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  • Experiments were conducted to development, quality evaluation and storage stability of multi- flour noodles made from wheat flour, soya bean flour, carrot powder, mushroom flour and apple pomace powder. The noodles were formulated by taking different proportion of multi-flours in the ratio of (T100) 100:0:0:0:0, (T90) 90:2.5:2.5:2.5:2.5, (T80) 80:5.0:5.0:5.0:5.0, (T70) 70:7.5:7.5:7.5:7.5, (T60) 60:10:10:10:10 and (T50) 50:12.5:12.5:12.5:12.5 respectively. Wheat flour of the ratio of 100:0:0:0:0 was considered as control.

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  • The present study disclose the nutritional characteristics of high and low resistant starch (RS) containing maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes and determined in order to identify different correlations between them. A set of 5 high and 5 low RS containing selfed maize genotypes, mostly hybrids of public as well as private sector widely grown and analyzed for the carbohydrate profile (amylose, amylopectin and starch), protein, oil, ash and crude fiber content.

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  • Fruits and vegetables are important constituents of the diet and provide significant quantities of nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals and fiber. Beetroots (Beta vulgaris L.) are a rich source of potent antioxidants and minerals including magnesium, sodium and potassium. It contains betaine, which is important for cardiovascular health. Beetroots are low in calories (about 45 Kcal per 100 g) and have zero cholesterol. The study was conducted to improve the nutritional qualities of cookies with incorporation of different levels of beetroot powder i.e.

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  • The experiment was carried Measuring activity of enzyme like exoglucanase, endoglucanase and xylanase and the nutritional quality of different strains of milky mushroom namely viz., CI-1, CI-2, CI-3, MG-4, CI-5 and APK-2 in the study. Among the five strains tested, CI-3 recorded maximum activity of endoglucanase, exoglucanase, and endoxylanase (1.50, 1.02, 1.66 μ moles sugar/min/mg protein,) followed by strain APK-2 (1.22, 0.23and 0.82 μ moles sugar/min/mg protein respectively). The nutrient range of different strain of milky mushroom were found to contain 86.42 to 88.

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  • Food analysis is the discipline dealing with the development, application and study of analytical procedures for characterizing the properties of foods and their constituents. These analytical procedures are used to provide information about a wide variety of different characteristics of foods, including their composition, structure, physicochemical properties and sensory attributes.

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  • Theo hệ thống phân loại thức ăn của Harris và cs. (1968, 1980), thức ăn cho gia súc nhai lại được phân thành tám nhóm. Trong đó thức ăn năng lượng thuộc nhóm 4 với đặc điểm xơ thô (crude fiber - CF) 20%. Nhóm này lại được chia thành thức ăn bổ sung protein có nguồn gốc thực vật và thức ăn bổ sung protein có nguồn gốc động vật.

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  • The project describes the development of a hydroponic system using solar panel to control light and water pump using an automatic time controller and also to minimize operational cost up to 40 %, to maintain continuity of renewable energy source and to release dependency from electric utility. Solar power is ideally used in India due to location factor and also gives the benefit to the environment as renewable energy. The solar assisted hydroponic green fodder gadget consists of solar panel, battery, micro sprinklers and automatic time controller.

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  • Barley is the most important food grain crop among cereals and stands next only to rice in our country. It has significantly contributed in the success of the green revolution and has greatly helped to transform our country from a situation of ship to mouth to being setsufficient. Barley is a good supplement for nutritional requirement of human body as it contains 8-10% protein and 69.6% carbohydrates, 1.3% fat, 3.9% crude fiber. A field experiment was conducted during 2015-16 and 2016-17at Crop Research Center, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut (U.P.

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  • Twenty germplasm lines of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) were evaluated in a randomized block design with two replications at Vegetable Research Farm, The field experiment was carried out at Horticulture Research Scheme (Vegetable) and Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, VNMKV, Parbhani, during the Kharif season, 2016-17.Twenty okra genotypes were studied for evaluation of correlation and path coefficient analysis of fruits yield and yield attributes in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.).

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  • The present study was carried out to investigate the effect of different drying methods on physicochemical composition of dehydrated apricot fruits. The fresh apricots were dehydrated in open sun and in local solar drier developed by Krishi Vigyan Kendra Leh. The chemical composition showed that the fresh apricots contained moisture 81.7%, ash 0.69%, crude Protein 0.9%, crude fat 0.05%and crude fiber 1.07%. The solar drier and using open sun drying substantially decreased moisture content to 12.61% and 14.7% respectively. Proportions of other components were increased, which include ash (3.

