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  • SQL Server 2008 Database Administration– Monitoring and Performance Chapter 9 is about performance and exception monitoring your server • We’ll start with the basics (using Profiler) and end with new features in SQL Server 2008 (Data Collector)

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  • Astronomers are the oldest data collectors. The first catalogue of stars is due to Hipparchus, in the second century B.C. Since that time, and more precisely since the end of the last century, there has been an important increase in astronomical data. EHie to the development of space astronomy during recent decades, we have witnessed a veritable inflation. Confronted with this flood of data, astronomers have to change their methodology. It is necessary not only to manage large databases, but also to take into account recent developments in information retrieval....

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  • Performance Monitoring phần 2 Data Collector Sets là một tập hợp những counter giám sát hoạt động và những trace của hệ thống, chúng đều liên quan đến một mục đích xác định.

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  • In this study, we make use of a complete dataset of property trades by institutional-grade REITs who are legally mandated to report such trades to the SEC in their 10-K and 10-Q reports, thus providing both complete trading information and eliminating selection bias. We augment this information with a dataset of property trades made by portfolio managers of private entities, such as commingled real-estate funds, who have legally committed to disclose this information to a private data collector under a strict non-disclosure agreement.

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  • 400 13 Debugging and Problem Solving the Hyper-V Host and Guest Operating System The Reliability and Performance Monitor MMC snap-in is composed of the following elements: . Resource Monitor . Performance Monitor . Reliability Monitor . Data Collector Sets . Report Generation The upcoming sections further explore these major elements found in the Reliability and Performance Monitoring tool. Resource Monitor The first area of interest in the Reliability and Performance Monitor snap-in is the Resource Overview screen, also known as the Resource Monitor.

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  • Body sun = new Body( ); An object is created by the new method The runtime system will allocate enough memory to store the new object If no enough space, the automatic garbage collector will reclaim space from other no longer used objects. If there is still no enough space, then an OutOfMemoryError exception will be thrown No need to delete explicitly

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  • The distribution of PLWHA who were targeted for the NHA HIV/AIDS subanalysis survey was based on the population size of the district in which they lived, proportionate to the overall population of the province in which the district was located. The number of respondents was targeted at 2100 PLWHA. The planned method of selecting PLWHA to interview was through facilities chosen for the facility survey (see below).

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  • While the structure of the dairy processing industry has improved dramatically, milk collection and distribution is fragmented compared to systems found in other countries. There is a need to improve the supply chain from farmer to consumer in Pakistan. There is very limited data available on the routes to market or the distribution channels employed in Pakistan. Most of the milk produced in the farms is consumed at the household level.

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  • When President Johnson authorized the Commissioner of Agriculture, in 1866, to send a clerk in his bureau on a trip through the Southern States to procure "statistical and other information from those States," he could scarcely have foreseen that this trip would lead to a movement among the farmers, which, in varying forms, would affect the political and economic life of the nation for half a century. The clerk selected for this mission, one Oliver Hudson Kelley, was something more than a mere collector of data and compiler of statistics: he was a keen observer and a thinker.

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