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  • Head First Python“is a great introduction to not just the Python language, but Python as it’s used in the real world. The book goes beyond the syntax to teach you how to create applications for Android phones, Google’s App Engine, and more.” — David Griffiths, author and Agile coach “Where other books start with theory and progress to examples, Head First Python jumps right in with code and explains the theory as you read along. This is a much more effective learning environment, because it engages the reader to do from the very beginning. It was also just a joy...

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  • đặc biệt "- Jeremy Jones, Đồng tác giả của Python cho Unix và Linux Quản trị hệ thống" David Griffiths và Paul Barry đã chế tác đá quý mới nhất trong series Head First. Bạn có sử dụng một máy tính, nhưng mệt mỏi luôn luôn sử dụng phần mềm của người khác?

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  • If you are vaguely aware there are problems with NHS organisations, this book can help you articulate them. If you already know what the problems are, this book can help you solve them. If you have tried to solve them but have become jaded, this book can re-energise you. Highly recommended.” David Griffiths, GP and Clinical Advisor, Commissioning Support For London As a Chief Nursing Officer it is very easy to become swamped by the demands of the operational aspects of my role. This book is a fantastic reminder that as a leader I am there to make a difference for...

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