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  • Small businesses’ share of private-sector employment is a constant shuffle of employer-employee matches. Some employees may even consider the size of the firm in their decision to accept an employment offer or to jump ship. But even though economists may think in terms of individuals choosing to work for small or large firms, it’s more likely that workers choose an occupation and then a job that an employer offers. Some occupations are in greater supply in small firms than large firms. For instance, someone choosing to be a dental hygienist would tend to work for a small...

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  • Many people are instrumental in bringing a book to fruition— every author is part of a well-organized team. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the team that assisted in the preparation of this book, especially to the following members: Kris Ellis, Julie Bolduc, and Corinne Hudson. The dedication and professionalism you bring to your work are evident in the quality of the product. Your contributions are highly valued.

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  • The law provides grant assistance and scholarship programs for dental professionals, with priority given to those who work in collaboration with primary care providers as well as those who choose to serve vulnerable populations. The ACA also establishes grants to demonstrate the effectiveness of training programs for alternative dental health care providers, including supervised dental hygienists, primary care physicians, dental therapists, and other appropriate health professionals. Currently, primary care providers often see patients who have never been to a dentist.

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