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  • Based on experience with INTELLECT in the areas of quality assurance and customer support, a number of issues in evaluating a natural language database query system, particularly the INTELLECT system, will be discussed. A, I. Corporation offers licenses for customers t o use the INTELLECT software on their computers, to access their databases. We now have a number of customer installations, plus reports from companies that are marketing INTELLECT under agreements with us, so that we can begin to discuss user reactions as possible criteria for evaluating our system. ...

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  • The paper examines some of the characteristic features of natural language interaction with a database system and its implications for the processing of singular definite descriptions. Some proposals are made for assessing the uniqueness claim of the singular definite article in the context of retrieval from a relational database. Other standard assumptions such as the extensional evaluation and referent evaluation exclusively in the database - rather than within the discourse model - are critically examined.

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  • External Database Query - CÁC THÍ DỤ THỰC HÀNH 1. ONLY RECORD FROM DSHH AND DATA WHERE DSHH.MSHH=DATA.MS: 2. Chỉ lấy dữ liệu nào mà có sự tương ứng giữa 2 trường liên kết. 3. Giả sử DSHH có 13 mặt hàng, DATA có 200 dòng dữ liệu trong đó chỉ có 80 dòng nhập xuất của 12 trong 13 mặt hàng trên, Query sẽ hiện lên đủ 80 dòng của DATA. 120 dòng còn lại: 4. - hoặc không liên quan đến nhập xuất ( mà liên quan đến thu chi chẳng hạn) 5.

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  • Querying Data Now that you can control access to your application, you can turn your attention to querying and maintaining data. You will useWeb Server Data controls to connect to the database, query data, and maintain the data

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'probabilistic ranking of database query results', công nghệ thông tin, cơ sở dữ liệu phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Although a great deal of research effort has been expended in support of natural language (NL) database querying, little effort has gone to NL database update. One reason for this state of affairs is that in NL querying, one can tie nouns and stative verbs in the query to database objects (relation names, attributes and domain values). In many cases this correspondence seems sufficient to interpret NL queries. NL update seems to require database counterparts for active verbs, such as "hire," "schedule" and "enroll," rather than for stative entities. ...

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  • Natural Language and Databases has been a common panel topic for some years, partly because it has been an active area of work, but more importantly, because it has been widely assumed that database access is a good test environment for language research. I thought the time had come to look again at this assumption, and that it would be useful, for COLING 84, to do this. I therefore invited the members of the Panel to speak to the proposition (developed below) that database query is no longer a good, let alone the best, test environment for language processing...

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  • But I can take this stand strongly only by being very liberal in defining both "natural language interface" and "database systems". Instead of assuming that the problem is one of using typed English to access and/or update a file or files in a single database system, let us define a spectrum of potential natural language interfaces (limiting that phrase, for the moment, to mean typed English sentences) to various kinds of information systems. At one end of this spectrum is simple, single database query, in which the translation from NL to the db system is quite direct. ...

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  • This paper analyzes the requirements for adding a temporal reasoning component to a natural language database query system, and proposes a computational model that satisfies those requirements. A prelimInary implementation in Prolog is used to generate examples of the model's capabi Iltles. I. Introduction A major area of weakness in natural language (NL) interfaces is the lack of ability to understar~ and answer queries involving time.

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  • Learn to access Oracle databases through SQL statements and construct PL/SQL programs with guidance from Oracle expert, Jason Price. Published by Oracle Press, Oracle Database 11g SQL explains how to retrieve and modify database information, use SQL Plus and SQL Developer, work with database objects, write PL/SQL programs, and much more. Inside, you'll find in-depth coverage of the very latest SQL features and tools, performance optimization techniques, advanced queries, Java support, and XML. This book contains everything you need to master SQL....

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  • SERVER-SIDE PROCESSING, which is when you let a server process your queries and the like, is probably a concept you have heard of and it’s the very topic of this chapter. Well, to some extent anyway. I discuss three specific ways of doing server-side processing: stored procedures, triggers, and views. The good thing about server-side processing is that you can use the power and resources of your server for doing purely data-related processing and thus leave your client free to do other stuff, and your network clearer of data that the client doesn’t want.

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  • The Oracle database engine has become a huge piece of software. This not only means that a single human can no longer be roficient in using all the features provided in recent versions, but it also means that some of them will rarely be used. Actually, in most situations, it is enough to know and take advantage of a limited number of core features in order to use the Oracle database engine efficiently and successfully.

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  • What Can SQL do? Execute queries against a database ;Retrieve data from a database ;Insert records in a database ;Updata records in a database ;Delete records in a database ;Create new databases ;Create new tables in database ;Create stored procedures in a database ;Create views in a database ;Set permissions on tables, procedures, and views

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  • Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Object-Relational Features describes how to use the object-relational features of the Oracle Server, 10g Release 1 (10.1). Information in this guide applies to versions of the Oracle Server that run on all platforms, and does not include system-specific information. Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Object-Relational Features is intended for programmers developing new applications or converting existing applications to run in the Oracle environment.

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  • This quick reference contains a high-level description of the Structured Query Language (SQL) used to manage information in an Oracle database. Oracle SQL is a superset of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) SQL:2003 standard.

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  • SQL Databases Using SQL databases in Android. Android (as well as iPhone OS) uses an embedded standalone program called sqlite3 which can be used to: create a database, define SQL tables, indices, queries, views, triggers Insert rows, delete rows, change rows, run queries and administer a SQLite database file.

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  • In the 20 years since the database language SQL was adopted as an international standard, and the 25 years since SQL database products appeared on the market, SQL has become the predominant language for storing, modifying, retrieving, and deleting data. Today, a significant portion of the world’s data—and the world’s economy—is tracked using SQL databases.

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  • A query expresses in a high-level language like SQL must first be scanned, parsed, and validated. • Once the above steps are completed, an internal representation of the query is created. Typically this is either a tree or graph structure, called a query tree or query graph. • Using the query tree or query graph the RDBMS must devise an execution strategy for retrieving the results from the internal files. • For all but the most simple queries, several different execution strategies are possible. The process of choosing a suitable execution strategy is called query optimization....

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  • High-Performance Parallel Database Processing and Grid Databases- P2: Parallel databases are database systems that are implemented on parallel computing platforms. Therefore, high-performance query processing focuses on query processing, including database queries and transactions, that makes use of parallelism techniques applied to an underlying parallel computing platform in order to achieve high performance.

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  • High-Performance Parallel Database Processing and Grid Databases- P1: Parallel databases are database systems that are implemented on parallel computing platforms. Therefore, high-performance query processing focuses on query processing, including database queries and transactions, that makes use of parallelism techniques applied to an underlying parallel computing platform in order to achieve high performance.

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