Curcuma caesia

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  • More than 90% of the formulations under the Indian Systems of Medicine that is, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Homoeopathy (AYUSH), predominantly contain plant-based raw materials. The efficacy of these systems thus mainly depends upon the use of genuine raw material of quality and standardized ingredients in the manufacture of medicines of these systems. In all, about 2000 medicinal plants are used in the preparation of AYUSH medicines, and 500 of these are more commonly used. For centuries, the forests have been the source of herbs and medicinal plants.

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  • This translation was undertaken with the especial object of facilitating the study of the native medicinal plants by the numerous medical officers stationed at small posts throughout the Philippines. In order to aid in the recognition of these plants, the botanical descriptions have been revised to the extent of adding, where possible, the size and shape of the plant, English name, length of leaves, color of flowers, etc., in many instances supplying the entire botanical description where it had been omitted on account of general familiarity with the plant.

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  • It is a remarkable and at the same time a terrible and most lamentable fact, that the practice of medicine--an art of daily necessity and application, most nearly affecting the dearest interests and well being of mankind, and to the improvement of which we are encouraged and impelled by the strongest motives of interest and humanity, of love for our neighbor and emulous zeal for professional skill and superiority therein--should, after a probation of so long a period, and recorded experience of at least two thousand years, still remain, as it confessedly does in most respects, so little und...

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