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  • (bq) part 1 book "statistics - the art and science of learning from data" has contents: statistics - the art and science of learning from data; exploring data with graphs and numerical summaries; gathering data; probability in our daily lives; probability distributions, probability distributions,...and other contents.

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  • Lecture Research methods - Chapter 7 presents the following content: Introduction; concepts, constructs and measurement; levels of measurement; criteria for assessing measurement scales; preparing, inputting and checking data; exploring data; presenting data.

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  • How do the 3.1 billion A, C, G and T letters of the human genome compare to those of a chimp or a mouse? What do the paths that millions of visitors take through a web site look like? With Visualizing Data, you learn how to answer complex questions like these with thoroughly interactive displays. We're not talking about cookie-cutter charts and graphs. This book teaches you how to design entire interfaces around large, complex data sets with the help of a powerful new design and prototyping tool called "Processing"....

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  • Key motivations of data exploration include Helping to select the right tool for preprocessing or analysis Making use of humans’ abilities to recognize patterns People can recognize patterns not captured by data analysis tools Related to the area of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Created by statistician John Tukey Seminal book is Exploratory Data Analysis by Tukey A nice online introduction can be found in Chapter 1 of the NIST Engineering Statistics Handbook

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  • (bq) part 1 book "management science" has contents: introduction, modeling in a problem solving framework, spreadsheet engineering, analysis using spreadsheets, data exploration and preparation, classification and prediction methods, short term forecasting, short term forecasting.

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  • Lecture Research methods - Chapter 8 "Data preparation, entry and exploration" presents the following content: Preparing data, inputting and checking data, exploring data, presenting data, introduction to Microsoft Excel.

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  • (bq) part 1 book “management science – the art of modeling with spreadsheets” has contents: introduction, modeling in a problem-solving framework, spreadsheet engineering, analysis using spreadsheets, data exploration and preparation, classification and prediction methods,… and other contents.

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  • Due to the premature stage of big data research, the supply has not been able to keep up with the demand from organizations that want to leverage on big data analytics. Big data explorers and big data adopters struggle with access to qualitative as well as quantitative research on big data. The lack of access to big data know-how information, best practice advice and guidelines drove this study. The objective is to contribute to efforts being made to support a wider adoption of big data analytics.

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  • When you’re setting color properties in a data access page, you normally enter a hexa- decimal value that represents the red-green-blue (RGB) color value that your browser can understand. However, data access pages must run in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer also understands a wide variety of color names that you can enter instead. The following table lists those color names and their corresponding hexadecimal color code values.

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  • Updated and expanded to reflect the many technological advances occurring since the previous edition, this latest edition of the data warehousing "bible" provides a comprehensive introduction to building data marts, operational data stores, the Corporate Information Factory, exploration warehouses, and Web-enabled warehouses.

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  • Spreadsheets provide one of the most easily learned routes to scientific computing. This book uses Excel®, the most powerful spreadsheet available, to explore and solve problems in general and chemical data analysis. It follows the usual sequence of college textbooks in analytical chemistry: statistics, chemical equilibria, pH calculations, titrations, and instrumental methods such as chromatography, spectrometry, and

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  • Interested in iPhone and iPad apps development? Want to learn more? Whether you’re a self-taught iPhone and iPad apps development genius or have just made your way through the pages of Beginning iOS 6 Development, we have the perfect book for you. More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK digs deeper into Apple’s latest iOS 6 SDK.

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  • Paulino Calderón Pale (@calderpwn) is a very passionate software developer and penetration tester from a Caribbean island in México called Cozumel. He learned to write code and administer IT infrastructures early in his life—skills that came handy when he joined the information security industry. Today, he loves learning new technologies, penetration testing, conducting data-gathering experiments, developing software, and contributing to the open source community.

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  • Ruby Why Ruby Installing Ruby Running Ruby Requiring External Libraries Basic Ruby Everything Is an Object Shoes What Is Shoes? A Rainbow of Shoes Installing Shoes Programming Shoes Introducing R Using R The R Console Sourcing Files and the Command Line Packages Programming R Variables and Functions Conditionals and Loops Data Structures Importing Data Charting Basic Graphs

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  • In 2003, the National Research Council (NRC) published the first decadal strategy for solar and space physics: The Sun to the Earth—and Beyond: A Decadal Research Strategy in Solar and Space Physics.1 That report included a recommended suite of NASA missions that were ordered by priority, presented in an appropriate sequence, and selected to fit within the expected resource profile for the next decade.

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  • I would never have written this book without the inspiration I drew from my former colleagues at UC Berkeley. I want to particularly thank Chris Ashley, Isaac Mankita, and Susan Stone, who helped me persevere by listening patiently to my exuberant book talk over lunch or tea. Thom King and Tom Schirmer generously shared their knowledge of data architecture and software development. Shifra Gaman and Rich Meyer provided tons of technical and moral support.

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  • Exploring privacy risks in information networks is analysing the dangers and hazards that are related to personal information about users of a network. It is about investigating the dynamics and complexities of a setting where humans are served by technology in order to exploit the network for their own good. In the information network, malicious activities are motivated by commercial factors in that the attacks to privacy are happening, not in the name of national security, but in the name of the free market together with technological advancements.

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  • This paper develops theory missing in the sizeable literature that uses data envelopment analysis to construct return : risk ratios for investment funds. It explores the production possibility set of the investment funds to identify an appropriate form of returns to scale. It discusses what risk and return measures can justifiably be combined and how to deal with negative risks, and identifies suitable sets of measures. It identifies the problems of failing to deal with diversification and develops an iterative approximation procedure to deal with it.

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  • Building an accurate Named Entity Recognition (NER) system for languages with complex morphology is a challenging task. In this paper, we present research that explores the feature space using both gold and bootstrapped noisy features to build an improved highly accurate Arabic NER system.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "essential statistics - exploring the world through data" has contents: introduction to data, picturing variation with graphs, numerical summaries of center and variation, regression analysis - exploring associations between variables, modeling variation with probability, modeling random events - the normal and binomial models.

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