss the different application tiers and how they can be customized to meet the particular needs of your business.

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  • The only Oracle Press guide to planning, designing, configuring, and implementing custom dashboards within Oracle CRM On Demand Written by a renowned expert on the topic, Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards provides you with a detailed and methodical explanation of the Dashboard functionality available within Oracle CRM On Demand. This book describes what makes a dashboard effective, shares strategies for dashboard design, explains the entire process for developing dashboards, and discusses the most effective ways to implement dashboards for end users.

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  • BẢNG KÝ HIỆU VIẾT TẮT Ký hiệu AI AIS CNTT CMM CRM CSDL COBIT Control objected for information and related technology Deliver and Support Enterprise Resource Planning Capability Maturity Model Customer Relationship Management Giải nghĩa tiếng anh Acquire and Implement Accounting Information System Giải nghĩa tiếng việt Xây dựng và thực hiện Hệ thống thông tin kế toán Công nghệ thông tin Mẫu đánh giá khả năng Quản lý quan hệ khách hàng Cơ sở dữ liệu Quản trị, đánh giá hệ thống thông tin và giải pháp công nghệ...

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