Data scrubbing

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  • Information is a crucial component of today's society. With a smaller world, faster communications, and greater interest, information relevant to a person's life, work, and recreation has exploded. However, many believe this is not all good. Richard S. Wurman (in a book entitled Information Anxiety) notes that the information explosion has backfired, leaving us stranded between mere facts and real understanding.

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  • If you can brew a pot of coffee while your programs load, it’s time to clean the Windows! Here's how to clear out stuff you don't need, create an orderly desktop, scrub away Internet gunk, and keep your system clutter-free by setting up a regular cleaning schedule. Through sparkling clean Windows, you’ll see faster, safer computing that’s a lot more fun.

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  • Every company is always at risk of having trade secrets compromised, intellectual property stolen, and business plans revealed in an untimely manner. Industrial espionage and spying remain at a high level and are practiced on an international scale. An organization’s privacy planning process needs to take these threats into consideration. However, theft of proprietary information is only part of an organization’s vulnerability in privacy wars. How it uses the information it collects about its customers, or even its suppliers, can also increase its vulnerability.

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  • Permanent pacemaker implantation can be done in the cardiac catheterization laboratory or in the operating room. Both locations have unique advantages and disadvantages. The operating room often has better lighting and thus allows better visualization of the device pocket, but fluoroscopy can be less optimal in the operating room, which generally utilizes a C-arm radiology device. Sterility was once thought to be more advantageous than the operating room setting. Data support that infection rates tend to be extremely low in both settings.

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  • The current state of social media data collection is pretty much 'grab and go.' Most social listening platforms scrape every piece of social data they can find. Certainly this can be useful for monitoring real-time updates on breaking news and crises. But should all of the social universe be eligible for brand measurement? Privacy settings make it difficult to know how much of the total has been captured – or not.

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