Cycling and cycling indices

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  • S ystems ecology, also called ecosystem theory, offers today a complete theory about how ecosystems are working as systems. The theory will inevitably be improved in the coming years, when it hopefully will be used increasingly to explain ecological observations and to facilitate environmental management including the use of ecotechnology. The theory is, however, sufficiently developed today to be presented as a complete theory that offers a wide spectrum of applications.

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  • Functional cooperation between FACT and the MCM helicase complex constitutes an integral step during DNA replication initiation. However, mode of regulation that underlies the proper functional interaction of FACT and MCM is poorly understood. Methods & Results: Here we present evidence indicating that such interaction is coordinated with cell cycle progression and differential complex formation. We first demonstrate the existence of two distinct FACT-MCM subassemblies, FACT-MCM2/4/6/7 and FACT-MCM2/3/4/5. Both complexes possess DNA unwinding...

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  • The close link between the financial cycle and financial crises underlies the fourth empirical feature: it is possible to measure the build-up of risk of financial crises in real time with fairly good accuracy. Specifically, the most promising leading indicators of financial crises are based on simultaneous positive deviations (or “gaps”) of the ratio of (private sector) credit-to- GDP and asset prices, especially property prices, from historical norms (Borio and Drehmann (2009), Alessi and Detken (2009)).

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  • Plain x-ray plays a limited role in the evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma. Abdominal radiographs are usually unnecessary. X-rays of the chest and pelvis are often obtained to evaluate for concurrent thoracic or pelvic injuries. Abnormal chest x-ray findings of pneumothorax and rib fractures are associated with intraabdominal injuries and are indications for abdominal imaging if a mechanism for multisystem trauma is present. Common findings include free abdominal air (pneumoperitoneum), pneumothorax, and hemothorax.

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  • In the forest, there are small creatures that move almost effortlessly beneath the ghostly pall of a moonless night, slipping through dense vegetation, a jumble of hazards and traps, and a menacing cabal of hungry predators poised to pounce on the weak and the unwary. Instinctively, they remain attuned to the threats posed by those who are bigger, stronger, or more ruthless than they are.

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  • Our planet’s atmosphere is thought to have changed gradually and over a very wide range of CO2 concentrations throughout history. From ancient atmospheric gases trapped in ice bubbles, we have strong evidence indicating that atmospheric CO2 values reached minimum concentrations of approximately 180 parts per million during the Last Glacial Maximum, which was only 15,000 years ago. At the other extreme, calculations suggest that some 500 million years ago the atmospheric CO2 concentrations may have been about 4000 to 5000 parts per million....

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  • They clam approximately 500 species, widely distributed in coastal intertidal zone of tropical temperate countries. Our country has about 40 species of 7 breed groups, distributed along the coast from north to south. Northern coastal areas have clam oil (Meretrix lime), clam password (Meretrix llusoria Rumplius). Southern coastal areas have clam (Meretrix lyrata Sowerby). Clams are mollusks team has great potential in the tide country. Culture technique is not complicated, short cycle, investment less valuable export.

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  • Required Shot Size of the Mold Shot size is an important characteristic of the molding machine, which affects the molding cycle. But first, what is the difference between “shot size” and “rated shot size”? “Rated shot size” is the amount (in grams or ounces) of polystyrene (PS) that the injection system (ram screw or two-stage) can inject at every cycle, and is indicated in all machine specifications. “Shot size” depends on the mass (W) of the molded product (in grams).

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  • Real developments, as measured for example by changes in GDP or Industrial Production (IP) Indices over selected horizons, are typically forecast through a combination of macroeconomic variables, financial variables and confidence indicators. These three sets of variables have been so far typically selected at the aggregate level, i.e. no firm-level information has been regularly employed to forecast business cycle developments.

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  • Combining investment in public transportation capital and operations within the US, the analysis indicates that an average of 36,000 jobs are supported for one year, per billion dollars of annual spending on public transportation, given the existing mix of operations (71 percent) and capital (29 percent) expenditures.

