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  • An experiment was carried out in the greenhouse conditions with Brassica juncea L. grown on alluvial soils that had previously been contaminated at different concentrations of Cu. The main purposes of the research were to determine the effects of Cu and phosphorus applications on plant growth and Cu uptake by Brassica juncea L. Mature plants were harvested for the Cu accumulation analysis. The soil samples from each growing pot were extracted by HNO3 0.

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  • CHAPTER 10 ANALYSIS OF FINANCING CHOICES.Let’s now turn to analyzing the third aspect of the three-part decisional systems context introduced in Chapter 2: investment, operations, and financing. We’ll concentrate on the choices available in arranging a company’s long-term financing, while setting aside the incremental operational funds sources used routinely by companies in line with practices in a particular industry or service

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  • This lab is designed to be a build-to-specifications test. There are numerous issues that need to be addressed for this lab to work correctly. The lab is designed to illustrate some of the problems associated with ISDN and link state routing protocols, such as OSPF. This lab will concentrate on dialer profiles while the second lab scenario will be a troubleshooting scenario based on a distance vector protocol and legacy DDR configuration. The two scenarios are designed to thoroughly test your knowledge of the basics of ISDN configuration.

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  • Nghiên cứu này điều tra ảnh hưởng của nội dung tannin ban đầu (1,8, 2,8, 3,8, 9,8 và 17.8g acid tannic / L) động học của quá trình lên men rượu vang đỏ, sử dụng nấm men cố định trong gel alginate canxi. Kết quả thực nghiệm của chúng tôi cho thấy trong môi trường có hàm lượng tanin cao (9,8 và 17.8g acid tannic / L), mật độ di động tối đa và tốc độ tăng trưởng tối đa cụ thể của các tế bào bất động cao hơn so với những của các tế bào miễn phí....

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  • Phân và nước thải lưu trữ và xử lý nhu cầu rất cụ thể điều kiện và vị trí mỗi cơ sở, và chúng khác nhau từ nông trại đến trang trại.

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  • Cuộc tranh luận về tương lai của chính sách nông nghiệp và nông nghiệp không phải là mới. Nó có thể được tìm thấy trong lịch sử của phong trào phản đối như vậy nông nghiệp là chủ nghĩa dân túy Grange, (năm 1870) (năm 1890), trang trại Phong trào kỳ nghỉ (năm 1930), Tổ chức Quốc gia Nông dân (năm 1950), và nhập cư và nhóm môi trường trong hai thập kỷ qua.

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  • Lithium fluoride (LiF) thermoluminescent powder doped with Mg, Cu, Na, and Si as activators was prepared. The dopant concentrations were varied over the wide ranges as follows: Mg (0.05 - 1.0 mol$\%$), Cu (0.01 - 1.0 mol$\%$), Na,Si (0.3 - 2.4 mol$\%$). The results indicated that the Mg and Cu activators are crucial dopants in the LiF:Mg,Cu,Na,Si phosphors. The LiF:Cu,Na,Si samples without Mg exhibit a peak at low temperature in the thermoluminescent glow curve and in the absence of Cu, the LiF:Mg,Na,Si samples exhibit a peak at high temperature.

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  • Photoactivated riboflavin in the presence of Cu(II) generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can hemolyse human red blood cells (RBC). In the present work we examined the effect of sodium azide (NaN3) on RBC in the presence of riboflavin and Cu(II). The addition of NaN3 to the riboflavin-Cu(II) sys-tem enhanced K + loss and hemolysis. The extent of K + loss and hemolysis were time and concentration dependent. Batho-cuproine, a Cu(I)-sequestering agent inhibited the hemolysis completely.

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  • ẢNH HƯỞNG CỦA NỒNG ĐỘ MUỐI VÀ NHIỆT ĐỘ LÊN MEN ĐẾN CHẤT LƯỢNG CỦ HÀNH TÍM MUỐI CHUA ABSTRACT In Vietnam the fermented foods have been produced commonly using traditional technique. However, their quality is not stable, and the shelf-life is short. There are many causes for this problem, such as the pretreatment step, the salt concentration in brine, etc. In the present study, the effect of combination of fermented temperature and salt concentration on pikled purple onion was investigated.

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  • Cieslinski and Kaczmarczyk Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:220 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Pool boiling of water-Al2O3 and water-Cu nanofluids on horizontal smooth tubes Janusz T Cieslinski*, Tomasz Z Kaczmarczyk Abstract Experimental investigation of heat transfer during pool boiling of two nanofluids, i.e., water-Al2O3 and water-Cu has been carried out. Nanoparticles were tested at the concentration of 0.01%, 0.1%, and 1% by weight. The horizontal smooth copper and stainless steel tubes having 10 mm OD and 0.

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  • Sarma et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:233 NANO IDEA Open Access Experimental study and analysis of lubricants dispersed with nano Cu and TiO2 in a four-stroke two wheeler Pullela K Sarma1*, Vadapalli Srinivas1, Vedula Dharma Rao2, Ayyagari Kiran Kumar3 Abstract The present investigation summarizes detailed experimental studies with standard lubricants of commercial quality known as Racer-4 of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (India) dispersed with different mass concentrations of nanoparticles of Cu and TiO2.

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  • It is not yet clear how exposure to low ambient concentrations of particulates might produce the health effects observed in epidemiological studies and whether certain attributes of particles may be more closely associated to these health effects. The characteristics of particles that are being investigated for their roles in causing health effects include metal content, particle size, and particles as carriers of other toxic compounds (such as gases or biological toxins from bacteria and pollens etc.).

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  • Catalytic oxidation of m-xylene was carried out over the copper oxide catalyst loaded on SiO2 300 m2/g. The various techniques were used to characterize the catalysts x-ray diffraction, TPRH2, N2 adsorption-desorption, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), tranmission electron microscopy (TEM) and CO pulse chemisorptions. The results indicate that the impregnated solution concentration exerts an influence on the catalytic activity.

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  • We recently reported that, depending on its concentration, urate is either apro- or anantioxidant inCu 2+ -induced low-density lipoprotein (LDL)oxidation. We also previously demonstrated an antioxidant synergy between urate and some flavonoids in the Cu 2+ -induced oxidation of diluted serum.As a result, the effectof theflavonoidquercetinon the Cu 2+ -induced oxidation of isolated LDL has been studied either in the presence or absence of urate.

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  • Previously, we demonstrated apoptotic cell death in the chorion laeve trophoblast layer of human fetal membrane tissues during the late stages of pregnancy, the progression of apoptosis during incubation in vitro, and its suppression by a low concentration of glucocorticoid hormones.

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  • This article reviews methods for the determination and identification of trace elements in wine by using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). Wine is one of the most widely consumed beverages and strict analytical control of trace elements content is required during the whole process of wine production from grape to the final product.

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  • We reported earlier that urate may behave as a pro-oxidant in Cu 2+ -induced oxidation of diluted plasma. Thus,its effect on Cu 2+ -induced oxidation of isolated low-density lipoprotein (LDL) was investigated by mon-itoring the formation of malondialdehyde and conjugated dienes and the consumption of urate and carotenoids. We show that urate is antioxidant at high concentration but pro-oxidant at low concentration.

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