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  • Modern western societies have a paradoxical relationship with risks. On the one hand, there is the utopian quest for a zero-risk society. On the other hand, human activities may increase risks of all kinds, from collaterals of new technologies to global impacts on the planet. The characteristic multiplication of major risks in modern society and its reflexive impact on its development is at the core of the concept of the “Risk Society”

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  • This book is dedicated to the many colleagues and numerous students who moulded me into a better teacher.In particular my first Head of Department, Gerry Astell, who taught me never to teach something that I knew I would later retract. False simplicity is never helpful to the student in the long run; it just makes a poor teacher’s life easier for a moment.

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  • More Topics in Linear Unobserved E¤ects Models This chapter continues our treatment of linear, unobserved e¤ects panel data models. We first cover estimation of models where the strict exogeneity Assumption FE.1 fails but sequential moment conditions hold. A simple approach to consistent estimation involves differencing combined with instrumental variables methods.

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  • Generalized Method of Moments and Minimum Distance Estimation In Chapter 8 we saw how the generalized method of moments (GMM) approach to estimation can be applied to multiple-equation linear models, including systems of equations, with exogenous or endogenous explanatory variables, and to panel data models.

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  • The success of the implementation of a New Policy Proposal will be judged in terms of the benefits delivered – i.e. the measurable improvements resulting from outcomes which are perceived as an advantage by stakeholders. From the moment the first elements of change are introduced into the operations of a department or agency and on-the-ground in the public arena, expectations will be met or not met.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Advanced engineering electromagnetics" has contents: Circular cross section waveguides and cavities, spherical transmission lines and cavities, scattering, integral equations and the moment method, geometrical theory of diffraction, diffraction by wedge with impedance surfaces,...and other contents.

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  • The maker of phrases plies a dangerous trade. Very often his phrase is applicable for the moment and for the situation in view of which he coined it, but his coin has only a temporary validity: it is good for a month or for a year, or for whatever period during which the crisis lasts, and after that it lapses again into a mere token, a thing without value and without meaning. But the phrase cannot, as in the case of a monetary coinage, at once be recalled, for it has gone broadcast over the land, or, at any rate, it is not recalled,...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học General Psychiatry cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Association between meniscal tears and the peak external knee adduction moment and foot rotation during level walking in postmenopausal women without knee osteoarthritis: a cross-sectional study...

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  • Cross-sectional area, a, diện tích mặt cắt ngang. Khi đó độ cứng dọc trục của tiết diện có dạng a.e1 - Moment of inertia, i33, moment quán tính trục 3 dùng xác định khả năng chống uốn của thanh trong mặt phẳng.

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  • The elements of a force system acting at a section of a member are axial force, shear force and bending moment and the formulae for these force systems were derived based on the assumption that only a single force element is acting at the section. Figure- shows a simply supported beam while figure- shows the forces and the moment acting at any cross-section X-X of the beam. The force system can be given as: Axial force

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  • Chapter 1 presents IVUS. Intravascular ultrasound images represent a unique tool to guide interventional coronary procedures; this technique allows to supervise the cross-sectional locations of the vessel morphology and to provide quantitative and qualitative information about the causes and severity of coronary diseases. At the moment, the automatic extraction of this kind of information is performed without taking into account the basic signal principles that guide the process of image generation....

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  • Shaft is a common and important machine element. It is a rotating member, in general, has a circular cross-section and is used to transmit power. The shaft may be hollow or solid. The shaft is supported on bearings and it rotates a set of gears or pulleys for the purpose of power transmission. The shaft is generally acted upon by bending moment, torsion and axial force. Design of shaft primarily involves in determining stresses at critical point in the shaft that is arising due to aforementioned loading....

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  • Area of cross section Arbitrary constants Coefficients in series Distance from y and z axis, respectively, to outermost compressive fiber Eccentricity of axial load P Modulus of elasticity of material Tangent modulus for buckling outside of elastic range A function of x Shear modulus of material Height of cross section Horizontal (transverse) force on column Moment of inertia of cross section Moment of inertia with respect to y and z axis, respectively Torsion constant;

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  • Cross-sectional area of rim, in2 (m2) Cross-sectional area of spoke, in2 (m2) Difference coefficients Constant, Ib-ft (J) Coefficient of speed fluctuation Coefficient of energy fluctuation Difference coefficient, Ib (kN) Intermediate variable Stress function (= rtar), Ib (kN) Geometric shape factor Acceleration of gravity, 32.2 ft/s2 (9.80 m/s2) Second moment of area, in4 (m4) Index Polar-mass moment of inertia, Ib • s2 • ft (N • s2 • m)

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  • PHP4 is the latest incarnation of PHP – the "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor". It's a programming language for building dynamic, interactive web sites, originally devised by Rasmus Lerdorf way back in 1994. Since then it's been through a great many changes, and has been adopted by web programmers all around the world. So what exactly is it? In technical terms, PHP4 is a cross-platform, HTML-embedded, server-side web scripting language. Let's take a moment to define these term

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  • What the described event marks is a moment where an expectation is shattered: the composer, who expected to become a big success in the French capital, had his art rejected by one of the most important figures from the city’s artistic scene. An event such as this is criss-crossed by innumerable social vectors. On one hand, a foreign artist, fresh from the ‘periphery,’ a recent arrival in the great cultural centre of the period; on the other, a Parisian artist completely established and at home in his setting.

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  • The science of human development seeks to understand how individuals change on physical, cognitive, and social dimensions of functioning across the life span. Although many informative developmental studies have relied on cross-sectional comparisons among individuals of different ages, optimal designs for addressing developmental questions must involve the study of intraindividual change across time.

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  • good play gives us in miniature a cross-section of life, heightened by plot and characterisation, by witty and compact dialogue. Of course we should honour first the playwright, who has given form to each well knit act and telling scene. But that worthy man, perhaps at this moment sipping his coffee at the Authors' Club, gave his drama its form only; its substance is created by the men and women who, with sympathy, intelligence and grace, embody with convincing power the hero and heroine, assassin and accomplice, lover and jilt.

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  • This is a watershed moment in the field of neuroimaging. At least three emerging trends have been slowly reframing the field for the last five years. Each one of these trends intersects with a foundational issue in human brain mapping, affecting the measurement or methodological or theoretical nature of the overall field. First are methodological problems that have arisen concerning nonindependence of samples—in effect the lack of cross-validation procedures applied in the field, especially in social neuroscience (SN).

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