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  • Preservation of human skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes is essential for the creation of skin tissue banks. For successful cryopreservation of cells, selection of an appropriate cryoprotectant agent (CPA) is imperative.

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  • The present study was undertaken to study the effect of addition of prostatic fluid to frozen thawed cryopreserved (with different cryoprotectants) dog spermatozoa on semen quality parameters viz. motility, viability, abnormality, Hypo-osmotic swelling test (HOSST) and acrosomal integrity.

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  • Crystal growth is an important process, which forms the basis for a wide variety of natural phenomena and engineering developments. This book provides a unique opportunity for a reader to gain knowledge about various aspects of crystal growth from advanced inorganic materials to inorganic/organic composites, it unravels some problems of molecular crystallizations and shows advances in growth of pharmaceutical crystals, it tells about biomineralization of mollusks and cryoprotection of living cells, it gives a chance to learn about statistics of chiral asymmetry in crystal structure....

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  • While prominence in health policy greatly affects the size of the PHI market – in terms of population coverage, contribution to health financing or scope of government interventions – there is no necessary link between the three factors. There are sizeable PHI markets in a range of health systems with diverse mixes of public and private financing. The size of PHI markets may also result from consumer demand for better choice and more comprehensive cover, even where there is little stimulation through policy levers.

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  • But how far should the public sector go in defining the terms of maturity transformation?. It would be reassuring to imagine that underlying saving and investment propensities of the private sector define the real interest rate in normal times. Keynes threw some doubt on this classical view. In addition, the fact is that government policies nowadays dominate the terms of maturity transformation in modern economies. Very large government debt defines the yield curve.

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  • The current report summarises the outcomes of all of the tasks, and gives an outline of the methodology used. This report is divided into six chapters. Chapter 2 describes the methodological approach of the FORVALUE Study, and chapters 3 to 6 present the main results of the study. Chapter 3 is dedicated to the identification, characterization and classification of forest goods and services. It also identifies and briefly describes the main user groups, forest owners and access to forest goods and services.

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  • Global warming and changes in climate have already had observed impacts on natural ecosystems and species. Natural systems such as wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs, cloud forests, Arctic and high latitude ecosystems are especially vulnerable to climate‐induced disturbances. Enhanced protection and management of biological resources and habitats can mitigate impacts and contribute to solutions as nations and communities strive to adapt to climate change. Biodiversity is the foundation and mainstay of agriculture, forests, and fisheries.

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  • We would like to know whether you feel there are areas that we should review, and whether you think a statutory insurance code is desirable. In Part 4 of this paper we have asked you to list those areas you think we should review, and to rank them in order of importance. Your responses will be considered by the Commissioners before they determine the scope of this project in the light of the resources available to us.

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  • Communities can play a lead role in assessing and reducing community-level advertising and marketing of unhealthy foods. Important lessons regarding community-based research and advocacy to address marketing of unhealthy products can be borrowed from the alcohol and tobacco control movements. Community-based efforts to decrease excessive advertising and availability of alcohol and tobacco products, particularly in low-income communities, provide a useful case study in how communities can influence marketing practices. ...

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  • Between transposition of the Directive and the implementation of their passport, non-EU AIFMs may manage EU AIFs if permitted by national regimes in the EU. They may use national PPRs for marketing to EU investors, subject to additional conditions. Between the implementation of the passport for non-EU AIFMs and the withdrawal of national PPRs in the EU, non-EU AIFMs3 may be allowed to register under the Directive via the Member State of reference procedure to manage EU AIFs and to market AIFs (EU and non-EU) in the EU under the passport. They may also choose to continue to market AIFs in...

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  • She encourages opposition to what some have feared and others have celebrated as “the end of theory.” Charles Nelson’s essay grows out of years of teaching critical theory in a literature department and interdisciplinary team teaching with Caviness at Tufts, as well as more recent collaboration with her in research and writing.

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  • Shares of the Fund are offered for sale on a continuous basis and may be purchased or redeemed on any Valuation Date at the NAV per share of a particular series. The NAV per share of a series for the purposes of subscription or redemption is computed by dividing the NAV of the Fund attributable to the series (that is, the total fair value of the assets attributable to the series less the liabilities attributable to the series) by the total number of shares of the series of the Fund outstanding at such time.

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  • Active database systems require facilities to specify triggers that fire when specified events occur. We propose a language for specifying composite events as eveti expressions, formed using event operators and events (primitive or composite). An event expression maps an event history to anothe-r event history that contains only the events at which the event expression is “satisfied” and at which the trigger should 6re. We present several examples illustrating how quite complex event specifications are possible using event expressions.

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  • Cities are engines of growth and they will be critical to our economic recovery. The Coalition Government is taking tough and decisive action to equip Britain for long-term success by restoring health to the public inances and conidence in the economy through a balanced approach led by private sector growth. But this growth will not occur in the abstract. It will be created in individual places where people and businesses work, trade and innovate.

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  • For ease of presentation, these projections compare the growth of Hathi to a baseline of constant volume counts at the largest university and non-university ARL collections.

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  • This article discusses how the flux of cultural productions between centre and periphery works, taking as an example the field of music production in France and Brazil in the 1920s. The life trajectories of Jean Cocteau, French poet and painter, and Heitor Villa-Lobos, a Brazilian composer, are taken as the main reference points for the discussion.

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  • Understanding of the transport and attenuation of chemicals in the subsurface is fundamental to effective management of risks posed by chemicals and their possible impact on groundwater resources. A risk assessment approach to groundwater protection incorporates the three-stage combination of source, pathway and receptor. All three must be considered and understood to arrive at a balanced view of the risks to health of groundwater users. Informed consideration of the pathway, which in the context of this monograph means transport through the groundwater system, is vital.

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  • A control system should be developed to ensure adequate safeguards to prevent loss, damage, or theft of property. A physical inventory of the property should be taken at least once every two years. The results of the inventory should be reconciled with the property records and any discrepancies should be investigated. In addition, maintenance procedures should be developed to keep the property in good condition. Fixed assets should be recorded at cost. Donated assets should be recorded at fair market value at the time of donation.

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  • The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda has played a critical role in bringing together three powerful networks to examine the impact of air pollution from coal-fired power plants upon the African American community. The Black Leadership Forum, the Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice and Clear the Air share a keen interest in promoting responsible public policies protective of human health and the environment.

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  • The prediction of transcription factor binding sites in genomic sequences is in principle very useful to identify upstream regulatory factors. However, when applying this concept to genomes of multi- cellular organisms such as mammals, one has to deal with a large number of false positive predic- tions since many transcription factor genes are only expressed in specific tissues or cell types.

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