Depleted uranium

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  • Uranium nghèo (Depleted Uranium, viết tắt là DU) để chỉ loại Uranium đã bị lấy đi đồng vị Uranium -235 và đồng vị Uranium-234 dùng làm nhiên liệu hạt nhân cho các lò phản ứng hay dùng làm bom nguyên tử. DU là nguyên liệu lý tưởng trong lĩnh vực quân sự Đánh giá rủi ro độc học sinh thái và đánh giá rủi ro sinh thái quanh việc phát xạ uranium nghèo Vị trí: Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). ...

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  • Although the Gulf War lasted but a few days, many combat troops have suffered lingering health problems that they attribute to their wartime service. Their health problems and illnesses have features in common with illnesses suffered by veterans of earlier wars, including the difficulty that their physicians have had in making a diagnosis. As yet, these illnesses remain unexplained by medical science, which has prompted some people to wonder if troops in the Persian Gulf theater were exposed to an agent or combination of agents that caused these illnesses.

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  • When the Iraqi army withdrew from Kuwait during the Gulf war, it left the Kuwait oil fields in flames. Burning crude oil produces a wide range of pollutants. This report examines the peer-reviewed scientific literature regarding possible health effects on U.S. troops of exposure to the oil well fires. The author reports that

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  • When it is necessary to add refrigerant to a system after a loss it indicates that there is a leak in the system. The leak must be located, repaired and the system leak tested. If the leak is found to be on the low side of the system the repair can be made after the system has been ‘pumped down’ to a balance in pressure. Do not draw in any air which contains moisture, especially where hygroscopic ester oils are concerned, (for example R134a). Some oils are not affected and accept the ingress of air and moisture, recovering after a vacuum is drawn with a recovery unit....

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  • Have students think about where they are likely to see litter in the community. Have them think of ways they could educate other students about the problems associated with litter. Divide students into groups of three or four. Have the groups create an environmental awareness poster to be displayed inside the school. If possible, allow the students to decide where the poster should be hung, so that it is likely to be seen by the most students. Next, give each group a map of the school and the...

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