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  • When Verilog was created in the mid-1980s, the typical design size was of the order of five to ten thousand gates, the typical design creation method was that of using graphical schematic entry tools, and simulation was beginning to be an essential gate level verification tool. Verilog addressed the problems of the day, but also included capabilities that enabled a new generation of EDA technology to evolve, namely synthesis from RTL. Verilog thus became the mainstay language of IC designers....

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  • When the American colonies declared their independence in 1776, it took 48 days for the news to cross the Atlantic. The arrival of the telegraph in 1843 and the telephone in 1876 meant that news could get to anywhere in the world almost instantly. The beginning of radio communication in 1896 meant tha sounds could travel vast distances without the need for cables. When television arrived in 1936, moving pictures and sounds had the capability to be seen by millions at the same time anywhere in the world....

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  • Jarvis Hilton of Terra, the youngest man yet to be assigned to direct any such tremendous deep-space undertaking as Project Theta Orionis, sat in conference with his two seconds-in-command. Assistant Director Sandra Cummings, analyst-synthesist and semantician, was tall, blonde and svelte. Planetographer William Karns—a black-haired, blackbrowed, black-eyed man of thirty—was third in rank of the scientific group. "I'm telling you, Jarve, you can't have it both ways," Karns declared. "Captain Sawtelle is old-school Navy brass. He goes strictly by the book.

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  • Businesses with regional offices may need to consider rotating service delivery from hard hit areas to influenza-free areas, or areas that have been declared to be in a post- pandemic period. Restrictions on movement of people from region to region may be imposed, and rotation of staff may therefore be difficult. Businesses with overseas offices, or which use services outsourced from overseas (e.g. call centres), may be disproportionately affected. Not all countries have the means to cope with a pandemic.

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  • Members that contain executable code are collectively known as the function members of the class. The function members of a class are the methods, properties, indexers, operators, constructors, and destructors of the class. A class-declaration creates a new declaration space (§3.1), and the class-member-declarations immediately contained by the class-declaration introduce new members into this declaration space. The following rules apply to class-member-declarations: • • • Constructors and destructors must have the same name as the immediately enclosing class.

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  • An array is a systematic arrangement of objects, usually in rows and columns. Specifically, it may refer to:Generally, a collection of data items that can be selected by indices computed at run-time, including: Array data structure, an arrangement of items at equally spaced addresses in computer memory

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  • SOME JOKER in the dear, dead days now virtually beyond recall won two-bit immortality by declaring that, "What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar." Which is, of course, Victorian malarkey. What this country really needs is a good five-cent nickel. Or perhaps a good cigar-shaped spaceship. There's a fortune waiting somewhere out in space for the man who can go out there and claim it. A fortune! And if you think I'm just talking through my hat, lend an ear … Joyce started the whole thing. Or maybe I did when for the umpteenth time I suggested she...

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  • Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) is a high-level declarative language for programming reactive systems. Previous work on FRP has demonstrated its utility in a wide range of application domains, including animation, graphical user interfaces, and robotics. FRP has an elegant continuous-time denotational semantics. However, it guarantees no bounds on execution time or space, thus making it unsuitable for many embedded real-time applications.

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  • Several countries are now collaborating with each other to use satellite for tele- education and tele-medicine. Space technology has now proliferated into everyday life particularly in developing economies through wireless communication, navigation, disaster communication, tele-education and tele-health care (Sengupta, 2008). Not only developing but developed nations are also using benefits of satellite system.

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  • Many phrase alignment models operate over the combinatorial space of bijective phrase alignments. We prove that finding an optimal alignment in this space is NP-hard, while computing alignment expectations is #P-hard. On the other hand, we show that the problem of finding an optimal alignment can be cast as an integer linear program, which provides a simple, declarative approach to Viterbi inference for phrase alignment models that is empirically quite efficient.

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