Data communications networks

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  • Wireless networks - Lecture 2: Introduction to Wireless communication. The main topics covered in this chapter include: wireless transmission; digital data analog signals; noises; atmospheric noise like thunderstorms; attenuation and other impairments;...

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  • This paper investigates the dynamics of constructing a social network for livelihoods in a rural community in the Lower ISAN region of Thailand. The qualitative approach was adopted in the study. Group interviews were used to collect data from 15 key informants who were community leaders and community seniors, and this data was used together with non-participatory observation.

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  • Lecture Computer networks: Lesson 45 - Hammad Khalid Khan. The main topics covered in this chapter include: packets, frames and error detection; LAN technologies and network topologies, hardware addressing and frame type identification; internetworking concepts, architecture and protocols; IP addressing, binding protocol addresses (ARP);...

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  • Lecture 6: Communication networks provide students with knowledge about definition and benefits of network, network design issues, Network design issues example, data transfer between a browser and a webserver..

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  • The study site for this research was Shenandoah National Park (n = 1442). Using k-means clustering analysis, data were clustered into visitor groups and statistically compared to gain insight into patterns of responses. Visitors mostly reported neutral preferences for Wi-Fi access and cellular network service except for cell service park-wide in all national parks was reported as important

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  • In this paper, we address this issue by introducing a °exible architecture to support researchers and practitioners in the task of designing real-world Recommender Systems that exploit social network data.

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  • The performance measures were described in terms of mean squared errors, classification accuracies, sensitivities, specificities, the area under the curve, and receiver operating characteristic curve. It was found that IMGWO outperformed three popular metaheuristic approaches including GWO, genetic algorithm, and particle swarm optimization. Results confirmed the potency of IMGWO as a viable learning technique for an ANN

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  • This study used 1,538 data samples from Goldman Osteometric Dataset which consisted of femur, humerus and tibia parts. Based on the feature selection results, the Optimized BPNN outperformed other methods for all datasets.

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  • The findings, it was concluded that the biggest challenge of setting up WCN was the ability of mobile devices to provide bridging functionality.This paper also discussed the expected architecture of WCN and suggests simulation tools with relevant metrics to be considered in this research area.

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  • The data via surveys will be collected from Facebook users in Danang, Vietnam region. A total of 500 samples expect to receive for data analysis. The results of the data analysis may support several findings: (1) Selfdisclosure, stress, social support, loneliness, and fear of missing out provided by Facebook significantly influence users’ wellbeing on SNSs. (2) Self-disclosure significantly influences users’ social support. (3) Social support, loneliness, and fear of missing out are the significant variables affect users’ stress.

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  • With the advancement of technology, the Internet of Things has become a major part in our daily life. It brought up unbelievable influences, potential and growth to human’s society. IoT allows wearable devices, home appliances and software to share and communicate throughout a network using the Internet. Due to the fact that all of a user's private data will be uploaded on the Internet, we must keep an eye on security problems caused by IoT.

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  • The maturation and successful acquisition of developmental competence by an oocyte, the female gamete, during folliculogenesis is highly dependent on molecular interactions with somatic cells. Most of the cellular interactions identified, thus far, are modulated by growth factors, ions or metabolites. We hypothesized that this interaction is also modulated at the transcriptional level, which leads to the formation of gene regulatory networks between the oocyte and cumulus cells.

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  • Lecture Data Communication: Lesson 2 present the content: key data communication terminology, networks and why we need them, distributed processing, network criteria, network applications, financial services,...

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  • Lecture Data Communication: Lesson 6 present the content: transmission modes, types of transmission modes, categories of networks, internetworks, ring topology, hybrid topology, transmission mode, local area networks,...

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  • Lecture Data Communication: Lesson 7 present the content: categories of networks (MANs), internetworks, the OSI model, metropolitan area networks, OSI layers, organization of layers, network support layers,...

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  • Lecture Data Communication: Lesson 8 present the content: The OSI model, function of layers, physical layer, physical layer functions, data link layer, data link layer functions, network layer, network layer functions,...

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  • Lecture Data Communication and Networking - Week 3: Networking Media present the content: guided - wire, unguided - wireless, characteristics and quality determined by medium and signal; for guided, the medium is more important; for unguided, the bandwidth produced by the antenna is more important; key concerns are data rate and distance,...

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  • The explosive growth of microbiome data provides ample opportunities to gain a better understanding of the microbes and their interactions in microbial communities. Given these massive data, optimized data mining methods become important and necessary to perform deep and comprehensive analysis.

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  • "Lesson Instructor materials - Module 6: Data link layer" present expect in this module; check your understanding; best practices; explain how media access control in the data link layer supports communication across networks...

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  • In recent years, optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OOFDM) has emerged as a dominant research and development area in the field of high-speed optical communications. OFDM is a potential candidate as the most promising next-generation optical networks such as passive optical networks and optical transport networks, due to their simple configuration based on low cost, high speed data rates, high spectral efficiency, high quality of service and robustness against narrow band interference, frequency selective fading, and chromatic dispersion.

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