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  • Was World War II a failure? It is an unthinkable thought in the American political ethos. but noted American journalist and author William Henry Chamberlin dares think it, from the vantage point of the immediate postwar world of 1950.

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  • IT was the age of chain armour and tournaments--of iron barons and barons' wars--of pilgrims and armed pilgrimages--of forests and forest outlaws--when Henry III. reigned as King of England, and the feudal system, though no longer rampant, was still full of life and energy; when Louis King of France, afterwards canonised as St. Louis, undertook one of the last and most celebrated of those expeditions known as the Crusades, and described as 'feudalism's great adventure, and popular glory.

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  • When President Johnson authorized the Commissioner of Agriculture, in 1866, to send a clerk in his bureau on a trip through the Southern States to procure "statistical and other information from those States," he could scarcely have foreseen that this trip would lead to a movement among the farmers, which, in varying forms, would affect the political and economic life of the nation for half a century. The clerk selected for this mission, one Oliver Hudson Kelley, was something more than a mere collector of data and compiler of statistics: he was a keen observer and a thinker.

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  • Its has been four years since I first publish the page and there has been an enourmous amount of support given to me for my crusade of giving away free drawing lessons .So for all those people who belived in the Lair.... Thanks dudes !!!!!. I hope that this new update will be the beginning of a new era for the Lairman and his Lair. For beginning our manga classes all we need is a couple of pencils ( HB,2B ) a bunch of bond paper (newspaper is also good and cheaper or you can use any other) , a good...

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  • This handbook is intended to give such an outline of the Architecture of the Ancient World, and of that of Christendom down to the period of the Crusades, as, without attempting to supply the minute information required by the professional student, may give a general idea of the works of the great building nations of Antiquity and the Early Christian times.

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  • This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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  • The history of the LGBT movement has been a serpentine series of crusades to identify and combat the myriad legal discriminations, oppressions, and social proscriptions that faced its constituents. Choosing what battles to fight—for any group—is always a compli- cated historical and cultural process, and the choices made depend on a wide range of factors. In recent years the battle for marriage equality has become, for many activists, the central struggle of the fight for lesbian and gay rights.

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  • Diane Ravitch, the noted education historian points out “At every level of formal education, from nursery school to graduate school, equal opportu- nity became the overriding goal of postwar7 educational reformers. Some- times those who led the battles seemed to forget why it was important to keep students in school longer; to forget that the fight for higher enroll- ments was part of a crusade against ignorance, and that institutions would be judged by what their students had learned as well as by how many were enrolled.

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  • vì vậy bạn có thể tham khảo các thành phần DirectX từ bên trong Visual Basic. Chương này là ngắn về chi tiết nhưng cao trên ý tưởng, trình bày một cái nhìn thoáng qua của Crusader Celtic trò chơi, một game nhập vai mà bạn tạo ra trong khi sau cùng trong cuốn sách này từ một trong những chương tiếp theo,

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  • While Greek forms in art reached new heights of popularity in the late 1860s and 70s, dress reformers were also becoming more vocal. Again, dress reform was not an entirely new crusade, for example the doctor Andrew Coombes wrote treatises on it as early as 1834. By the late 1860s the large domed skirts of the crinoline were out of fashion and instead the so-called ‘S-shape’ or Grecian bend became fashionable. (The ‘S-Shape’ was later used to describe the shape of the Edwardian corset in the 1900s). ...

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  • For 250 years, veterinary medicine and its scientific underpinning, veterinary science, have struggled to gain the confidence and respect of clients, fellow health scientists and practitioners, and the general public. And it has been accomplished by means of the scientific method and strict objectivity. To embrace unproven or even discredited “complementary and alternative” techniques surely is regressive both for patients and for veterinarians.

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  • ‘What Pope Urban II had in mind when he preached the First Crusade was, I think, a variety of quite practical things. He hoped for the reunion of Christendom, which at that time was divided between the Latin Church and the Greek Church. He hoped also to recapture Jerusalem, which had been under Muslim rule for many centuries. And it was also a matter of giving the largely unemployed and over-aggressive nobility of France something to do, get them out of Europe and stop them devastating the ... lands. All...

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  • How are Christians to bring the gospel to the world? After centuries of misguided crusades, how can we rediscover mission as Jesus understood it? Must people embrace Christianity to know Christ and his liberation?

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  • The work of Richard M. Stallman literally speaks for itself. From the documented source code to the published papers to the recorded speeches, few people have expressed as much willingness to lay their thoughts and their work on the line. Such openness-if one can pardon a momentary un-Stallman adjective-is refreshing. After all, we live in a society that treats information, especially personal information, as a valuable commodity. The question quickly arises.

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  • I have, for simplicity, concentrated on the special case of the corporate executive, except only for the brief digression on trade unions. But precisely the same argument applies to the newer phenomenon of calling upon stockholders to require corporations to exercise social responsibility (the recent G.M. crusade, for example). In most of these cases, what is in effect involved is some stockholders trying to get other stockholders (or customers or employees) to contribute against their will to "social" causes favored by activists.

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  • The shining blue waters of two wonderful gulfs were busy with fishing boats and little ships. The vessels came under their square sails and were driven by galley-slaves with great oars. A Greek boy standing, two thousand years ago, on the wonderful mountain of the Acro-Corinth that leaps suddenly from the plain above Corinth to a pinnacle over a thousand feet high, could see the boats come sailing from the east, where they hailed from the Piræus and Ephesus and the marble islands of the Ægean Sea.

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  • Had their last mission been the Captain's personal crusade and not orders from the Fleet? Poor officers, they’d never know the whole truth. Very soon they'd all arrive at Praxis and the tribunal would invent whatever explanation it wished. No one would ever get the real story. If only they could, they'd realize he'd done the right thing. But that knowledge was too dangerou

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  • The Portuguese began exploring the west coast of Africa shortly before Christopher Columbus was born; and no sooner did they encounter negroes than they began to seize and carry them in captivity to Lisbon. The court chronicler Azurara set himself in 1452, at the command of Prince Henry, to record the valiant exploits of the negro-catchers. Reflecting the spirit of the time, he praised them as crusaders bringing savage heathen for conversion to civilization and christianity.

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  • In universal history there is no more interesting subject for the consideration of the political student than the record of Russian progress through Central Asia. In one sense this advance is a practical reestablishment or extension of the influence of the Aryan race in countries long dominated by peoples of Turki or Mongolian origin; in another sense it has resulted in a transition from the barbarism or rude forms of Asiatic life to the enlightenment and higher moral development of a European age.

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