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  • Decision making lies at the heart of most important business and government problems.

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  • Define the problems, decide the objectives of business in the short and in the long run, estimate the available and potential resources… Determine the tasks, activities and projects, programs...and require for the attainment of objectives. Formulate the policies, procedures, methods, standard and budgets of the plan. Examine the environmental changes, reconsider continually, searching the essential information constantly for more effective methods and improve results.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Design of experiments in chemical engineering" has contents: Defining research problem, selection of the responses, screening experiments, youdens squares, statistical analysis, gradient optimization methods, simplex lattice design, extreme vertices designs,...and other contents.

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  • But I can take this stand strongly only by being very liberal in defining both "natural language interface" and "database systems". Instead of assuming that the problem is one of using typed English to access and/or update a file or files in a single database system, let us define a spectrum of potential natural language interfaces (limiting that phrase, for the moment, to mean typed English sentences) to various kinds of information systems. At one end of this spectrum is simple, single database query, in which the translation from NL to the db system is quite direct. ...

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  • Prices are of great importance in macroeconomics as indeed they are in microeconomics. However, in microeconomics we are more interested in prices of individual goods and services and such prices are rarely important for the economy as a whole although there are exceptions (for example, the price of oil). In macroeconomics we are more interested in how prices change on average. We define the price level as a weighted average of several different prices.

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  • Quá trình ra quyết định Để ra quyết định ta cần thực hiện theo các bước sau: 1. Xác định vấn đề cần quyết định (Define the problem). 2. Liệt kê các yếu tố quyết định (Enumerate the decision factor). 3. Chọn lọc các thông tin liên hệ (Collect relevant information). 4. Nhận dạng (hoặc xác định) các giải pháp (Indentify the solution). 5. Triển khai thực hiện các phương án đã lựa chọn (Develop and implement the best solution)....

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  • The Marketing Research Process: 11 Steps Establishing the Need for Marketing Research • Step Two: Defining the Problem • Step Three: Establishing Research Objectives • Step Four: Determining Research Design • Step Five: Identifying Information Types and Sources

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  • Defining the Problem and Determining Research Objectives. The Importance of Properly Defining the Problem • Properly defining the problem is the most important step in the marketing research process. • If the wrong problem is defined, all the remaining steps in the marketing research process are wrong.

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  • The Marketing Research Process Sampling Techniques Nonprobability Sample Nonprobability sample based on arbitrary judgments by the researcher Convenience Sample Quota Sample Judgement Sample The Marketing Research Process Define the problem Feedback Research design Data collection Analysis, interpretation and presentation The Marketing Research Process Analysis, Interpretation, and Presentation Must present findings in clear, understandable manner Communicate properly with audience

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  • When analyzing kinetic data or designing a chemical reactor, it is important to state clearly the definitions of reaction rate, conversion, yield, and selectivity. For a homogeneous reaction, the reaction rate is defined either as the amount of product formed or the amount of reactant consumed per unit volume of the gas or liquid phase per unit time. We generally use moles (g mol, kg mol, or lb mol) rather than mass to define the rate, since this simplifies the material balance calculations.

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  • We would like to dedicate this book to Dr. C. L. Hwang. Through the course of his academic career, Dr. Hwang researched and assessed an exhaustive list of Multiple Attribute, Multiple Objective, and Group Decision-Making techniques in both the crisp and fuzzy environments, which are published in six of his books. Dr. Hwang was an early pioneer in the field of Decision Science and his contributions to this field are still realized today in academia and at the heart of this book. He introduced this area of study to the authors who worked together with him for a number of...

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  • First of all, in order to cope with any problem we’ve faced, we should get to know its symptoms and only after these we could define exactly what this or that problem is, what the nature and the essence of problem is. In our caes we’re given the symptoms, they are the following:

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  • A search for ‘Software Defined Radio’ on at the end of 2010 shows that almost 50 books have been written on the subject. The earliest book was published in 2000 and a steady stream of new titles has been coming out since. So why do I think that yet another book is warranted? SDR is now a mature field, but most books on the subject treat it as a new technology and approach SDR from a theoretical perspective. This book brings SDR down to earth by taking a very practical approach. The target audience is practicing engineers and graduate students using SDR as a tool rather...

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  • However, there are a number of advantages to examining the smart money effect in fund management using our fund data. First, ourmoney f low data aremonthly rather than quarterly. Second, we observe exact f lows rather than approximations based on fund values and fund returns. Third, we can distinguish between institutional and individualmoney f lows. Fourth, we can distinguish between purchases and sales. A further advantage is that we are able to examine mutual fund investor behavior in a different institutional setting from that of the United States.

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  • Applied linguistics is defined as a discipline that uses a variety of methods to address language-based problems, one of which is that of language teaching and learning. Based on this definition, the article will define and tackle the problem of teaching EFL writing in Vietnam which has, for a long time, been considered a challenge for language teachers.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 2.13 Executing SQL Server User-Defined Scalar Functions Problem Your SQL Server 2000 database includes a user-defined function that returns a scalar value. You want to retrieve the value from this function using ADO.NET.

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  • SAP2000 is an extremely versatile and powerful program, with many features and functions. This tutorial does not attempt to cover all of those capabilities. Rather, we briefly show how to work with the program, pro-viding some commentary along the way. To more fully grasp the value of SAP2000, use this introductory tutorial in conjunction with the SAP2000 documentation, including the Verification manual. We recommend that you perform each step of the tutorial as you read the manual. Therefore, the program should be installed on your computer be-fore you begin.

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  • The number of work packages in a project normally increases with project size. Small projects (less than two man years) may have less than ten bottom-level work packages, and large projects (more than twenty man years) more than a hundred. Accordingly, small projects will use one or two levels, medium size projects two to four, and large projects four or five. Medium and large projects may use alphabetic as well as numerical identifiers. New work packages should be defined for new tasks that are identified during a project.

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  • This book offers a contribution to current debates over child labor. It also presents child labor as a problem to which various branches of international law have made a response. Because of the broad range of international law sub- disciplines treated in this book, and because of the necessity of understanding the context of child labor as a social, economic and cultural issue, I have ben- efited from the contributions and support of many individuals and organiza- tions throughout the research and writing of this book....

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  • Determine midspan deflection of beam. Ignore the self weight of the beam. Create the model as follows: 1. From the File menu, choose New Model From Template. Select the Beam template in the upper left hand corner. Set the number of spans to one. 2. Define the frame section properties. 3. Apply the loads to the beam. 4. Use the Divide Frames option in the Edit Menu to break the beam into two elements with a joint at the center.

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