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Current and frequency

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  • In the course of current research the procedure of obtaining of the piecewise linear vibration systems time and frequency responses have been developed. The method is partly analytical and partly numerical and is based on combining of linear solutions of different sections in a cycle of motion. In a row with the method of obtaining of the exact steady state time and frequency response, also it is provided sensitivity analysis of the vibration isolator.

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  • This study has adopted a systematic approach to identify the extent to which 20 kHz ultrasound affects the particle size and solubility of different protein solutions containing 4%, 7% and 10% whey proteins, caseins or a mixture at a range of energy densities (15-400 J/mL) and various pH (4.0-9.0). Milk proteins hold a prominent place in the food industry as they are used in many manufactured products for their functionality and most importantly nutritional benefits.

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  • The study was conducted to evaluate the current situation of yoga training in yoga centers of Tuyen Quang city by using research methods and analyzing the blood biochemical indicators of yoga trainees. The results show that facilities, the qualifications of the teachers and the training frequency of the trainees is assessed at “good” and “very good” levels.

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  • The study was conducted to evaluate surface water quality, location, frequency and monitoring indicators of surface water of Tien River, Tien Giang province in 2019. CA results revealed that from 7 current monitoring locations can be reduced to 4 locations and 4 monitoring periods into 2 - 3 monitoring periods still ensuring the representativeness of water quality on Tien River in Tien Giang province.

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  • The paper deals with the non-destructive evaluation of the airgap existing between parts in loose metallic assemblies, using the eddy current (EC) method. In this study, the relationship between the variations of the impedance of a ferrite-cored coil sensor and an assembly featuring two aluminum plates is analyzed.

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  • In the current work HRV was assessed by traditional linear time and frequency-domain indexes, in parallel with the non linear indexes. Both linear time and frequency domain parameters, and nonlinear parameters discriminate the different levels. Poincaré plot analysis is a promising method in statistical evaluation and arrhythmia cases.

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  • This paper introduces a method for estimating the maximum depth (sub-millimeter) of minor cracks on the surface of aluminum plates used in the aeronautical industry. A set of C-scan eddy current (EC) images, including real and imaginary parts of the impedance, is analyzed to extract suitable features after reducing noise effects, such as background noises and edge noises.

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  • Sequencing errors are key confounding factors for detecting low-frequency genetic variants that are important for cancer molecular diagnosis, treatment, and surveillance using deep next-generation sequencing (NGS). However, there is a lack of comprehensive understanding of errors introduced at various steps of a conventional NGS workflow, such as sample handling, library preparation, PCR enrichment, and sequencing. In this study, we use current NGS technology to systematically investigate these questions.

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  • The frequency of these microorganisms in poultry is fairly high than Salmonella and more challenging to measure, which represent an expensive burden charge on public health due to their difficulties to master them, especially with the fast increase rates of multidrug-resistant of thermophilic Campylobacter strains. It is well recognized that Campylobacter spp. is a fastidious cell, difficult to isolate in laboratories owing to their requirements and sensibility.

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  • This paper presents the power plant systems in Vietnam, when making connections between the plants and the national grid system, the paper introduces the current conventional power source and control method. and since then build intelligent control method and apply it in practice today.

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  • Chiari malformation type I (CMI) is a brain malformation that is characterized by herniation of the cerebellum into the spinal canal. Chiari malformation type I is highly heterogeneous; therefore, an accurate explanation of the pathogenesis of the disease is often not possible. Although some studies showed the role of genetics in CMI, the involvement of genetic variations in CMI pathogenesis has not been thoroughly elucidated. Therefore, in the current study we aim to reveal CMI-associated genomic variations in familial cases.

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  • The aim of this research is to examine the current evolutionary stages of management accounting practices (MAPs) in Vietnamese commercial enterprises with reference to the management accounting evolution model proposed by IFAC (1998). In this paper, the questionnaire survey was employed to collect information. We received 81 questionnaires which meets the reliability and the completion requirements, equivalent to 32.4% response rate.

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  • The current and future applications of genomic data may raise ethical and privacy concerns. Processing and storing of this data introduce a risk of abuse by potential offenders since the human genome contains sensitive personal information. For this reason, we have developed a privacy-preserving method, named Varlock providing secure storage of sequenced genomic data. We used a public set of population allele frequencies to mask the personal alleles detected in genomic reads.

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  • Researchers have studied and evaluated the effects of electrical current frequency (f = 0÷2.000 Hz) on the physicochemical properties (surface tension, dynamic viscosity, specific weight) of wastewater. The effect of electric fields on the physicochemical properties of water, allows it to identify the optimal treatment regimes that promote the intensification of various processes taking place in an aqueous medium or in the presence of water.

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  • This paper collecting feedbacks about the active learning and teaching activitiesin ESP classesfrom second-year pharmacy students; investigating English use frequency, English competence of pharmacists graduating in 2016 as well as their relationship with pharmacist’s current occupation.

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  • We present in this paper a control method of a novel hybrid parallel active power filter (HPAPF) used for harmonic currents elimination and reactive power compensation in the power system for threephase variable frequency drives (VFDs). The HPAPF configuration is built from two basically filter components including harmonics tuned passive filter and active power electronics filter.

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  • In the broader spectrum of back pain, inflammatory back pain (IBP) is a symptom that may indicate axial spondyloarthritis (SpA). The objectives of this study were to determine the frequency of current IBP, as a hallmark sign of possible axial SpA, in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS), psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and other SpA and to compare self-reported health between the groups with current IBP.

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  • We present a performance enhancement evaluation of n þ doped graded InGaN drain/source regionbased HfO2/InAlN/AlN/GaN/AlN on SiC metal-oxide-semiconductor high electron mobility transistor (MOS-HEMTs) with a T-shaped gate. Impact on the device characteristics with the inclusion of a HfO2 surface passivation layer and an AlN buffer layer in the MOS-HEMT structure as a performance booster has been analyzed for the HEMT device with 30 nm gate length using Silvaco ATLAS TCAD.

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  • Currently, with the disappearance of fossil energy sources, finding new alternative energy sources is very necessary such as: solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, flow energy, ... However, these energy sources require high investment capital, large capacity, and bulky size. In circuits requiring small power sources (below 12V), it is not applicable, or only used through intermediate devices such as transformers, current transformers; Therefore, the application of energy from mechanical vibration has been proposed as an optimal measure compared to the above methods..

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  • SNP genotyping microarrays have revolutionized the study of complex disease. The current range of commercially available genotyping products contain extensive catalogues of low frequency and rare variants. Existing SNP calling algorithms have difficulty dealing with these low frequency variants, as the underlying models rely on each genotype having a reasonable number of observations to ensure accurate clustering.

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