Culture of trust

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  • The adaptive capacity of Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the development of Industry 4.0 is still low. The paper focuses on the orientation of building a culture of high trust in people to contribute to solving labor problems of SMEs in Vietnam when facing the challenges of phase 4.0.

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  • In late December 1995, I got a call to come in and talk to one of my bosses at the Eglin Air Force Base. At the time, I was program manager for the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) missile. As soon as I got there, I was informed that I was being switched off JDAM to run the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) program, and I wasn’t happy about it at all...“I knew that at JASSM, I would have to start over and would probably have to cope with a more difficult environment. The original program manager of JASSM... was given two major mandates. The first was not...

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  • Ongoing board orientation is needed in order to maintain the culture of trust. When the board is kept informed of an issue all along, it will more likely trust and respect the executive director’s recommendations or actions because it understands the background and rationale. Ongoing orientation, instead of an annual one-time event, is needed in order to maintain the culture of trust and respect. One board chair described annual orientation this way. “It’s like going away to church camp and getting saved. And then you come back to your old evil ways. Everybody’s great and it..

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  • As the name suggests, we are not just a Bodyshop or Mechanical Services company, we are your Complete Automotive Solution. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service, ensuring that you are supported and assisted through difficult insurance claims, have assured quality workmanship and are completely satisfied with all aspects of our service, at all times. Vehicle Repair Solutions is a trusted name in vehicle accident repairs, mechanical repairs and de-fleeting services.

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  • In calling this little book 'The Curse of Education,' I trust that I shall not be misunderstood to disparage culture. The term 'education' is used, for want of a better word, to express the conventional mode of teaching and bringing up children, and of educating youth in this and other civilized countries. It is with education systems, with the universal method of cramming the mind with facts, and particularly with the manufacture of uniformity and mediocrity by subjecting every individual to a common process, regardless of his natural bent, that I have chiefly to find fault. ...

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  • A few years since, the Editor of the following pages published a volume of "Religious Creeds and Statistics;" and, as the work, although quite limited, met with general approbation, he has been induced to publish another of the same nature, but on a much larger plan, trusting that it will prove more useful, and more worthy of public favor.

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  • Interview participants concurred that trust, respect, and appreciation must be developed over time and that having the same people involved over a longer period of time helps create and maintain a culture of trust. The length of board terms was one example given. The longer the term (or the number of terms allowed), the more the board member’s knowledge grows thereby increasing trust and the continuity for maintaining that culture of trust.

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  • In this study, the potential cultural impact on underpricing in the initial public offerings at 47 countries was measured by the cultural dimensions of Hofstede. Results show that, power distance and underpricing has positive relationship at the level of 39%, with 0.01 significance. In countries where democracy hasn’t felt enough and inequality has increased, underpricing has been boomed due to the faulty trust among capital market players. In addition, 32.6% negative relationship was determined between individualism and underpricing, with 0.05 significance.

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  • The purpose of this research was to determine how cultural aspects or beliefs of agricultural producers such as collectivism, trust, formality in land titling and productive planning influence the associative work of agricultural productive chains. Considering that for many years productive chains have been promoted as a development alternative for small agricultural producers in the Mantaro Valley, they have received training services, technical assistance, market articulation, etc.

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  • Arts-related real estate markets have paradoxical entry barriers and advantages. There are barriers inherent in the uncertainty of demand, zoning issues and the costs of retrofitting old systems. At the same time, entry barriers are lowered because the space demand is flexible and often requires minimal high-end fixtures and adaptations. Art-making, performance, craft production and exhibition spaces attract users who want to adapt and re-create space in flexible ways.

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  • These guidelines are important particularly for the design of organisations that will interface with the SME sector. Additionally, important general factors in supporting the development of an entrepreneurial society are positive entrepreneurial personal role models for individuals to follow, entrepreneurial attitudes among all relevant stakeholders, local empowerment, a greater belief in ‘trust’ than in regulations and the encouragement of initiative at all levels. The education system is commonly regarded as the starting point for the creation of enterprise culture.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of document Applications and skill building of human relations in organizations (Tenth edition) has contents: Leading and trust, motivating performance; team dynamics, creativity and problem solving, and decision making; organizational change and culture; valuing diversity globally,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • The behaviour, values and beliefs of parents, families/whānau and other members of their community have a powerful influence on young people’s developing attitudes to drugs. Young people are also influenced by the messages they receive from the media and marketing campaigns. Pop culture, music and music videos, online media and electronic messaging services, television and advertisements can all portray powerful, positive, glamorous images of drug use.

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  • Don’t be surprised if your efforts to make contact and establish relationships are met with initial skepticism, distrust or even hostility. Many cultural communities have long histories of discrimination and exploitation by well-meaning outsiders. Many community members have personally experienced discriminatory treatment. Too often, research or even service organizations plan things to do to a community, rather than to do with them. The time you spend developing relationships and gathering information will be invaluable when it comes to your final step.

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  • Knowledge sharing (KS) is a culture that has been fostered and supported in higher learning institutions (HLIs) in Malaysian. This research applies Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and Social Capital Theory (SCT) to determine the factors associated with Malaysian academic's KS intention in HLIs. The results indicate that social networking is an important factor of academics’ attitude to KS, while commitment and trust do not influence their attitude to KS. Using social media is found to be a significant factor of perceived behavioral control towards KS.

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