Cultural and social resources

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  • This study aims to examine how a customer’s perception of a firm’s operant resources (representational, cultural and social resources) affects the service value in a highly interaction service context. An empirical analysis was conducted on 263 patients in health care service in Vietnam.

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  • The main goals of this chapter are to: Describe the role of location, topography, climate, and natural resources as factor conditions in Porter’s diamond model; explain how surface features contribute to economic, cultural, political, and social differences among nations and among regions of a single country; comprehend the importance of inland waterways and outlets to the sea;...

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  • Thus, traditional blue-print planning will be increasingly redundant and effective paths to the future will require intensive and inclusive debate and discussions surrounding best options which, along with strong leadership, will help fashion creative, flexible and adaptive cultures. Given geographical diversity in resources it is quite possible that emergent optimal strategies will vary from place to place.

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  • The Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences are jointly sponsoring a workshop on ‘Globalization and Education’ which will take place November 16-17, 2005. The focus of the workshop will be to find an educational project for an increasingly globalized world, based on our current bioanthropologic knowledge of the human being within the context of the diversity and interdependence of cultures, the interculturality and universality of ethical values, the role of communication technologies and the new migration patterns....

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  • The umbrella term Social Sciences and Humanities refers to a plurality of fields outside the Natural or Physical Sciences. Disciplines as different as anthropology, archeology, architecture, art, cultural studies, economics, education, geography and environmental studies, history, law, languages and linguistics, political science, philosophy, psychology, sociology or translation studies, all share the concern for human relations and socio-cultural practices.

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  • The belief that children will take care of the parents in the old age is eroding in India where the family size has been cut down as a result of the demographic process (Dandelkar, 1996). The situation in the urban areas shows a rejection of older people by the next generation and this is spreading to rural areas (Desai, 1985). In the nuclear family regime, the position of the aged becomes more vulnerable and is treated as a burden to the family (Nayar, 1992). The social negligence of the aged occurs due to cultural, social and economic relations within the...

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  • Le Trong Trai et al. (2001) argued that with an abundance of heavily degraded land available for rehabilitation, forest management and other land uses, there is considerable potential for cash earning activities in the buffer zone (for example through economic crop plantations). This activity would also reduce the overall pressure on the forest resources in the nature reserve. They also suggested that current arrangements for forest development and management in the bare lands are costly, create social tensions and seem to be unsustainable in the long run.

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  • They clam approximately 500 species, widely distributed in coastal intertidal zone of tropical temperate countries. Our country has about 40 species of 7 breed groups, distributed along the coast from north to south. Northern coastal areas have clam oil (Meretrix lime), clam password (Meretrix llusoria Rumplius). Southern coastal areas have clam (Meretrix lyrata Sowerby). Clams are mollusks team has great potential in the tide country. Culture technique is not complicated, short cycle, investment less valuable export.

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  • Transnational flows of people, financial resources, goods, information and culture have recently been increasing in a drastic way and have profoundly transformed the world (Ritzer and Malone, 2001). This phenomenon has been labeled globalization. As a result, a great deal of debate and discussion, even controversy (Bird and Stevens, 2003) has taken place about globalization in various disciplines from different angles. In fact, there seems to be a controversy in regards to globalization and the contradictory meanings associated with it.

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  • Children and adolescents with good mental health are able to achieve and maintain optimal psychological and social functioning and well-being. They have a sense of identity and self-worth, sound family and peer relationships, an ability to be productive and to learn, and a capacity to tackle developmental challenges and use cultural resources to maximize growth. Moreover, the good mental health of children and adolescents is crucial for their active social and economic participation.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "understanding management" has contents: innovation for turbulent times, the environment and corporate culture; the global environment; ethics and social responsibility; planning and goal setting, decision making, designing adaptive organizations, change and innovation, human resources and diversity.

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  • Sexual and reproductive rights apply to all individuals regardless of HIV status. Yet more often than not, the rights of HIV-positive women and adolescent girls are not recognized or given priority. Gender inequality and some social and cultural practices often tightly restrict and sometimes control the decisions that women and girls can make regarding their sexual and reproductive choices.

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  • This paper analyses the root causes of rural outmigration, focusing on its economic and social implications. It takes as its starting point the fact that mobility is inherent in human existence. Livelihoods and sociocultural changes are intimately connected with population movements. To understand present and fast-developing trends in human mobility, we examine the origins of migratory movements and discern how such transformations actually affect the natural resource base, as well as how they shape livelihoods and socio-economic/cultural coexistence.

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  • Official policies for SME development can be evaluated against their impact upon enterprise culture, start-up, survival and growth of SMEs, and stakeholder empathy. Each of these criteria feeds off the others. Enterprise culture will be strong where there are high rates of SME growth. Where SMEs are dominant features in the local and regional economic and social environment, stakeholders themselves will be influenced and will adjust their behaviour accordingly. This template of culture and business and stakeholder development may be used in very different country contexts.

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  • For five years I have been lecturing in a school of physical education (it could equally be described as a department of human movement, exercise science or kinesiology) where I teach a compulsory pedagogy course to approximately 220 undergraduates. The course has not been particularly popular with students, the most common objection being – ‘I’m not going to be a teacher, so why do I have to do pedagogy?’ Over the years I have tried different strategies in an effort to make the course more obviously relevant to students without compromising its educational content....

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  • Virtually all comprehensive sexuality education programs promote abstinence from sexual activity as part of the curriculum, and try to teach young people how to resist pressure for unwanted sex. One type of program known as the “abstinence-only-until-marriage” approach teaches young people the social, psychological, and health gains to be realized by abstaining from sexual activity. Such abstinence-only programs do not offer students other strategies, for example, quality information for youth who already are or may become sexually active.

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  • This study tries to investigate the influence of organizational culture, leadership style, human resource practices, technology support and job demands on the knowledge sharing behavior of academic and administrative staff in Vietnamese universities.

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  • The 4th Industrial Revolution has had a great impact on the sectors of economic, social and cultural life, including tourism. The 4th Industrial Revolution will contribute to the diversification of tourism products and increase the attractiveness of tourism. At the same time, it also gives out the requirements to localities in the tourism development strategy to become a key economic sector. In that context, Thai Nguyen province has also taken the initiative in making changes in the field of tourism and training of human resources to meet the demand of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Identify the new and traditional tools that make up the promotion mix; contrast the advantages and disadvantages of various advertising media, including the Internet and social media; illustrate the steps of the B2B and B2C selling processes.

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  • Science arises from the very human desire to understand and control the world. Over the course of history, we humans have gradually built up a grand edifice of knowledge that enables us to predict, to varying extents, the weather, the motions of the planets, solar and lunar eclipses, the courses of diseases, the rise and fall of economic growth, the stages of language development in children, and a vast panorama of other natural, social, and cultural phenomena. More recently we have even come to understand some fundamental limits to our abilities to predict.

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