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  • Develop high performance, fun iOS games using Unity 3D Robert Wiebe BIRMINGHAM - MUMBAI .Unity iOS Essentials Copyright © 2011 Packt Publishing All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews. Every effort has been made in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy of the information presented.

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  • The following narrative is not so much a story as a biography. My hero is not an imaginary one; he was a real flesh and blood man who reigned as King of Norway just nine centuries ago. The main facts of his adventurous career -- his boyhood of slavery in Esthonia, his life at the court of King Valdemar, his wanderings as a viking, the many battles he fought, his conversion to Christianity in England, and his ultimate return to his native land -- are set forth in the various Icelandic sagas dealing with the period in which he...

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  • This series will contain essays by representative scholars and men of affairs dealing with the various phases of the moral law in its bearing on business life under the new .economic order, first delivered at the University of California on the Weinstock foundation.

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  • Innovations in Vietnam need suitable models for a better impact to the socio-economic development of the country. The triple helix to link the Public sector, businessmen and researchers get attention of various local and international study teams. This research deals with the triple helix models which can be applied effectively in Vietnam.

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  • The first part of the book works through a Practice test, section by section, following the structure of a typical IELTS Listening test The structure of each section is discussed and the type of questions demonstrated Strategies are suggested for dealing with the various question types as well as for the Listening test in general The recording for this is on Cassette 1 Side A.

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  • The book deals with the MOS Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) models that are derived from basic semiconductor theory. Various models are developed, ranging from simple to more sophisticated models that take into account new physical effects observed in submicron transistors used in today's (1993) MOS VLSI technology. The assumptions used to arrive at the models are emphasized so that the accuracy of the models in describing the device characteristics are clearly understood. Due to the importance of designing reliable circuits, device reliability models are also covered.

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  • In this book dealing with the lung health, the authors focus on various fields, spreading from pulmonary oncogenesis, to inflammatory and parasitic lung diseases. The first section deals with the fundamental research on lung cancer that is mandatory for the development of novel and early biomarkers for diagnosis of the lung cancer. This development could be enhanced using experimental models despite the species barrier. Mouse models can help us understand the sequence of events involved in human lung neoplasia and their underlying molecular mechanisms....

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  • This book provides detailed descriptions of the various money market instruments and the markets in which they are used. Where possible, the book tries to explain the historical forces that led to the development of an instrument, influenced its pattern of growth, and led to new forms of the instrument. A major focus in the book is the Federal Reserve, which, in addition to its monetary policy role, plays an important role as a regulator in a number of the markets. Much of the discussion in the book deals with the period...

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  • His mother was Miss Clara Bartlett George, daughter of the late John George, Esquire, of Concord, whose ancestors were among the early settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts. He is said to have been a man of active temperament, prompt in business, stout in heart, bluff of speech, honest in purpose, and never failing in any way those who had dealings with him.

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  • One difficulty in studying women-led startup companies is that a firm may have multiple founders or owners of both genders. Various research studies deal with the problem in different ways: They count women’s firms as those owned solely or ―primarily‖ by women; they break out the mixed-ownership firms separately (or exclude them); or, they track startup activity by individuals rather than by firms. The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity (KIEA) tracks individuals, using data from the Current Population Survey of the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ...

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  • IS CIVILIZATION A DISEASE? By STANTON COIT BOSTON AND NEW YORK HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY The Riverside Press Cambridge 1917 COPYRIGHT, 1917, BY THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Published May 1917 .BARBARA WEINSTOCK LECTURES ON THE MORALS OF TRADE This series will contain essays by representative scholars and men of affairs dealing with the various phases of the moral law in its bearing on business life under the new economic order, first delivered at the University of California on the Weinstock foundation. IS CIVILIZATION A DISEASE? I.

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  • (BQ) The present work deals with the comparison of the MRR for EN19 and EN41 material in a die sinking EDM machine. The various input factors like Pulse ON time, Pulse OFF time, Discharge current and voltage were considered as the input processing parameters, while the MRR is considered as the output. Optimization using Taguchi method was performed to predict the best combination of inputs towards maximum output.

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  • Stratified medicine relies heavily on data analysis and the amount of medically relevant data that are available electronically increases dramatically. However, these data are generated in complex forms and are acquired and recorded in various ways. Incompatibility among research databases, electronic medical records and laboratory information management systems is then an issue. The challenge is to organise electronic data and to make them usable for research.

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  • The first articles deal with the importance and performance of university hospitals, health centres and medical competence networks. The higher education landscape and various degree course concepts are presented under the heading “studying medicine”. Foreign stu- dents are also given tips on how to get a place at university and the best way to commence studying.

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  • number of books on various aspects of concrete design and detailing have been published but this is believed to be the first comprehensive detailing manual. The aim of this book is to cover a wide range of topics, so simplifying and reducing the work required to prepare structural drawings and details in reinforced, prestressed, precast and composite concrete. The book initially provides a list of extracts from relevant codes and current practices. Where drawings are carried out using imperial units, a conversion table is provided to change them into SI units.

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  • What is “Mechanics of Materials” (SBVL laø gì) ? Mechanics of Materials is a branch of Applied Mechanics that deals with the behaviour of solid bodies subj. to various types of loading Other names: Strength of Materials. Mechanics of Deformable Bodies.

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  • Knowledge management (KM) deals with the management of knowledge-related activities (Wiig, 1997; Civi, 2000) such as creating, organizing, sharing and using knowledge in order to create value for an organization. A more formal definition of KM, given by the American Productivity and Quality Center, is ‘the strategies and processes of identifying, capturing and leveraging knowledge’ (Manasco, 1996). It is an emerging field that has gained considerable attention, predominantly from the industrial community.

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  • Robotics deals with the control of actuators using various types of sensors and control schemes. The availability of precise sensorimotor mappings – able to transform between various involved motor, joint, sensor, and physical spaces – is a crucial issue. These mappings are often highly nonlinear and sometimes hard to derive analytically. Consequently, there

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  • Biological signal analysis1 encompasses several interdisciplinary topics that deal with analysing signals generated by various physiological processes in the human body. These signals could be electrical, chemical or acoustic in origin and an analysis of these signals are often useful in explaining and/or identifying pathological conditions of the human body. However, these signals in their rawest form do not provide much information and therefore, the motivation behind biological signal analysis is to extract (i.e. to reveal) the relevant information.

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  • This book on internal combustion engines brings out few chapters on the research activities through the wide range of current engine issues. The first section groups combustion-related papers including all research areas from fuel delivery to exhaust emission phenomena. The second one deals with various problems on engine design, modeling, manufacturing, control and testing. Such structure should improve legibility of the book and helps to integrate all singular chapters as a logical whole.

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