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  • Orexin A and B (also known as hypocretins), two recently discovered neuropeptides, play an important role in food intake, sleep/wake cycle and neuroendocrine functions. Orexins are endogenous ligands of two G-protein-coupled receptors, termed OX1 and OX2. This work presents the first short orexin A and B analogues, orexin A 23–33 and orexin B 18–28, with high affinity (119 ± 49 and 49 ± 23 nM) for OX1 receptors expressed on SK-N-MC cells and indicates the importance of the C-terminal part of the orexin peptides for this ligand–receptor interaction.

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  • The LCA covered several different environmental impact categories; global warming, acidification, eutrophication, ozone layer depletion, photooxidant formation and resource use as well as toxicological impact categories. In addition the results were weighted using two different weighting methods; Ecotax 02 and Eco-Indicator 99. The results showed different patterns regarding where in the life cycle the main potential environmental impact can be seen.

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  • The size and value effects have been studied by financial economists for years. As indicated above, researchers who first discovered the effects considered them inefficiencies. One explanation is offered by behavioral finance economists. Investors overemphasize their own skill, especially when it comes to their ability to predict the future earnings growth of individual companies.

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  • Schumpeter's style ran not only to frequent digressions, which I have tried to eliminate, but also to surplus words, to stating what is already implied, to burdening the reader with phrases that distract his attention. In such a sentence as, "It is surely not too much to ask economists to realize that behavior in human societies differs from behavior in animal societies or in physical systems" (p. 1046 of the 1939 edition), I have deleted the italicized words without using dots to so indicate. Occasionally it was convenient to alter the punctuation.

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  • Moreover, strategies that account for predictable active management skills tilt more heavily toward mutual funds that overweight technology and energy stocks during recessions, and financial and metals stocks during expansions, indicating that business cycle variables are key to timing these industries. Remarkably, predictable skill strategies also choose individual mutual funds within the outperforming industries that, in turn, substantially outperform their industry benchmarks, even though these industry benchmarks do not account for any trading costs or fees.

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  • The ability of this first principal component to explain the macroeconomic performance of the economies varies considerably across the sample. To see this diversity, we can look at the factor loadings on the first principal component and the percentage of variation in GDP growth rates that are explained by the first principal component. The factor loadings, normalised to have a mean of 1.0, are given in Figure 3. Industrial economies are shown with darker bars, and emerging market economies with lighter bars.

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  • Lecture notes in Macroeconomic and financial forecasting include all of the following: Elementary statistics, trends and seasons, forecasting, time series analysis, overview of macroeconomic forecasting, business cycle facts, data quality, survey data and indicators, using financial data in macroeconomic forecasting, macroeconomic models,...

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  • The evidence so far indicates a persistent pattern of lunar-cycle effects in U.S. and international stock returns. However, the combination of high standard deviation of daily returns and relatively short time series results in insufficient statistical significance at the individual stock index level. In Panel B of Table 5 we use the cross-section of international stock data to offer more powerful tests of the lunar cycle effect. Specifically, in the first part of Panel B we pool all data for the G-7 countries together and compute the same statistics.

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  • Research Acacia logs processed in sawmills in Vietnam indicated that to improve profitability acacia sawlog production for growers, the following plants are necessary and sign standards should be improved through a combination of selected species genetic improvement, and forestry. Survival rate of survival is important to stand united and timber yield Ability to quickly develop a sawlog production in the shortest possible cycle (login as small as 2 m length and 15 cm diameter is frequently sawn)...

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  • Neither source of performance is particularly correlated with the four Fama-French benchmarks, indicating that the private skills identified by these predictability-based strategies are based on characteristics of funds that are heretofore undocumented by the mutual fund literature. The remainder of this paper proceeds as follows. Section 2 sets forth an econometric framework for studying investments in mutual funds when business cycle variables may predict future returns. Section 3 describes the data used in the empirical analysis, and Section 4 presents the findings.

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