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  • The sequence stratigraphy units of the Quaternary sediments at the continental shelf of Vietnam have been compared with the lithofacies and depositional cycles in relation to sea level changes. During the regression phases corresponding to the lowstand systems tract has being formed the alluvial lithofacies, shelf deltaic complex and shelf edge fans complex. The maximum regression remarked by erosion boundaries has corresponded with the lowstand sea level characterized by the slope fan turbiditte complex.

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  • The electrophoretic deposition (EPD) method was adopted for a fabrication of nanocomposite layers composed of ZnO particles covered by the polythiopene shell in a reduced state. This composite was prepared by oxidative polymerization of thiophene monomer with iron (III) chloride as a catalyst in the presence of ZnO particles. After polymerization, polythiophene in oxidized form was reduced by the extraction in methanol. Electrochemical properties of the obtained composite were measured by cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

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  • Complacency is dangerous, especially in a rapidly changing world. For decades, Japanese bankers were complacent with a rapidly growing economy and with cozy relationships with government bureaucrats who pursued policies that virtually eliminated traditional banking risks. Rapid economic growth, for instance, provided a steady flow of deposits, which in turn financed corporate expansion. Rapid economic growth fur- ther fueled corporate profits and asset inflation that made the repayment of loans almost...

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  • Nanotechnology has experienced a rapid growth in the past decade, mostly because of the rapid advances in nano-fabrication techniques employed to fabricate the nanodevices. Nano-fabrication can be divided into two categories: the first is the so-called “bottom up” approach, in which nano-structures are created either by chemical synthesis of nano-wires, nanotubes and nano-particles, or by self-assembly of nano-objects or thin layers to form quasi-periodic arrays or phase separation patterns....

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  • Graphene, a single layer of graphite formed by a repetitive hexagonal lattice, has recently raised extensive interest of the world-wide scientific community since it has been obtained successfully in 2004. The graphene is of significant value for the fundamental studies of condensed matter and quantum physics.

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  • In the last few years, Nanoparticles and their applications dramatically diverted science in the direction of brand new philosophy. The properties of many conventional materials changed when formed from nanoparticles. because nanoparticles have a greater surface area per weight than larger particles which causes them to be more reactive and effective than other molecules.

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  • The discovery of high temperature superconductors (HTS) in 1986 by two IBM scientists led to an unprecedented explosion of research and development efforts world-wide because of the significant potential for practical applications offered by these materials. However, the early euphoria created by the exciting prospects was dampened by the daunting task of fabricating these materials into useful forms with acceptable superconducting properties. Progress towards this goal has been hindered by many intrinsic materials problems, such as weak-links, flux-creep, and poor mechanical properties.

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  • Different PHI functions give rise to specific policy challenges. Primary PHI markets often create access-related challenges, especially for high-risk and vulnerable groups, where they represent the sole form of cover for some population groups.15 Where public and private delivery systems are linked to different funding sources, as in systems with duplicate private health insurance, differences in access to care, choice levels and utilisation patterns occur between individuals with and without private insurance.

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  • Although phosphate rock and potash are used as raw materials for a wide range of applications, the most important use by far is the manufacture of mineral fertilizers. The primary source of these minerals is geological ore deposits formed through past sedimentary or igneous activities. In the case of potash, concentrated brines are also a significant source. This chapter provides a brief overview of the major activities involved in the mining, handling and benefi- ciation of phosphate rock and potash ore....

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  • Solar energy is radiant energy that is produced by sun. Everyday the sun radiates, or sends out, an enormous amount of energy. The sun radiates more energy in one second than people have used since the beginning of time! Where does the energy come from that constantly is being radiated from the sun? It comes from within the sun itself. Like other stars, the sun is a big ball of gases- mostly hydrogen and helium atoms. The hydrogen atoms in the sun’s core combine to form helium and generate energy in a process called nuclear...

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  • The Society makes every effort to ensure that the scientific and production quality of its books matches that of its journals. Since 1997, all book proposals have been refereed by specialist reviewers as well as by the Society’s Books Editorial Committee. If the referees identify weaknesses in the proposal, these must be addressed before the proposal is accepted. Once the book is accepted, the Society Book Editors ensure that the volume editors follow strict guidelines on refereeing and quality control.

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  • We need a prompt corrective action and orderly closure rule for large investment banks along the lines of what we have for banks in FIDICIA, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991. The assumption used to be that failure of a large bank would be much more costly for the economy than failure of a large nonbank, but that assumption has become less and less defensible.6 Nonbanks now provide a larger share of financial intermediation in the United States than banks. Large nonbanks are big players in derivative markets.

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  • In August 1996, health officials in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, decided to use a social marketing approach to prevent a holiday outbreak of diarrhea cases. The cases were associated with the preparation of chitterlings (pork intestines, pronounced “chitlins”) by African American women. Formative research identified the source of transmission to be breaks in sanitation during preparation.

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  • In many settings nitrogen enrichment of surface water bodies has increased following the increased use of N fertilizers. The precise contribution of nitrogen fertilizers to surface water nitrogen has been difficult to quantify because there are multiple sources of nitrogen contributing to most water bodies, and, depending on environmental conditions, a certain portion of soil nitrogen may be converted to gaseous or immobile forms.

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  • The quantitative distribution of As, Cu, Pb, Zn elements in water and soils around Giáp Lai and Minh Quang sulfur deposits is presented in this work. The preliminary results delineate the following: i) The content of As in water is quite low and is below the polluted limit. The soils was symptomatic of pollution by As at low level. ii) The contents of Cu and Zn are higher than that of Pb, especially in some localities, Cu and Zn contents are over the permissible threshold of the surface water quality and form high anomalies....

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  • The abundant metabolitemyo-inositol hexakisphosphate (InsP6) can form vesicular deposits with cations, a widespread phenomenon in plants also found in the cestode parasite, Echinococcus granulosus. In this organism, the deposits are exocytosed, accumulating in a host-exposed sheath of extracellular matrix termed the laminated layer.

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  • The expected cost of failure to the economy at large should still be the key criterion for determining which financial firms are regulated and which are not, since this is what drives de facto eligibility for the official safety net, be it deposit insurance, access to the central bank’s liquidity assistance, or use of public funds for recapitalization or nationalization. Size, leverage, and the degree of “entanglement” in financial markets should all be important in making the eligibility decision—more so than how firms classify themselves (as banks, nonbanks, etc).

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  • Freeform fabrication technology does not require pre-formed mandrels or tooling; instead, it builds physical objects directly from computer graphical data. This type of technology is also known as layer manufacturing, since it constructs the three- dimensional object layer by layer (Jacobs, 1992; Beaman et al., 1997). The technology has proved that it can help to rapidly provide feedback on design concepts, discover inconsistencies in the design, modify the design, and eliminate inconsistency before fabricating the design.

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  • For the safety, convenience and many other benefits, more and more people open a bank a/c. An a/c is a record of a customer’s money transactions (deposits and withdrawls). Its form is like the letter T with Debits on the left and Credits on the right. An a/c can have either credit or debit balance.

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  • For the safety, convinience and many other benefics, more and more people open a bank a/c. An a/c is a record of a customers;s money transactions ( deposit and withdrawls). Its form is like the letter T with Debit on the left and Credit on the right.

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