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  • Who would have guessed that studying about adult human behavior would lead to a successful and stressfree investment strategy?!Jason Starzec, owner of the investment strategies company YIC Incorporated, and seasoned Wall Street trader Mark Crisp team up to reveal just how important and delightfully simple it is to become a stressfree trader.What is a stressfree trader and how do you become one? Surprisingly, those questions are not as difficult to answer as you may think. Learn the patterns, mindsets, tactics, and ideals of the most successful traders.

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  • Developing Secure Applications with Visual Basic first provides you with an understanding of encryption, and then guides you through adding security features to your own applications using the Microsoft CryptoAPI, and the new security features of Windows 2000. Developers who have been confused by the high-end, academic style of other encryption books and cryptography theory will delight with Chapman's understandable style and hands-on methods.

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  • High up under the ceiling near Gate D2 glide the beautiful masters of the air, the birds. These particular birds are created in glass by the Faeroese artist Tróndur Patursson and the Danish master in glass, Per Steen Hebsgaard. Patursson is a highly versatile artist who expresses himself in oils, water colours, sculptures, collages and reliefs, and in recent years has developed a special delight in working with glass.

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  • Enrico Fermi (1901–1954) took great delight in astonishing his colleagues with his remarkably accurate predictions of experimental results. . . his “guesses” were really derived from the statistical sampling techniques that he used to calculate with whenever insomnia struck!

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  • After retiring from active business my husband yielded to the earnest solicitations of friends, both here and in Great Britain, and began to jot down from time to time recollections of his early days. He soon found, however, that instead of the leisure he expected, his life was more occupied with affairs than ever before, and the writing of these memoirs was reserved for his play-time in Scotland. For a few weeks each summer we retired to our little bungalow on the moors at Aultnagar to enjoy the simple life, and it was there that Mr. Carnegie did most of his writing. He delighted in...

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  • Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. There are circumstances in which, whether you partake of the tea or not—some people of course never do—the situation is in itself delightful. Those that I have in mind in beginning to unfold this simple history offered an admirable setting to an innocent pastime. The implements of the little feast had been disposed upon the lawn of an old English country-house, in what I should call the perfect middle of a splendid summer afternoon. Part of the...

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  • As an educator, researcher, and book author, I am delighted to see the completion of this book. Python is a fun and extremely easy-to-use programming language that has steadily gained in popularity over the last few years. Developed over ten years ago by Guido van Rossum, Python’s simple syntax and overall feel is largely derived from ABC, a teaching language that was developed in the 1980’s. However, Python was also created to solve real problems and it borrows a wide variety of features from programming languages such as C++, Java, Modula-3, and Scheme.

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  • In spite of many pleasant summers spent at Murray Bay one had never thought of it as having a history. The place and its people seemed simple, untutored, new. Some of the other summer residents talked complacently even of having discovered it. They had heard of Murray Bay as beautiful and had gone to explore this unknown country. When this bold feat was performed there was abundant recompense. Valley, mountain, river and stream united to make Murray Bay delightful. The little summer community grew.

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  • Ebook 25 Just right plays for emergent readers turn your classroom into a readers' theater with this delightful collection of short, simple plays on themes kids adore-pets, dinosaurs, space, losing a tooth, birthday parties, making new friends, going to school, and many more. These lively plays include adorable illustrations that support the text as well as rhymes, repition, and predictable language to help bolster young children's reading and oral language skills.

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