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  • The present experiment was carried out to assess the effect of feeding leaves, forage on nutrient utilization & the effect of supplementary inorganic mineral mixture on the growth performance of goats with fifteen healthy goat kids of 4-6 month of age and divided into three groups. Experimental feeding was done for 90 days during which a metabolic trial was conducted. At the end of 45 days feeding of tree leaves Albezia lebbek, Ficus glomerata and Sorghums sudananse. The DM digestibility was 55.15±0.949, 54.188±0.980, 59.34±0.735; Crude Protein was 69.47±1.10, 68.67±0.42, 69.63±0.

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  • The nutritional potential of nine edible plants of tribal of Jharkhand was evaluated by determining proximate composition and micronutrient content. The result showed significance of wild leafy vegetable species as important source of nutrient for rural tribal. Protein content of different wild species ranged from 19.03±0.26 to 31.16±0.20 percent. The crude fiber content was found highest in Polygonum plebijum, while highest ash content was observed in Portulaca oleracea. Among micronutrient content, iron content ranged between 11.88± to 397.

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  • Fruit and vegetables (F&V) are living tissues and highly perishable products needing optimal post-harvest technologies in order to maintain their storage stability and extend shelf life. The experiment was conducted in the winter months. Dried tomato slices ground to obtain powder. Dried powder was analyzed for its proximate composition that is moisture, crude fat, crude protein, crude fiber, ash, carbohydrates and energy. Nutritional characteristics of the dried powders were analyzed for proximate composition along with fresh fruit on dry weight basis.

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  • Genetics of quality parameters and their associations with grain yield and its component traits have a direct bearing on devising effective strategies for breeding biofortified crop cultivars. A newly developed 54 hybrids of pearl millet showed large genetic variability for yield and nutritional traits. Correlation studies revealed that single plant yield has positive significant correlation with the agronomic traits viz., plant height, number of productive tillers, test weight, single head grain weight and quality traits viz.

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  • Momordica cymbalaria Fenzl. is a perennial herbaceous climber belongs to cucurbitaceae family and the genus of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia). Fruits are used as vegetables, it possess hypoglycaemic, hypolipidemic, cardio protective, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective and antioxidant properties. It is rich in crude fiber (6.42 g/100 g), calcium (72 g/100g), potassium, sodium and vitamin C (290 g/100g).The major constraints in propagation of Momordica cymbalaria are non-availability of standardized propagation methods and low yield.

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  • The Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus cystidiosus) was cultivated on different agrowastes as substrates such as; sugarcane bagasse (ScB), rice straw (RS), and wheat straw (WS), whereas the fourth formula composed of combination of these three substrates in a proportion of 1: 1. The ScB, RS and WS agro-wastes substrates were selected as the most favorable lignocellulosic sources. P. cystidiosus can efficiently degrade the agro-wastes and grow at wide range of temperatures.

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  • The analysis of variance for female and male parents exhibited (Table 1) significant difference for all the traits. The estimates of mean sum of squares due to Lines showed significant differences for all the traits except fruit rind thickness, fruit flesh thickness, fruit girth, total soluble solids (TSS) and total crude fiber content and in the male parents apart from these traits node to first female flower, sex ratio, vine length also indicating the presence of sufficient variability among the parents studied.

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  • Maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids with good yields of grain and whole-plant dry matter are preferred for forage production. The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between kernel development and nutritive value of maize silage, using controlled pollination to alter the extent of ear fill in 4 maize hybrids.

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  • The use of cereal grains as sources of food for man is well known. Different food products are obtained from grains based on the processing technique and the type of cereal employed. Although the causes of malnutrition are many and diverse, inadequate intake of foods and essential nutrients is a major contributory factor and yet this subject is poorly researched in many developing countries including Nigeria. This research was conducted in Jigawa State Nigeria. Were a total of 1,500 questionnaires were administered and 1,250 retrieved.

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  • Finger millet commonly known as Ragi is a rich source of several nutrients. An investigation was undertaken to study the nutritional composition of raw, malted and popped finger millet varieties. Five varieties of finger millet namely GPU 66, GPU 67, GPU 71, MR 6 and PR 202 were investigated for their nutritional contents before and after processing such as malting and popping. The nutrients analysed for raw, malted and popped finger millet varieties were moisture, protein, fat, crude fibre, ash and total dietary fiber. Carbohydrate and energy values were computed.

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