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  • Electricity isn’t the only thing in science that’s shocking. Some scientists experiment by digging around in rubbish dumps or poking through things that come out of the wrong end of animals! Others chase big, slithering worms that live inside your body or work with poisons so deadly, a single bottle could kill everyone on earth...let’s hope they don’t have gooey worm slime on their hands when they pick up the bottle! There are even scientists who watch dead bodies rot or send messages into space to try to talk to aliens for a living.

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  • The number of organic manures is almost countless. The most common of these have been described in the previous chapters on the excrements of animals. The more prominent of the remaining ones will now be considered. As a universal rule, it may be stated that all organic matter (every thing which has had vegetable or animal life) is capable of fertilizing plants. DEAD ANIMALS.

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  • The loss of manure is a subject which demands most serious attention. Until within a few years, little was known about the true character of manures, and consequently, of the importance of protecting them against loss. The first causes of waste are evaporation and leaching. EVAPORATION. Name a solid body which evaporates. What takes place when a dead animal is exposed to the atmosphere for a sufficient time? What often assist the evaporation of solids? Evaporation is the changing of a solid or liquid body to a vapory form.

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  • In the fourteen years since my first successful diet—at age fourteen—I’ve lost and gained more than 350 pounds. Some people have tried every kind of diet—Weight Watchers, Atkins, grapefruit, Zone, Sugar Busters—and I have, too. I’ve usually lasted about three days on each. My big weight losses—thirty-five pounds, forty pounds, fifty pounds—were usually on diets of my own devising: either extremely low calorie or extremely low fat, the latter of which was introduced to me by my freshman-year college roommate.

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  • The pollutants contained in the wash water can include sand, sewage waste, plant materials, oil grease, diesel, dead fish, paper products, soap products and petroleum products. Samples analyzed from 2007-2008 show multiple instances of Total Coliform above 1,600,000 MPN/100ml, Fecal Coliform above 18,755 MPN/100ml, and Enterococcus above 24,196 MPN/100ml, all of which are above the action level determined by the City of Oceanside.

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  • As she felt a strong attachment to the scenes of her childhood, and an interest in the people among whom she spent the greater part of her short life,--an attachment which is evinced many times in the course of her memoranda,--it may interest the American reader to know that Liskeard is an ancient but small town in Cornwall. The country around is broken up into hill and dale, sloping down to the sea a few miles distant, the rocky shores of which are dotted with fishing-villages; in an opposite direction it swells into granite hills, in which are numerous mines of copper and lead. There...

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  • Whatever value this publication may have, lies in the fact that it offers a typical case--a small cross section of the army that freed the slave and saved the Union. The Editor of the Commission's publications has asked me to state briefly something about myself. I am one of the multitude of "hyphenated" Americans, born across the water but reared under the flag. I am a Cambro-American, proud of both designations, and with abundant heart, loyalty, and perhaps too much head pride in both.

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  • Like money, power and empires, economic theory and practice have a short half-life. Joan Robinson remarks: “It has generally been the fate of economics to run a losing race against the course of history, and never to have completed the analysis of one phase of economic development before another takes its place.” 57 She was speaking of the discipline, of course. Like other disciplines, economics is incarnate in human flesh, contrary to public rumour. Whether, with Keynes, in the long run economists are all dead, their dogmas die seasonally, like flies.

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  • THE opening entry in A Last Diary was made on March 21, 1918; the closing sentence was written on June 3, 1919. In The Journal of a Disappointed Man the record ended on October 21, 1917, with the one word "Self-disgust.

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  • 14 Decomposition and Pedogenesis DECOMPOSITION IS THE BREAKDOWN OF DEAD ORGANIC MATTER THAT eventually results in release of CO2, other organic trace gases, water, mineral nutrients, and energy. Pedogenesis largely reflects the activities of animals that mix organic matter with mineral soil.

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  • Chapter 11 Decomposers and Detritivores 11.1 Introduction When plants and animals die, their bodies become resources for other organisms. Of course, in a sense, most consumers live on dead material – the carnivore catches and kills its prey, and the living leaf taken by a herbivore is dead by the time digestion starts.

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  • When consumers buy products like for instance food products, they make choices by comparing price and quality among alternatives|e.g. a standard product and an animal-welfare oriented variant. The choice between product variants is influenced by the available information channels and the related uncertainty of information concerning di erent quality characteristics.

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  • The major organic loading originates from human excreta, and is a complex mixture of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, lignin amino acids, sugars, celluloses, humic material and fatty acids. A large proportion of this organic material is in the form of both live and dead microorganisms which provide a large surface area (0.8-1.7 m2 g-1 ) for sorption of hydrophobic organic residues and it is within this fraction that most synthetic organic compounds are located (ROGERS 1996).

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  • The kindly interest with which the public has received my first book, "Thirty-one Years on the Plains and in the Mountains," has tempted me into writing this second little volume, in which I have tried to portray that part of my earlier life which was spent in piloting emigrant and government trains across the Western Plains, when "Plains" meant wilderness, with nothing to encounter but wild animals, and wilder, hostile Indian tribes. When every step forward might have spelt disaster, and deadly danger was likely to lurk behind each bush or thicket that was passed....

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  • The Baital-Pachisi, or Twenty-five Tales of a Baital is the history of a huge Bat, Vampire, or Evil Spirit which inhabited and animated dead bodies. It is an old, and thoroughly Hindu, Legend composed in Sanskrit, and is the germ which culminated in the Arabian Nights, and which inspired the "Golden Ass" of Apuleius, Boccacio's "Decamerone," the "Pentamerone," and all that class of facetious fictitious literature. The story turns chiefly on a great king named Vikram, the King Arthur of the East, who in pursuance of his promise to a Jogi or Magician, brings to him the Baital .

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  • A red fox ran into the empty church. In the middle of the floor he sat up and looked around. Nothing stirred--not the painted figures on the wooden walls, nor the boy who now stood in the doorway. This boy was gray-eyed and flaxen-haired, and might have been eleven or twelve years old. He was looking for the good old priest, Father Ansgar, and the wild shy animal eyeing him from the foot of the altar made it only too clear that the church, like the village, was deserted. Father Ansgar was dead of the strange swift pestilence that was called in 1348 the Black...

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