Cues and control

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  • We conducted an empirical analysis into the relation between control and discourse structure. We applied control criteria to four dialognes and identified 3 levels of discourse structure. W e investigated the mechanism for changing control between these structures and found that utterance type and not cue words predicted shifts of control. Participants used certain types of signals when discourse goals were proceeding successfully but resorted to interruptions when they were not.

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  • This paper describes a lane detection and tracking method based on annealed particle filter algorithm, which combines multiple cues with annealed particle filter. As a first step, preprocessing, with bar filter and color cues being used. In the annealed particle filter step, angle information of edge map is utilized to measure weights of particles.

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  • 3 Select the words Avalon Green, and in the Character section of the Properties inspector, change the color from black to blue. The selected words become blue and remain underlined, which is the standard visual cue for a hyperlinked item in a browser. However, you are free to display your hyperlink in any fashion, just as long as your user can recognize it as a clickable item. 4 Choose Control Test Movie in Flash Professional. Click the hyperlink. A browser opens and attempts to load the fictional Web site at www.

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  • Excessive inflammatory responses can be horribly destructive. Unsurprisingly, therefore, immune responses are dampened down and fine-tuned in a multitude of ways to minimize their damaging effects. Four articles in this issue provide examples of such immune regulation on four different levels. Wolfgang Junger (page 201) explains that cells take it upon themselves to control their behaviour to extracellular cues through autocrine feedback loops involving purinergic receptors.

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