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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Clear & simple with medical English has contents: The musculoskeletal system, introduction to american and canadian health care and cultural concepts of health and wellness, the cardiovascular system. Invite you to refer.

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  • The concept of polyphony was incorporated by many anthropologists thanks to Mikhail Bakhtin’s work. Analyzing Dostoevsky’s literature, Bakhtin conclusion was the following: he was the first to multiply any character; so the relationship between hero and author was decentralized. Before him, the writing was a monological projection of the author’s psychology and style on the hero and, consequently, the making peripheral all the other characters.

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  • Landscapes of a New Cultural Economy of Space is the fifth volume of the series. Focusing on the transformations and changes in human life that influence landscape development, the book presents ‘landscape’ as the interface of human-environment interrelationships where the different processes of change are perceived and expressed. Theano Terkenli and Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre use this approach as a way to introduce a collection of contemporary discussions in landscape research and geography which look specifically at the cultural transformation and representation of landscapes.

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  • The word ‘enterprise’ is somewhat overused, if not abused, these days by politicians, so much so that it has undergone something of a grammatical shift. From its original introduction from French as a noun to describe commercial undertakings between people, it broadened to become almost a synonym for a business or firm. Its figurative use to describe the energy, ingenuity and application of people who successfully work in businesses or firms, or even generally show skill at overcoming problems, has now transformed a fairly useful noun into an adjective.

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  • Lên đồng or hầu bóng is a multimedia performance genre, combining ritual and theatre, music and song, costume and custom, dance and trance. It can best be understood as a special form of “cultural performance,” as described by anthropologist Milton Singer. For Singer, conducting his research in Madras, members of Indian culture “thought of their culture as encapsulated in these discrete performances, which they could exhibit to visitors and to themselves” (Singer 1972:71).

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  • People rarely articulate explicitly what a native speaker of a language is already assumed to know. So to acquire the stereotypical knowledge that underpins much of what is said in a given culture, one must look to what is implied by language rather than what is overtly stated. Similes are a convenient vehicle for this kind of knowledge, insofar as they mark out the most salient aspects of the most frequently evoked concepts.

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  • Due to the historical and cultural reasons, English phases, especially the proper nouns and new words, frequently appear in Web pages written primarily in Asian languages such as Chinese and Korean. Although these English terms and their equivalences in the Asian languages refer to the same concept, they are erroneously treated as independent index units in traditional Information Retrieval (IR). This paper describes the degree to which the problem arises in IR and suggests a novel technique to solve it....

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Culture and leadership description, culture defined, related concepts, dimensions of culture, clusters of world cultures, characteristics of clusters, leadership behavior & culture clusters, universally desirable & undesirable leadership attributes, culture and leadership.

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  • There has undoubtedly been rapid economic growth in China over the last few decades and the importance of the Chinese market for the aviation industry has greatly increased as China opens up its skies to the West. One of the key challenges for any foreign executive conducting business in China is to understand how cultural differences can impact on business deals. Therefore this study addressed the interesting question of how Chinese culture and in particular the traditional concept of guanxi can impact Irish executives in the aviation industry when conducting business in China.

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  • This paper aims to build a theory framework of behavior culture in consuming of Vietnamese under the theoretical frameworks of consumer behavior of previous scholars.

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  • The two concepts of Culture and Religion, in everyday life, seem separating in the view of all people and perhaps not even a few persons have to pay attention. Then what are the problems between the national culture and the large exogenous religions In the case of Vietnam that should be noted? Whatever presented in this essay may pose a view that is still humble about the main topic as stated, a personal solution, with several points that we need to discuss.

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  • In Christ and Culture, H. Richard Niebuhr introduces five forms. Thanks to these forms the faith of Christians can relate culture. The author considers these forms as the relational forms between Christ and Culture. In order to understand these forms we need to study two concepts: Christ and Culture. This article does not go into details of five forms; it only puts forth these forms to help readers to understand theological view of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) and The Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN) on national culture in missionary history.

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  • This volume designates a shift within posthumanistic media studies, that dissolves the concept of media into a network of operations, that reproduce, pro cess and refl ect the distinctions that are fundamental for a given culture, e.g. the anthropological diff erence, the distinctions between natural object and cultural sign, noise and information, eye and gaze.

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  • Ebook Leadership the key concepts present the content fifty key figures in management; business the key concepts, the routledge dictionary of business management...

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  • The paper is structured into five parts as follows: the relationship among language, culture and thinking; the cultural factor in the contents of tests and examinations; the cultural factor in organizing and marking tests and exams; the cultural factor in students’ concept of testing and doing exams; what considering cultural issues in English tets and exams means.

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  • This paper present introductory remarks on language and identity, language and the concept of ‘nation’, language, nation, and the community of speakers, ‘threats’ to linguistic identity, language policy and the rise of English.

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  • In the late 1970s a new academic discipline was born: Translation Studies. We could not read literature in translation, it was argued, without asking ourselves if linguistics and cultural phenomena really were ‘translatable’ and exploring in some depth the concept of ‘equivalence’. When Susan Bassnett’s Translation Studies appeared in the New Accents series, it quickly became the one introduction every student and interested reader had to own.

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  • This book is an introduction to Word Grammar, a theory of language structure founded and developed by Dick Hudson. In this theory, language is a cognitive network - a network of concepts, words and meanings containing all the elements of a linguistic analysis. The theory of language is therefore embedded in a theory of knowledge, in which there are no boundaries between one form of.

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  • Meeting the challenge of attaining overall development has for a long time been the preoccupation of all nations of the world. Because of the multi-faceted and allencompassing nature of ‘development’, even the most advanced nations of the world today are battling with many ‘developmental’ challenges. Suffice it to agree with the notion that development is a process and not a destination.

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  • These carriers have different shapes and sizes, and their biogenesis, modality of transport, and delivery to the final destination are regulated by a multitude of very complex molecular machineries, which include cytoskeletal elements, signaling complexes, and lipid modifying enzymes to name a few. A concept that has clearly emerged in the last decade is that each membrane pathway does not represent a close system, but is fully integrated with all the other trafficking pathways.

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